Big heroes starting small.
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  Cover Art: Buzz Boy and Fly Guy Arnold, Tedd
Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
Buzz creates a comic book that features Buzz Boy and Fly Guy as the superheroes.
Easy Reader
  Cover Art: Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda Atwood, Margaret
Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda
In this story told mainly with words that begin with the letters "b" and "d," Bashful Bob, abandoned and raised by dogs, meets Doleful Dorinda, who deals with dirty dishes, and the two become fast friends and eventually heroes.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Charlie's Superhero Underpants Bright, Paul
Charlie's Superhero Underpants
When a gusting wind blows the laundry off the clothesline, Charlie travels the world searching for his favorite scarlet superhero underpants.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Supersister Cadena, Beth
A young girl does all kinds of things around the house to help her pregnant mother, proud that when the new baby comes she is going to be a super sister.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep Catusanu, Mircea
The Strange Case of the Missing Sheep
When ten sheep go missing in the Dark Forest, Super Sheep Dog Doug comes to the rescue.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Victricia Malicia : Book-loving Buccaneer Clickard, Carrie
Victricia Malicia : Book-loving Buccaneer
"Victricia Malicia Calamity Barrett may have been born on her family's pirate ship, but this mild-mannered young lady is sick of the sea: she'd much rather be ashore with her nose permanently buried in a book. But when Scylla the Serpent the scourge of the sea appears, quick-thinking Vic saves the ship by thunking the serpent on the head with her trunk full of books. For her bravery she is rewarded with the thing she wants most: a home on a little island. She opens a bookstore, and Landlubber Books becomes the pirates' favorite port in a storm. As Carrie Clickard's nimble, jaunty rhymes roll off the tongue like waves onto shore, children will delight in Victricia's adventures while parents will relate to her family's attempts to understand their unusual daughter. Victricia may not be a typical pirate hero, but she is the captain of her own destiny in this rollicking tale of self-determination, sticking to your dreams, and the joy of reading." -- Publisher.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: One True Bear Dewan, Ted
One True Bear
A brave teddy bear puts his fur on the line when he goes to live with a boy who has a long history of destroying his toys.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Superworm Donaldson, Julia
Superworm's bug friends attempt to free him from the clutches of Wizard Lizard who, having heard of Superworm's wondrous and heroic deeds, captures him and forces him to dig for treasure.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Superheroes Eaton, Maxwell
When Max and Pinky decide to play superheroes, Pinky gets stuck with all of the unappealing sidekick duties, until Max finds himself in real trouble.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Even Superheroes Get Diabetes Ganz-Schmitt, Sue
Even Superheroes Get Diabetes
Kelvin loves superheroes. His childhood days are spent in imaginative play--saving the day. One day, his fantasies are marred by the reality of getting diabetes. When a mysterious doctor uncovers that Kelvin has superpowers, the story reveals itself as the genesis of a new kind of superhero. Kelvin is monikered 'Super K' and uses his superpowers to help other kids with diabetes.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Traction Man Meets Turbodog Grey, Mini
Traction Man Meets Turbodog
Traction Man, an action figure, teams up with the high-tech but not-so-bright Turbodog to rescue Scrubbing Brush, his missing sidekick, from the terrible underworld of the bin.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: A Strange Day Heide, Iris van der
A Strange Day
Upset when an important letter does not arrive in the mail as expected, Jack wanders through the park not even noticing what he is doing and becomes an unwitting hero.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: A Pet Named Sneaker Heilbroner, Joan
A Pet Named Sneaker
Sneaker the snake is not only a good pet for Pete, he becomes a good student at Pete's school and a hero at the public swimming pool.
Easy Reader
  Cover Art: Zero the Hero : a Book About Nothing! Holub, Joan
Zero the Hero : a Book About Nothing!
Zero believes that he is a hero, but the counting numbers think he is worthless until they get into trouble with some Roman numerals, and only Zero can help.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Dust Devil Isaacs, Anne
Dust Devil
Having moved to Montana from Tennessee in the 1830s, fearless Angelica Longrider--also known as Swamp Angel--changes the state's landscape, tames a wild horse, and captures some desperadoes.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Andy Shane Hero at Last Jacobson, Jennifer
Andy Shane Hero at Last
Andy wants two things very much--to win the contest for the best decorated bicycle in the Home Sweet Home parade and to be a hero--but his best friend Dolores stands in the way of at least one goal.
Easy Reader
  Cover Art: Baby Brains James, Simon
Baby Brains
Even though the new baby of Mr. and Mrs. Brains is very intelligent, they realize that he is still just a baby.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Silly Goose's Big Story Kasza, Keiko
Silly Goose's Big Story
Silly Goose tells wonderful stories that lead to great adventures, but soon after his friends complain that he always gets to play the hero, Silly Goose learns that his friends can be truly heroic.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Mousetronaut Goes to Mars Kelly, Mark E.
Mousetronaut Goes to Mars
A mouse stowaway on NASA's first human mission to Mars becomes a hero when one of the landing craft's engines fails. Includes facts about Mars.
Easy Picture Book
  Cover Art: Super-dragon Kroll, Steven
Drago the little dragon surprises his family when he enters a stunts flying competition with them, after taking flying lessons from a bird.
Easy Picture Book
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