Hennepin County Library Strategic Plan 2011-2025

Our mission is to nourish minds, transform lives and build community together.

We are a national leader of library service, innovation and excellence.

We envision a Hennepin County where library services ensure every person has the opportunity and resources to read, graduate, engage, work and learn.


  1. Deliver relevant patron services
    • Solicit and act on patron feedback
    • Quickly recognize and respond to changing communities and demographics
    • Develop innovative services
    • Provide services that are community-based
    • Engage readers and learners of all ages
  2. Build and maintain our collections
    • Remove barriers to information and content
    • Preserve historical collections
    • Embrace new technologies
    • Build confident, self-reliant library users
    • Set Library policy and make investments to ensure youth graduate from high school
  3. Expand community engagement and collaborations
    • Re-energize our partnerships with schools, businesses, nonprofits, foundations and the community
    • Use volunteers and the commitment of each of us individually to support our community
    • Create a strong brand
    • Creatively market library services
  4. Develop physical and virtual services that support patron access
    • Implement the ongoing digital revolution that complements but is not bound by bricks and mortar
    • Configure space to reflect new and broader purposes
    • Upgrade and maintain facilities based on Hennepin County standards
    • Create library environments that are welcoming, safe and secure
    • Provide innovative service points such as kiosks, co-locations, partnerships and virtual opportunities
  5. Build staff confidence and commitment to innovation, creativity and diversity
    • Revolutionize customer service
    • Embrace new technologies
    • Use research-based information when developing library service
    • Value diversity and inclusion to support an environment of creativity and innovation
  6. Optimize funding of library services with private and public dollars
    • Demonstrate the value of library services to residents, the County Board of Commissioners and other stakeholders
    • Strengthen the Library's partnership with the Friends of the Hennepin County Library
    • Partner with businesses and other foundations
  7. Further leverage the leadership of the Library's governing and advisory Boards
    • Strengthen the relationship between the County Board, Library Board and staff
    • Support the Library Board as it fulfills the roles and expectations of the County Board of Commissioners