Minneapolis Central Library
First Floor At-a-Glance
The first floor of the Minneapolis Central Library is the welcoming gateway to the library, where there is always activity!  Serving the public on first floor is a true partnership of divisions within the library: Library Services and Access Services team up to provide that essential first layer of friendly, helpful assistance to the public.  
Access Services staff at the Service Desk (Circulation Desk) assists the public with check-out or renewal of items, paying fines or account inquiries. Six self-checkout machines help promote self-service.  
The Welcome Desk, staffed largely by a team of dedicated and trained volunteers, provides a welcoming first contact with the public at the entrance to the library.   Volunteers answer basic directional questions or refer customers to the Service Desk or the iDesk.
Library Services/Gateway Adult staff at the 1st floor iDesk or Information Desk, often called QIC (Quick Information Center), provides quick ready reference and referral in all subject areas plus in-depth information assistance related to fiction and other resource areas on the floor. 
The Children’s Library is also on first floor for ease of access for children and families and school or daycare groups (see Children’s Library At-a-Glance). 
Adult collections on the floor include New Arrivals, fiction, genres, large print, world language books – both fiction and non-fiction, and adult audio-visual materials. Audio-visual materials include DVDs, videocassettes, and audiobooks on compact disc or cassette (music CDs are on 3rd floor). The fiction collections range from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to current fiction. Central Library’s fiction and genre collection consists of approximately 166,000 titles.
Consistent with the “quick information” philosophy of service in the area, Internet sessions are limited to 30 minutes. Three computers are connected to scanners. 
New Arrivals:
New Arrivals is a browsing collection of the latest in popular fiction and non-fiction titles, providing easy access to books published in the past 12 to 18 months. The collection is highlighted by displays of titles available to check out with the following loan rules: one three-week loan period/ no renewals/ “Not Requestable.”
World Language Collection:
World Language fiction and nonfiction on 1st floor include the following languages:
Rare and Valuable Fiction
This reference collection of rare and valuable fiction was culled from the circulating collection and is housed in 3rd floor West Stacks. First floor iDesk staff will retrieve these books for customers to use in the library.
Among the titles in this collection are the following noteworthy titles.
This novel is listed as the first published by an African-American author.
Shaw’s fame and popularity rests on his plays and his early novels are relatively unknown.
Adaptive Technology Lab:
The Adaptive Technology Lab has a full range of software and equipment for library users with disabilities.
Other resources:
InfoLine is the city library’s quick telephone reference and information service, the first point of telephone contact for approximately 45 percent of the callers to Minneapolis Central Library. Though the service is behind closed doors, it is a very happening place. Calls to recently remodeled North Regional and East Lake are also routed through InfoLine. Using a combination of print and electronic sources, staff in InfoLine provides ready reference service and answers questions about the library’s procedures, services and programs. The InfoLine Knowledge Base, an essential tool developed by staff, helps us provide answers quickly. In-depth questions are referred to appropriate resource librarians at Minneapolis Central, other library departments or outside agencies.
AskUs provides web-based information service and in many ways is the electronic equivalent of InfoLine. Customers from anywhere in the world need only connect to the library’s homepage to ask a question. Questions can be posted any time of day or night, and we strive to answer to questions within 24 business hours. AskUs staff works behind-the-scenes to answer quick reference questions and refers in-depth questions to other departments or to INFORM, the Library’s fee-based research service.
Minneapolis Central LibraryFloor plans and content
Principal Librarian: Susan Glenn   sglenn@hclib.org 612-630-6027
Principal Librarian (Infoline/AskUs): Nancy Corcoran 612-630-6002 
Floor Supervisor/Senior Librarian: Joyce Cobb   jcobb@hclib.org 612-630-6012
Resource Librarians:
Joyce Cobb              General Collections on the floor /AskUs/Infoline
Mike McCabe            General Collections on the floor / Adaptive Technology
Dan Kelty                General Collections on the floor
1st floor iDesk(QIC) –  612-630-6010