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Calling all Lego® maniacs!
Cover Art Build wild creations beyond the imagination at LEGO® Mania! Bring the whole family.
posted Apr 29, 2013 by Johannah G.

Practice being a poet
Cover Art Why not celebrate National Poetry Month with a visit to popular poet Shel Silverstein's website? You can play wacky games and create your own poems using Shel's words. And don't forget to check out one or two or three of Shel Silverstein's books from the library.
posted Apr 24, 2013 by Amy L.

Bust a rhyme
Cover Art It is now April
which means it's Poetry Month
so enjoy this verse.

That's a haiku, which is a type of poem. Celebrate National Poetry Month by writing a poem of your own or read something from our Poetry Fun booklist.
posted Apr 8, 2013 by Tony H.

Green Art Projects
Cover Art Create green art, learn about other cultures and have a great time at Paint It Green. Register today!
posted Apr 1, 2013 by Johannah G.