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encyclopedias & dictionaries
Britannica for Kids
Encyclopedia articles, videos, websites and magazine articles. For elementary and middle school ages.
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia of articles, images, maps, sound and multimedia. Research Starters offers suggestions for topics to study and a research plan for each topic. For middle and high school students.
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Detailed information covering evolution, reproduction, ecology, behavior, importance to humans, and conservation.
Lands & Peoples
Interactive encyclopedia of countries cultures and events. Covers land, climate, people, government. Includes maps, images, data, time-lines, and links.
World Book Kids
Find encyclopedia articles, research important people, get pictures, maps, sound and videos.
Student dictionary from Merriam-Webster. Includes illustrations.
Find words and their synonyms (same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning).