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Amazing Animals of the World
Information on animals from aardvarks to zebras, including color photos and games.
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Detailed information covering evolution, reproduction, ecology, behavior, importance to humans, and conservation.
Kids InfoBits
For beginning researchers in K-5. Full-text content is from elementary reference sources and magazines. Topics cover geography, current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history and sports.
Kids Search
Offers magazine articles, biographies, essays, science resources, primary source documents, photos and maps. For elementary and middle school students.
National Geographic Magazine
Search the complete archive of National Geographic magazine along with a collection of books, maps, images and videos. Archive includes 1888-Current.
New Book of Popular Science
News, science projects, biographies, and games covering a broad range of science categories. For grades 5-12.
Science In Context
Includes overviews, biographies, periodical articles, images and videos, and detailed experiments on popular science topics.
Search for encyclopedia and magazine articles about your favorite topic. Includes images and a dictionary. For kids in grades K-5.
Investigate people, places, history as well as science and nature by reading books and articles, watching videos, doing projects, playing games, and exploring related websites.
Amusement Park Physics 
Bumper cars, roller coasters, free fall rides - all are designed using basic laws of physics. Learn more!
Climate Change 
Facts about climate, weather, and greenhouse effect.
Discovery Kids 
Cool science site from the Discovery Channel.
Energy Kids 
Facts, games and a glossary will help you learn about all kinds of energy.
How Things Are Made 
Use the search box to find detailed information. Excellent drawings included.
Kids Health 
Full of fun and healthy facts about you. Don't miss the Daily Brain Buzz!
MadSci Network 
Explore Mad Labs, Ask-A-Scientist, or search the MadSci Library for questions and answers.
National Geographic Kids 
Information about space, nature, animals, and cool games and activities.
Newton's Apple 
Facts, video and science fair ideas from the Newton's Apple TV show.
Science Fair Project Guide 
Find help on getting started, choosing your topic, and displaying your project.
Science Fair Project Ideas 
Science fair project ideas. Sort by grade level and topic. Complete instructions included.
Science for Kids 
Explore climate change, the earth, astronomy and more. From the American Museum of Natural History.
Science News for Kids 
Articles on a wide variety of science topics. Check out the ScienceFairZone!
Space Place 
Games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.