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Hi Everyone,
April is National Poetry Month! Why not check out some awesome poetry books? Or read poetry by other kids or even write your own poems at Fern's Poetry Nook from PBS Kids.

> > >April RIDDLE: When do monkeys fall from the sky? (scroll down for answer)

your next books

"Numbed!" is a fun, quick read that helps uncover why math is important in everyday life. Sound dull? Not after the protagonists, Logan and Benedict get "numbed" for entering a restricted area of the Mobias Math Museum by a robot who takes offense when Benedict tells it that numbers are boring. They are no longer able to do math, not even 1+1! It is then they figure out how much math has to do with their everyday life. The boys get themselves in a pickle and have to go back and get “unnumbed” by passing a series of tests. The book incorporates the integration of mathematical concepts, such as the Mobius loop and probability in an entertaining way. Not dull at all!
144 pages     author: David Lubar     genre: fiction
Thanks to Kari at Pierre Bottineau Library for sharing with us!

Cover Art: Enchanted Glass      

Lives of the Scientists : Experiments, Explosions (and What the Neighbors Thought)
Did you know that Isaac Newton loved to examine soap bubbles, and Ivan Pavlov gave all of his dogs cute names? There’s more: Albert Einstein loved to collect joke books, geneticist Barbara McClintock wore a Groucho Marx disguise in public, and Grace Murray Hopper was named the first Computer Science Man of the Year, even though she was a woman. The scientists in these pages are creative, bold, sometimes eccentric, and anything but dull.
96 pages     author: Kathleen Krull     genre: nonfiction
Thanks to Sue at Ridgedale Library for sharing with us!

favorite websites

Do you like riddles? Or crossword puzzles or sudoku? You can find riddles, games, and puzzles about energy at Energy Kids and find great information for Earth Day homework projects. The KidLinks Science Subject Guide has even more websites and databases to help you finish science assignments.

events at your library

Science and art collide at Paint It Green. Register today for workshops on how to build a bug and machine hybrid, how to invent, or how to create a river-like weaving project.

See you next month.     -Amy   Amy

Amy, KidLinks Librarian
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> > > Riddle ANSWER:

Ape-ril showers!

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