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Winners from the past 10 years. The National Book Awards are awarded annually to outstanding books by U.S. authors. Go to National Book Awards for more information, including previous winners and finalists.

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  Cover Art: The Good Lord Bird 2013
McBride, James
The Good Lord Bird
Fleeing his violent master at the side of abolitionist John Brown at the height of the slavery debate in mid-nineteenth-century Kansas Territory, Henry pretends to be a girl to hide his identity throughout the raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Round House : a Novel 2012
Erdrich, Louise
The Round House : a Novel
When his mother, a tribal enrollment specialist living on a reservation in North Dakota, slips into an abyss of depression after being brutally attacked, 14-year-old Joe Coutz sets out with his three friends to find the person that destroyed his family.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Salvage the Bones : a Novel 2011
Ward, Jesmyn
Salvage the Bones : a Novel
Enduring a hardscrabble existence as the children of alcoholic and absent parents, four siblings from a coastal Mississippi town prepare their meager stores for the arrival of Hurricane Katrina while struggling with such challenges as a teen pregnancy and a dying litter of prize pups.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Lord of Misrule : a Novel 2010
Gordon, Jaimy
Lord of Misrule : a Novel
In the early 1970s, trainer Tommy Hansel attempts a horse racing scam at a small, backwoods track in West Virginia, but nothing goes according to his plan when the horses refuse to cooperate and nearly everyone at the track seems to know his scheme.
Adult Fiction Book GORDON
  Cover Art: Let the Great World Spin 2009
McCann, Colum
Let the Great World Spin
In 1974 Manhattan, a radical young Irish monk struggles with personal demons while making his home among Bronx prostitutes, a group of mothers shares grief over their lost Vietnam soldier sons, and a young grandmother attempts to prove her worth.
Adult Fiction Book MCCANN
  Cover Art: Shadow Country: A New Rendering of the Watson Legend 2008
Matthiessen, Peter
Shadow Country: A New Rendering of the Watson Legend
A reworking of the author's trilogy chronicles the legacy of E.J. Watson, a notorious desperado gunned down by his neighbors along the lawless nineteenth-century frontier of the Florida Everglades.
Adult Fiction Book MATTHIE
  Cover Art: Tree of Smoke 2007
Johnson, Denis
Tree of Smoke
The lives of Skip Sands, a spy-in-training engaged in psychological operations against the Vietcong, and brothers Bill and James Houston, young men who drift out of the Arizona desert into a war, intertwine in a compelling novel of America during the Vietnam War.
Adult Fiction Book JOHNSON
  Cover Art: The Echo Maker 2006
Powers, Richard
The Echo Maker
Twenty-seven-year-old Mark Schluter, suffering from a rare brain disorder that causes him to believe his sister to be an impostor, endeavors to discover the cause of the motor vehicle accident that resulted in his head injury.
Adult Fiction Book POWERS
  Cover Art: Europe Central 2005
Vollmann, William T.
Europe Central
A series of interconnected stories seeks to contrast the moral decisions made by famous and everyday individuals with regard to the warring authoritarian cultures of Germany and the USSR in the twentieth century.
Adult Fiction Book VOLLMANN
  Cover Art: The News from Paraguay 2004
Tuck, Lily
The News from Paraguay
Pursued by the future dictator of nineteenth-century Paraguay, Irish courtesan Ella Lynch struggles with isolation and displacement in spite of her power as his mistress, and witnesses the nation's victimization in the wake of her lover's arrogant ambitions.
Adult Fiction
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