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General Fiction
Petrie, Mary B.  At the End of Magic   (Aug 22)
Palmer, Barbara.  Claudine   (Aug 22)
Harvey, Samantha  Dear Thief   (Aug 22)
Baron, Michael  Everything or Nothing   (Aug 22)
Dakron, Ron.  Hello Devilfish!   (Aug 22)
Jones, Darryl  Horror Stories : Classic Tales from Hoffmann to Hodgson   (Aug 22)
Wells, William  Ride Away Home   (Aug 22)
Richman, Alyson.  The Garden of Letters   (Aug 22)
Fleming, Charles.  The Studio Kill   (Aug 22)
Elliott, Julia.  The Wilds   (Aug 22)
Kardos, Michael  Before He Finds Her   (Aug 21)
Marano, Michael  Dawn Song   (Aug 21)
King, Joy Deja  Drake II   (Aug 21)
Linde, K. A.  Off the Record   (Aug 21)
Hazelwood, Ann Watkins  The Ghostly Quilts on Main   (Aug 21)
Pavlov, Oleg  The Matiushin Case   (Aug 21)
Senior, Antonia  Treason’s Daughter   (Aug 21)
Hilton, Lisa  Wolves in Winter   (Aug 21)
Meginnis, Mike  Fat Man and Little Boy   (Aug 20)
Garnier, Pascal  How’s the Pain?   (Aug 20)
Huang, Yang  Living Treasures   (Aug 20)
Mosley, Nicholas  Metamorphosis   (Aug 20)
E´nard, Mathias  Street of Thieves   (Aug 20)
Apps, Jerold W.  The Great Sand Fracas of Ames County   (Aug 20)
Da¯wu¯d, H?asan  The Penguin’s Song   (Aug 20)
Sherborne, Craig  Tree Palace   (Aug 20)
Taylor, Elizabeth.  You’ll Enjoy It When You Get There : The Stories of Elizabeth Taylor   (Aug 20)
Sosic, Marko  Ballerina, Ballerina   (Aug 19)
Barker, John.  Futures   (Aug 19)
Taylor, Debbie.  Herring Girl   (Aug 19)
Caroll, Robin  Hidden in the Stars   (Aug 19)
Gautier, Amina  Now We Will Be Happy   (Aug 19)
Treuer, David.  Prudence   (Aug 19)
Aitken, Jane  The Front Seat Passenger   (Aug 19)
Bracewell, Patricia  The Price of Blood   (Aug 19)
Berger, Sande Boritz  The Sweetness   (Aug 19)
Janc?ar, Drago.  The Tree With No Name   (Aug 19)
Zink, Nell  The Wallcreeper   (Aug 19)
Hammer, Lotte  A Price for Everything : A Thriller   (Aug 18)
Greenland, Seth.  I Regret Everything : A Love Story   (Aug 18)
Stanley, Michael (Joint pseudonym).  Long Way Down   (Aug 18)
Mason, Jamie  Monday’s Lie   (Aug 18)
Boyne, John  A History of Loneliness   (Aug 15)
Ellison, Jan  A Small Indiscretion   (Aug 15)
Maberry, Jonathan.  Fall of Night   (Aug 15)
Brotherton, Marcus  Feast for Thieves : A Rowdy Slater Novel   (Aug 15)
Snyder, Carrie  Girl Runner   (Aug 15)
Reza, Yasmina.  Happy Are the Happy   (Aug 15)
Hebert, Ernest.  Howard Elman’s Farewell   (Aug 15)
Kennedy, Eliza  I Take You   (Aug 15)
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