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Adult Fiction
Finder, Joseph.  Suspicion   (Jul 25)
Sandford, John  Deadline   (Jul 11)
Connelly, Michael.  The Burning Room   (Jul 11)
Kingsbury, Karen  Angels Walking   (Jul 3)
Anderson, Taylor  Deadly shores   (Jul 3)
Roberts, Nora.  Shadow spell   (Jul 3)
Galbraith, Robert  The silkworm   (Jul 3)
Doerr, Anthony  All the light we cannot see : a novel   (Jun 20)
Young, Louisa.  My dear I wanted to tell you : a novel   (Jun 20)
Harkness, Deborah E.  The book of life : a novel   (Jun 20)
Moriarty, Liane  The husband’s secret   (Jun 20)
Fairstein, Linda A.  Terminal city   (Jun 19)
Lescroart, John T.  The keeper : a novel   (Jun 19)
Vreeland, Susan.  Lisettes List ()   (Jun 18)
Harris, Charlaine  Dead but Not Forgotten : Library Edition   (Jun 12)
Macomber, Debbie  Love Letters : A Rose Harbor Novel ()   (Jun 11)
Child, Lee.  Personal ()   (Jun 11)
  Handling AMH Test Record : Audiobook on CD.   (Jun 6)
Tan, Cecilia  Slow surrender   (Jun 2)
Preston, Douglas  Blue Labyrinth   (May 30)
King, Stephen  Revival   (May 27)
Moning, Karen Marie.  Burned : Library Edition   (May 23)
Hoag, Tami  Cold Cold Heart : Library Edition   (May 23)
Stone, Robert  Death of the black-haired girl   (May 23)
Jackson, Lisa  Deserves to die   (May 23)
Garwood, Julie.  Fast track : a novel   (May 23)
Hannah, Kristin.  Fly away : [a novel]   (May 23)
Michaels, Fern  Kiss and tell   (May 23)
Hamilton, Steve  Let it burn   (May 23)
Thayer, Nancy  Nantucket sisters : a novel   (May 23)
Roberts, Nora.  Play it again   (May 23)
Coulter, Catherine  Power play   (May 23)
Johansen, Iris.  Sight unseen : a novel   (May 23)
Hunter, Stephen  Sniper’s honor   (May 23)
Woods, Sherryl  Swan Point   (May 23)
Rosenberg, Joel C.  The Auschwitz escape : a novel   (May 23)
Graham, Heather  The hexed   (May 23)
Pearson, Ridley  The Red Room   (May 23)
Gardiner, Meg.  The shadow tracer   (May 23)
Mallery, Susan.  Until we touch   (May 23)
Flaubert, Gustave  Madame Bovary   (May 21)
Laurens, Stephanie.  The masterful Mr. Montague   (May 21)
Roby, Kimberla Lawson.  The prodigal son   (May 21)
Tolstoy, Leo  Anna Karenina   (May 20)
Corey, James S. A.  Cibola Burn   (May 20)
Reichl, Ruth  Delicious!   (May 20)
Moon, Elizabeth.  Limits of power   (May 20)
Coulter, Catherine  The Lost Key : A Brit in the FBI Novel   (May 20)
Moore, Christopher  The serpent of Venice   (May 20)
Neill, Chloe  Wild things   (May 20)
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