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Science Fiction/Fantasy
Hamilton, Peter F.  The Abyss Beyond Dreams   (Aug 29)
Sinisalo, Johanna  The Blood of Angels   (Aug 28)
Jones, Darynda  Eighth Grave After Dark   (Aug 27)
McClellan, Brian  The Autumn Republic   (Aug 27)
Wallace, Sean.  The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures   (Aug 27)
Werner, C. L.  Deathblade : A Tale of Malus Darkblade   (Aug 25)
Henderson, Randy  Finn Fancy Necromancy   (Aug 25)
Wingrove, David.  The Broken Wheel   (Aug 21)
Wingrove, David.  The White Mountain   (Aug 21)
Sumner-Smith, Karina  Radiant   (Aug 19)
Zahn, Timothy.  Soulminder   (Aug 19)
Flint, Eric.  Castaway Planet   (Aug 18)
Reichert, Mickey Zucker.  Fields of Wrath   (Aug 18)
Bara, Dave  Impulse   (Aug 18)
Trichter, Judd  Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction   (Aug 18)
Mosley, Walter  Inside a Silver Box   (Aug 15)
Bear, Elizabeth.  Karen Memory   (Aug 15)
Jones, Paul Antony  Revelations   (Aug 15)
Wells, Martha.  Stories of the Raksura : The Falling World & the Tale of Indigo and Cloud   (Aug 15)
Hieber, Leanna Renee  The Eterna Files   (Aug 15)
Rawlik, Pete  The Weird Company : The Secret History of H. P. Lovecraft’s Twentieth Century   (Aug 15)
Waldorf, Marek  Widow’s Dozen   (Aug 15)
Mallory, H. P.  The Underground City   (Aug 14)
Lee, Sharon  Carousel sun   (Aug 12)
Bradley, Darin  Chimpanzee   (Aug 11)
Cato, Beth  The Clockwork Dagger   (Aug 11)
Gregory, Kenneth (Novelist)  The Polaris Whisper   (Aug 11)
Scalzi, John  Unlocked: an Oral History of Haden’s Syndome   (Aug 11)
Gurley, Jason  Eleanor : a novel   (Aug 8)
Barnett, David  Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon   (Aug 6)
Lewis, J. F. (Jeremy F.)  Grudgebearer   (Aug 6)
Brett, Peter V.  Messenger’s Legacy : A Demon Cycle Novella   (Aug 6)
Planck, M. C.  Sword of the Bright Lady   (Aug 6)
Hurley, Kameron  The mirror empire   (Aug 6)
Egan, Greg  Permutation City : A Novel of Eternal Life   (Aug 5)
Waters, M. D.  Prototype : a novel   (Aug 5)
Czerneda, Julie  A Play of Shadow   (Aug 4)
Purdom, Tom.  Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons   (Aug 4)
Buehlman, Christopher  The Lesser Dead   (Aug 4)
Holmberg, Charlie N.  The Paper Magician   (Aug 4)
Liu, Cixin  The Three-Body Problem   (Aug 4)
Peterson, Andrew  The Warden and the Wolf King   (Aug 4)
Berg, Carol.  Dust and light : a sanctuary novel   (Aug 1)
Abercrombie, Joe  Half the World   (Aug 1)
Hearne, Kevin  Heir to the Jedi   (Aug 1)
Walton, Jo.  The Just City   (Aug 1)
Staveley, Brian  The Providence of Fire   (Aug 1)
Guran, Paula  The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror : 2014 Edition   (Aug 1)
Bauers, W. C.  Unbreakable   (Aug 1)
Kress, Nancy.  Yesterday’s Kin   (Aug 1)
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