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For Adults
Byrd, Donald  Donald Byrd: The Definitive Classic Blue Note Collection (Music CD)   (Sep 18)
Nicks, Stevie.  24 Karat Gold: Songs from The Vault (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Broussard, Marc.  A Life Worth Living (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  A Skeletal Domain (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Amid The Noise And Haste (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Another Language (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Prince.  Art Official Age (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  At Best Cuckold (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Becky (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Before The Dawn Heals Us (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
King Tuff  Black Moon Spell (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Blind Rage (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Cale, J. J.  Breezin’ at the Cafe (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Eraserhead (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Gerrard, Alice  Follow The Music (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Clark, Gary  Gary Clark Jr. Live (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Cold War Kids.  Hold My Home (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Gengras, M. Geddes  Ishi (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Cash, Johnny.  Look Again To The Wind: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears Revisited (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Origins (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Pay Close Attention: XL Recordings (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Professor Longhair, 1918-1980.  Professor Longhair: Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Complete Recordings: 1949-1962 (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Flemons, Dom  Prospect Hill (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  PTX, Vol. III (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Guy, Buddy.  Pure Raw Blues (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Racy (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Killjoy Club  Reindeer Games (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Young Jeezy  Seen It All (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Young Jeezy  Seen It All - Clean Version (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Mendes, Shawn  Shawn Mendes (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Tanglewood Tails (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Foxing  The Albatross (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Smith, Wadada Leo  The Great Lakes Suite (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Taylor, James  The Letter (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Pitts, Vic  The Lost Tapes (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  The Physical World (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Ball, Marcia.  The Tattooed Lady and The Alligator Man (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Brown, Otis  The Thought Of You (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Casablancas, Julian  Tyranny (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Waking The Fallen: Resurrected (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
  Wild Onion (Music CD)   (Sep 15)
Giulini, Carlo Maria.  Giulini In Vienna (Music CD)   (Sep 9)
Davis, Miles  Prestige Recordings [International Version] (Box) (Music CD)   (Sep 9)
  All Over The World (Music CD)   (Sep 8)
Langford, Tim Too Slim  Anthology (Music CD)   (Sep 8)
Hendrix, Jimi.  Axis : bold as love   (Sep 8)
Joy, Vance  Dream Your Life Away (Music CD)   (Sep 8)
Hendrix, Jimi.  Electric ladyland   (Sep 8)
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