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Cover ArtThe princess test
by Levine, Gail Carson
The Princess Test is one of the hilarious books in the series The Princess Tales. It is a re-write of the classic story of the Princess and the Pea, with a few funny twists, like all the books in the series. I would definetly recommend this book. Although it is short, its a delight to read till the last letter.   posted Jul 8, 2004 at 11:24AM

Cover ArtHoles
by Sachar, Louis, 1954-
this was a very good book about an inisent boy   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtP.S. longer letter later
by Danziger, Paula, 1944-
This book is great i haven't finished the whole thing but it is good so far!   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtJames and the giant peach: a children's story
by Dahl, Roald
It's great!!!It's about a little boy named James Henry Trotter.He meets bugs in the giant peach.Went an adenture.   posted May 9, 2006 at 11:08AM

Cover ArtThe giver
by Lowry, Lois
I think The Giver is a wonderful book that lets your imagination run free! The Giver really sets your mind to the future.   posted Apr 19, 2006 at 5:35PM

Cover Art
The Phantom Tollbooth is about Milo, a boy who can never think of something fun to do, when one day he recieves a large package in the mail. It turns out to be a Tollbooth, a portal to a world of adventures with words, and numbers. A funny book. A great read!   posted Jul 15, 2004 at 12:16PM

Cover ArtInfiltration
by Frazier, Breen.
For those who like the tv show, you'll like this book even better. You feel like your in the spy action! [Series: Alias]   posted Jul 29, 2004 at 6:37PM

Cover ArtThe book of the flame
by Asai, Carrie.
Action, intrigue, romance, and a great plot with interesting people all packed into one great book. A must read. [Series: Samurai Girl #5]   posted Jul 20, 2004

Cover ArtSon of the mob : Hollywood hustle
by Korman, Gordon
I thought the story was just a great example of irony. I mean, the son of a crime leader in the underworld dating the daughter of the FBI agent trying the hardest to jail the crime leader. It's a setup for something to happen.   posted Jun 26, 2005

Cover ArtShadowland
by Cabot, Meg
Suze isn't like a normal girl. She can talk to ghosts. She is a mediator. Add in some ghosts that want revenge, romance, adventure and mystery, and this is a great book. First in the series of The Mediator.   posted Jun 13, 2005

Cover ArtOnce upon a Marigold
by Ferris, Jean.
I thought it was really really really good especially the part when christian almost dies & Marigold saved him and when they're running around the castle & send p-mails to each other. (the "P" stands for pigeon because that's how they mailed their mail & letters) this is my most favorite book in the whole WORLD!!! this is the most wonderful & greatest book in the world if you love fairy tales with happy endings. I give this book an infinant number of stars!!!!   posted Feb 9, 2006

Cover ArtA farewell to arms
by Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961
of the few books i have read that are war stories, this was definitely one of the better ones, since it didn't talk excessively about killing people and the hard work it takes to be a good soldier. it was a heart-touching story that i think many would enjoy.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtWaiting to exhale
by McMillan, Terry
This is a really great book because it gives you a look at how friends act and should act around each other.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtSophie's world : a novel about the history of philosophy
by Gaarder, Jostein, 1952-
overall, this book was worth the effort i pu tinto it. not only did it do a great job on telling the history of philosophy, it also had a plot that unexpected twists. i would recommend it for slightly older readers.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover Art
This is a very good book which follows the life of Clare. Based in the U.K. Clare spends the summer with her mom in her old hometown of Ravensmere. When she first gets there she already feels like she's been there all her life. She starts getting a sort of psychic connection to the town. She stays there as she continues learning more of her mother's secret past, and getting to know the one who everyone fears, Mr. Aylward, the guardian. She is in for an adventure from running into bad boys to exploring the beautiful China Garden. I liked this book, it was slow at first, but i wasn't even ready for the ending, it was awesome.   posted Aug 20, 2004

Cover ArtSmall steps : the year I got polio
by Kehret, Peg
I liked this book because it was true, very sad and easy to understand what she went though. Peg Kehret is my fav author. Look for more books by her.   posted Feb 10, 2005

Cover ArtBlood and chocolate
by Klause, Annette Curtis
I thought this book was very good. It was about a girl who is interrested ina guy but when one night she tries to show the guy she likes who she really is and he is so scared. To find out what the girl is read this book.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtBridge to Terabithia
by Paterson, Katherine
This book was touching. Jess, loves to draw. But during the summer, he practiced hard, so that he could be the best runner in 5th grade, only to be beaten by a girl. However, they soon become friends, and she shows him how great imagination is, when they pretend to rule over an imaginary kingdom. She also teaches him how to be strong, even when a tragedy happens. This book was wonderful.   posted Jun 29, 2005

Cover ArtSmack
by Burgess, Melvin
Very interesting talks abot what it is like to leave home at 14 through life at 19   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtHoles
by Sachar, Louis, 1954-
I thought Holes was a very interesting book because it all kind of came together at the end. In the beginning of the book and the middle of the book, it seemed confusing, but in the end, it all came together nicely.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe 7 habits of highly effective teens : the ultimate teenage success guide
by Covey, Sean
This book, eventhough it sounds a little dull, was great! It provided lots of good tips, quotes, cartoons, ideas, and stories, teaching powerful lessons.   posted Jun 29, 2005

Cover ArtThe vanishings
by Jenkins, Jerry B.
I thought this book was extremely interesting on what's going to happenb in the earth's last days. [Series: Left Behind - The Kids #1]   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtHow I spent my last night on Earth
by Strasser, Todd
It talked about how much you have lived and what you wish you should have done if you "could" keep living.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe perks of being a wallflower
by Chbosky, Stephen
VERY WELL WRITTEN It was about a teenage boy who found friends older than him.   posted Apr 9, 2004

Cover ArtThe raging quiet
by Jordan, Sherryl
I absolutley loved this book. I'm not quiet sure exactally what time this book was set in, but I know it has to be somewhere around the 1500's. It is about a young girl of 16 who is forced into a pre-arranged marriage to save the rest of her family. Her and her wealthy new husband (three decades older than her self) move into a remote village. He dies right after they move there, and she is forced to be widowed and alone. With the help of the town priest, and his friend "the mad boy", Marnie finds out the trials of living by herself. I couldn't put this book down, it was very captivating, and I loved the ending.   posted Aug 20, 2004

Cover ArtWitch child
by Rees, Celia
Witch Child is an exciting book about the lives of a descendant, and her ancestor who was a witch. The descriptions in the book make you feel like you were there, and after reading a few pages, you can't put the thrilling book down.   posted Jun 19, 2004

Cover ArtRuby Holler
by Creech, Sharon
Ruby Holler is a book about Dallas, and Florida, twins. At the orphanage, and to the many families that tried to foster them, they're known as the "Trouble Twins". When an elderly couple decides to foster them, they discover that the twins aren't as much trouble as people say, and the twins also realize the same thing. Ruby Holler is the magical place, where Dallas and Florida discover who they really are. This book is a must read. I strongly recommend it!   posted Jul 13, 2004

Cover ArtHoot
by Hiaasen, Carl
I really liked this book because this boy wants to save the owls that their habitat is going to be destroyed if noboby puts a stop to it.I really recommend this book.   posted Aug 27, 2005

Cover ArtMolly Moon's incredible book of hypnotism
by Byng, Georgia
Molly Moon is an orphan who has no friends except for Rocky, who lives in a dreary horrible orphanage. One day, at the library, she discovers an ancient book of hypnotism, which she learns. Using her new powers, Molly hypnotizes her way to fame, but then, things turn bad. Read the book to find out what happens!! A good book with a great plot, i strongly recommend it!   posted Jul 13, 2004

Cover ArtEragon
by Paolini, Christopher
I thought this book was awesome! The dragons and magic make it very interesting for someone who enjoys books like Harry Potter or the Merlin series. Congratulations to the author; I thought the book was amazing. I would love to see it made into a movie, and look forward to reading the other books in the Inheritance trilogy.   posted Oct 24, 2004

Cover ArtThe book of the wind
by Asai, Carrie.
The 4th book in a exciting series, that leaves you wanting for more. Read it, I would. [Series: Samurai Girl #4]   posted Jul 20, 2004

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