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Hungry for a new book? Got a sweet tooth for reading? Well, dig out your spare change, wander over to the nearest vending machine, and make a snack out of these books. Whether it’s the title of the book or the content within the pages, these books relate in some way to the candies, snacks, and soft drinks that we find in vending machines or to the impulses, hunger pains, and pocketfuls of nickels that draw us to vending machines. But these are books are not all candy-coated junk reads. Themes of consumption and consumerism abound. Don’t worry; there’s just as much fun as there is chocolate. Anyone who says reading isn’t fun never took a bite out of these books. (This list was originally a class project. Lizz and Rachel, my classmates, are co-authors of this booklist.)    Print this list Print this list
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Cover Art: Candyfreak : a journey through the chocolate underbelly of America /
Candyfreak : a journey through the chocolate underbelly of America
Almond, Steve.
If you like candy, or maybe love candy, then take a bite, lick, or whiff of Candyfreak. It is the story of one confectionary-obsessed individual (the author Steve Almond, with his ideal candy-ready last name) and his journey to discover what happened to the candies that made his childhood so sweet--the Choco-Lite, the Caravelle Bar, Hersey’s Cookies n’ Mint, the Valomilk, and the Kit Kat Dark. To discover the fates of these and other forgotten goodies, Almond investigates and tours confection companies. Almond is a self-described candy freak and his book is a rousing declaration of his obsessive sweet tooth, a richly detailed history of the candy bars and other sweets in the United States, and an exploration of the rarely-seen world of candy manufacturing. Almond meets candy makers, experiences their sweet products, and provides the reader with his honest opinion. The descriptions of the candies are so rich that you may very well do more than just taste the goodness—you might just literally devour this book. Eat-while-you-read: Valomilk Bars, the messiest candy ever invented.
Adult Nonfiction Book 338.76641 A
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Cover Art: Burger Wuss /
Burger Wuss
Anderson, M. T.
When Anthony finds his girlfriend in the arms of some dumb jock at a party, he doesn’t want to go back to being the high school loser he’s always been—he wants Revenge. His master plan means working at O’Dermott’s, a McDonald’s-like fast food “restaurant” where Turner, the dumb jock, is a star employee. Despite constant humiliation at Turner’s hands, Anthony manages to hobble together his plan and sets Turner up to take the fall and bring down the O’Dermott’s franchise all in one fell swoop. But planning revenge is all-consuming and sooner or later, something’s gotta give. Soon Anthony’s not sure he can stick with greasy food, ugly uniforms, and low respect of a fast food job. Can Anthony get over his girlfriend and make the dumb jock cry? Is revenge worth it? Is revenge really what Anthony wants? Burger Wuss, with its teen angst and caustic stereotypes, is a darkly comic satire (McSatire) that examines the delicious highs and embarrassing lows of our everyday obsessions. Eat-while-you-read: A Happy Meal, while wearing a paper Burger King crown.
Teen Fiction ANDERSO
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Cover Art: Intoxicated : a novel of money, madness, and the invention of the world's favori
Intoxicated : a novel of money, madness, and the invention of the world's favori
Barlow, John, 1967-
England, 1869. Rodrigo Vermilion is a hunchbacked little person, scorned by society because of his differences and seemingly destined to be down on his luck. But then he meets wealthy businessman Isaac Brookes and his sons—ne’er-do-well Tom and socially awkward George—and prosperity beckons. With Vermilion’s Big Idea, the Brookes’ family fortune, and a secret ingredient (think the “coca” in Coca-Cola), Rhubarilla is born—a rhubarb-flavored fizzy soda pop that is fated to sweep the nation. But success is short-lived. Isaac’s wife Sarah dies of a long illness, and Tom takes advantage of his father’s grief to humiliate Vermilion. Can hapless George rise to the challenge take responsibility of the soft drink business, and put the pieces of his family back together? A detailed, violent, and loving account of persistence, forgiveness, and consumer demand, Intoxicated is as much a tale of one family’s tragedies and triumphs as it a story of invention and creation. Drink-while-you-read: A good old-fashioned glass bottle of classic Coca-Cola.
Adult Fiction BARLOW
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Cover Art: The Hunger Games /
The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne.
In the not-so-distant future, the nation of Panem has risen from the ruins of North America. To keep its citizens in line, the Capital forces one boy and one girl from each of its twelve distracts to act as “tributes” in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death televised live to the people at home. Katniss Everdeen is this year’s tribute. There’s a chance Katniss may be able to rely on Peta, the baker’s son from her own district who was also chosen for the Games—but on the other hand there can only be one winner, which means making friends is a huge risk that could quite literally end in betrayal and death. She’s a fighter, but her determination to win is complicated by shifting loyalties, the pressure to perform for those in control, a desire to rebel, and the pressure to win at any cost. The story is more than an adventure of survival; it’s a commentary on government power and the entertainment value of reality TV. It’s also a dystopian moral tale in the grand tradition of The Giver, Brave New World, and 1984. More to the point, The Hunger Games (the first book in a planned trilogy, Catching Fire is due fall of 2009) is an absorbing and thrilling page-turner. Eat-while-you-read: Beef jerky, preferably if you’ve hunted, butchered, smoked, and dried it yourself. Have a side dish of trail mix.
Teen Fiction COLLINS
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Cover Art: Twinkie, deconstructed : my journey to discover how the ingredients found in pro
Twinkie, deconstructed : my journey to discover how the ingredients found in pro
Ettlinger, Steve.
Twinkie, Deconstructed is the story of author Steve Ettlinger’s “journey to discover how the ingredients found in processed foods are grown, mined (yes, mined), and manipulated into what America eats.” Yummy. Most Americans eat processed foods every day, and sure those foods are delicious (Cheetos, anyone?) but have you ever taken a moment to consider what exactly makes that delightful day-glo orange Cheeto color? More to the point, what is Polysorbate 60? Why is bleach listed as an ingredient in Twinkies? In Twinkie, Deconstructed Ettlinger investigates the origins and uses of every ingredient listed on a Twinkie wrapper. You’ll be shocked, bewildered, and yes, grossed out, and you’ll definitely think twice the next time you walk past that vending machine in the break room, but you’ll also be the best-educated junk food junkie in town. Or you’ll just start living off broccoli. Eat-while-you-read: Twinkies—the homemade organic version (the recipe is included in the book).
Adult Nonfiction Book 641.03 E
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Cover Art: Fruit : a novel /
Fruit : a novel
Francis, Brian, 1971-
Being thirteen-years-old is no easy task for any average angst-y adolescent, but thirteen is even harder when you’re dorky, overweight Peter Paddington. Peter’s parents want him to be “normal.” He’s supposed to be an athlete, and take shop class, and make friends with other boys his age. But Peter would rather take home-ec—it’s a class where you cook and eat food, after all. Then something very strange happens. Peter’s nipples begin to talk to him. Worse, they threaten to reveal his innermost thoughts and secrets. As he desperately tries to figure out why a part of his own body would turn against him in such a cruel and unusual way, and as he works out the elaborate means he has to go to keep those damn nipples quiet, Peter is forced to confront his convoluted relationships with his family, friends, enemies—and himself. Fruit is a charmingly odd, quirky little coming-of-age tale. It’s the story of a boy and his talking nipples—what more do you need to know? Eat-while-you-read: Starburst, Skittles, or Juicy Fruit gum. Or you could unplug the vending machine and eat an apple.
Adult Fiction FRANCIS
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Cover Art: Blood and chocolate /
Blood and chocolate
Klause, Annette Curtis.
Vivian is sweet sixteen, strong and beautiful, with all the boys on her tail—literally, because Vivian is a werewolf. But life is not as sweet as chocolate. Her close-knit werewolf pack has moved to a new home, needs a new leader, and definitely does not approve of Vivian’s new human boyfriend. But Aiden is sensitive and kind, and Vivian is sure that he will understand her other self. Her divided loyalties are put to the test when a contender for new pack leader takes a decided interest in her, and her life becomes really complicated when a human is murdered and a werewolf seems to be the culprit. Her attempt to lead a double life is endangering both the humans and the werewolves she cares about. Who is Vivian supposed to protect? Who is she supposed to be? Blood and Chocolate is a fierce, sexy, gripping coming-of-age story about love, trust, and betrayal. Eat-while-you-read: Hershey’s Hugs, because the white and dark chocolate represents the dual sides of Vivian’s nature!
Teen Fiction KLAUSE
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Cover Art: Peeps : a candy-coated tale /
Peeps : a candy-coated tale
Masyga, Mark.
Peeps are those sugar-coated marshmallow candies shaped like chickens and bunnies that we find in our Easter baskets. Peeps are America’s number one selling non-chocolate candy. Peeps even have a book of their own, and Peeps are the perfect way to spend a first pocketful of spare change. Peeps: A Candy-Coated Tale is a light, sugary, silly read full of jokey photos of the Peeps candy characters, who in this case are a prominent Peepsville family-gone-missing. Follow clues and meet other Peepsville characters as you read through the pages of Peepsville newspapers, yearbooks, and magazines. Where are the Peeps? Can they be rescued before their expiration date? More important, do Peeps even have an expiration date? If you’ve never eaten a Peep candy before, you’ll definitely want to bite the squishy little head off one after this book. Eat-while-you-read: Peeps, of course, though the choice of chicks or bunnies is up to you.
Adult Nonfiction Book PN6231.P334 M37 2006
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