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books u gots 2 read :P
10 good books.. well at least I think there good.. either way you should reading them there different genres, im not the type of person who sticks to a certain genre.    Print this list Print this list
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Cover Art: The awakening /
The awakening
Armstrong, Kelley.
the awakening is the second book in the darkest powers trilogy... and i will not spoil it for you.. but lets just say they are running away form people who are trying to experimenting on them or kill them.
Teen Fiction ARMSTRO
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Cover Art: The reckoning /
The reckoning
Armstrong, Kelley.
the last book in the trilogy and i think it was the best one to. its about chloe and her friend trying not to get themselves killed and also alot of other stuff but youll obviously have to read it to find out... the genres of the books are mystery/adventure/suspence..ish and alittle bit of romance nut not really only in the last book and ofcourse realistic fiction... fantasy.
Teen Fiction ARMSTRO
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Cover Art: The summoning /
The summoning
Armstrong, Kelley.
the summoning is about a 15-year-old girl (chloe saunders) who sees dead people. She is informed that she is actully a phyco person who THINKS she can see ghosts but when she gets transfered to the lyle house(a center for disturbed teens) she meets other people who are actully super naturals (only with different powers then hers) who tell her that she is not phyco but she is a necromancer which is a super natural that can actully see ghosts.
Teen Fiction ARMSTRO
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Cover Art: Forever... : a novel /
Forever... : a novel
Blume, Judy.
forever... is one of my all-time favorite books. its a romance novel(so the genre is romance) about a girl who finally meets the love of her life and how their relationship deepins. it is a very good but also very sad story. sounds cheesy when i say it but its actully a book that you can not put down once you have started.
Adult Fiction BLUME
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Cover Art: Frozen fire /
Frozen fire
Bowler, Tim.
the resons i came across this book was because the name 'frozen fire' sounded cool, the cover looked cool and so did the pages but those were the things that got me to open the book but the reason why i actully read it was because the first page caught my attention. a girl is keep on getting phone calls from a boy who is trying to kill himself... but thats not going out well.. the boy is accused of rape but no one has nothing but mental evidence(which wont do) and whenever they capture the boy he always somehow ends up slipping away the girl is the only one who actully trying to help the boy... its hard to explain about what the boy actully is with out giving anything away.. lets just say the boy is a super natural-ish person. the genre of the book is mostly mystery.
Teen Fiction BOWLER
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Cover Art: Killing Mr. Griffin /
Killing Mr. Griffin
Duncan, Lois, 1934-
this book is about a group of kids who team up to pull a prank on their teacher Mr.Griffin, and end up accidently killing him... the genre is suspence and thriller if their even is much of a difference between the two.
Teen Fiction DUNCAN
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Cover Art: Summer of fear /
Summer of fear
Duncan, Lois, 1934-
summer of fear is about a girl(raechel) who basicly gets replaced in her family by her perfect cousin(julia) whos parents died in a car-crash.. but julia doesnt exactly give about it she only acts all inocent when she needs to. the only one who can see that julia has a hidden secret is raechel.. and shes gonna find out what it is, especially after julia stole raechels boyfriend, bestfriend,and basically her whole life. the genre is thriller, and yeah pretty much thriller.
Teen Fiction DUNCAN
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Cover Art: Lioness rampant /
Lioness rampant
Pierce, Tamora.
this is actully the last book in the series the catalog couldnt find the first but ill tell you about the first anyways... Allana- the first adventure is the first book in the 'song of the lioness quartet' series. about a girl who switches places with her twin brother to become a knight while her brother goes to become a sorcerer. she pretends to be a boy(which very little people know of) and later in the series informs everyone that she is a girl (well.. her cloths rip)after she gets her shield. and goes on a quest during the rest of the series... the genre of the books are mostly adventure,(obviously)and some romance alittle in each book..
Teen Fiction PIERCE
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Cover Art: The lightning thief /
The lightning thief
Riordan, Rick.
the first book out of five in the 'percy jackson and the olympians' series. about a boy who dicovers he is the son of posidon(the sea god) and is accused that he stole zeuses lightning bolt so he goes on a quest with a couple of his friends to find it. i would rate this book a four and a half out of five stars since i think 'the last olympian' (the last book in the series) is the best book in the series.also if you think the lightning thief might be a stupid book because the movie was horrible then your wrong i admit the movie WAS horrible but the movie was also wayy different then the book. and if you think that the movie was good then you have no idea what your missing out the book is amazing.
Children's Fiction RIORDAN
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Cover Art: Cirque du Freak /
Cirque du Freak
Shan, Darren.
the first book in the darren shan sega a.k.a. cirque du freak series there are 12 books in the series. the first books name is actully 'a living nightmare'.. just to let you now. its about a boy (darren) who goes to the cirque du freak (circus of freaks) with his friend (steve) and just trying not to ruin it for you lets just say that things go wrong... REALLY wrong.. so later darren has to become a vampire because of the incident and has to leave his normal life behind and start a new crazy one in his new world of vampirism... the genre is fantasy/thriller/fiction.. and i think the series are really good.. cheesy at some parts, but otherwise, good.
Children's Fiction SHAN
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