OF FEBRUARY 23, 2005

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at the Ridgedale Resource Library.

Present: Holly Guncheon, Gerda Haas, Patricia Izek, Jeffrey Lunde, Peter M. Miller, David Pratt, and Cynthia Steinke
Library Staff Attending: Amy Ryan, Janet Leick, Richard P. Johnson, Nancy Perron, David Cramer, Lois Langer Thompson, Margaret Gillespie, Sharon Charles, Dan Hinrich, Lorenzo Tunsi, Glenn Peterson, and Bill Berg

Cynthia Steinke, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of February 23, 2005 to order at 4:35 p.m. with a welcome to all. There was no public comment.

Cynthia Steinke acknowledges Gerda Haas, Library Board Member who did not seek reappointment to the Board. All Board Members extended a farewell wish to Ms. Haas and presented her with a Resolution:


    WHEREAS: Gerda Haas has served with distinction, on the Hennepin County Library (HCL) Board from February 2002 through February 2005, and

    WHEREAS: Ms. Haas has been a faithful and effective Board member who among her many contributions served as co-chair of the Policy Committee in 2004 and as the Library Board representative to the Hopkins Library Public Art Committee in 2002, and

    WHEREAS: Ms. Haas was instrumental in shaping the future of HCL through her participation in the Library Director Applicant Review Committee in 2003, and

    WHEREAS: Ms. Haas has been active advocate for libraries, participating in the American Library Association's National Legislative Day and the Minnesota Library Association's legislative activities, and

    WHEREAS: Ms. Haas lifelong involvement in libraries as a professional librarian, an author, and a volunteer will continue, now therefore

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Hennepin County Library Board by this resolution extends to Gerda Haas its commendation and the gratitude of the people of Hennepin County, Minnesota
Cynthia Steinke:
  • Acknowledged the passing of former Board Member, Peggy Kelly on February 20, 2005
  • Reported attendance at Rogers Library Grand Opening Celebration
  • Welcomed/introduced New Library Board Member, Holly Guncheon
  • Announced reappointment of John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon:
  • Expressed gratitude in being chosen to serve on the Hennepin County Library Board
  • Gave brief update on her background
Patricia Izek:
  • Reported on attendance at Ridgedale Art Project Artists Selection Committee
Jeffrey Lunde:
  • Updated Board Members on pending publication of Library Board Meeting dates and times in the Brooklyn Park Front Pages Newspaper - Paper delivered to approximately 30,000 households every other month
  • Continued work with various School Districts re Outreach
Peter M. Miller:
  • Reported on attendance at Rogers Library Grand Opening Celebration
David Pratt:
  • Reported on Library Foundation Executive Committee Meeting
  • Library Foundation has selected 3 of the 4 Pen Pal speakers for 2005/2006 season
  • Reported on Ribbon Cutting at Rogers Library Grand Opening
Sharon Charles, eLibrary and IT Department Manager
  • Gave update on Wireless Use in the various HCL Agencies with all Agencies soon to have full access. Other MELSA libraries are currently investigating wireless for their libraries
  • Amy Ryan - Moved location of March 2005 Meeting to the Plymouth Community Library
  • Sharon Charles - Follow-up to Public Comment at February 23rd meeting - Supplied patron Dick Mueller with appropriate answers surrounding his questions on security, and computers being exposed to various viruses. Mr. Mueller was reassured and responded favorable with reply from HCL
  • Janet Leick - Maple Grove Library Report - MS&R Architects were selected a couple of years ago to go forward with the Maple Grove Library design. Currently looking at the configuration of the building on 6.3 acres of land for appropriate fit. Forecast a 2008 opening of the new facility.
  • Janet Leick - Plymouth Library Renovation - County Board voted at the 2005 Budget Hearings to expand the scope of the Plymouth Library renovations. Architect/Design teams has not been finalized, this is forthcoming in June 2005. The plan is to involve the two largest school districts, Wayzata and Robbinsdale in conversation about the project.
  • Janet Leick - Hennen's Ratings for American Public Libraries - Thomas Hennen is an individual who compiles data on libraries throughout the system and ranks them via a rating system from information obtained from official public sources.
Amy Ryan - New Member Orientation
  • Gave overview of how she perceives Member Orientation and the various stages of orientation. More will be shared at the March 2005 Board Meeting.
  • Rogers Library Grand Stakeholders Preview and Opening Celebration - Very festive occasion and the Community welcomed the opening
  • Development of the Strategic Plan - Reviewed existing plan with preliminary discussion about moving forward in 2005 with development of the next 5-Year Strategic Plan which will include a 10-Year Capital Plan
Gifts - Patricia Izek moved to accept gifts, seconded by Jeffrey Lunde and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Gibbs) APPROVED
    Grand Total - 2004    Grand Total - 2005
    Penn Lake $2,918.22    Oxboro $6,688.00
    Champlin $9,407.07    Westonka $    135.00
    Ridgedale $2,934.23    Wayzata $    269.60
        Excelsior $    743.62
Being no further business, Patricia Izek moved to adjourn Library Board Meeting for February 23, 2005, seconded by Jeffrey Lunde and approved unanimously. Meeting was declared adjourned at 5:40 p.m.


Peter M. Miller, Secretary