David Pratt, President, called the meeting of the Hennepin County Library Board of January 28, 2004 to order at 4:05 p.m. All members were present except Peter Miller who was absent. Attending the meeting were the following individuals: David Cramer, Janet Leick, Charles Brown, Cindy Ahrens, Sharon Charles, Bill Berg, Nancy Perron, Mark Ranum, Julia Morgan, Karla Kimerer, Victoria DeFord, Rafe Viscasillas, and Richard Johnson.

Cynthia Steinke moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Dawn Harris and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Miller)       APPROVED

David Pratt, President, introduced Richard P. Johnson, Deputy County Administrator who reviewed the current Minnesota Statutes 2003, Table of Chapters, table of contents for Chapter 383B.241 that governs libraries in Hennepin County. Mr. Johnson also reviewed the process that will be taken in the recruitment of a new Library Director. He also discussed the proposed Applicant Review Committee to assist the Library Board in providing broader input into the recruitment process. This committee would consist of: 2 Library Members; 1 Library Foundation Member; 1 Friends President; and 2 outside Library Professionals. Currently the proposed closing date for acceptance of applications is April 15, 2004.

Rafe Viscasillas, Director of Human Resources addressed the criteria being used and the competencies they are searching for in a candidate. Mr. Viscasillas distributed a 4-page, draft announcement, identifying some of the characteristics and competencies they are looking for, and what is thought to be some of the main areas that should be focused on. A recommendation has been put together which is going before the County Board Committee Meeting on Tuesday, February 3, 2004 to request an acceptation to the salary cap that is being submitted to the State Department of Employee Relations in the Legislative Committee. There has been discussion with Board Chair, assuming that the Board of Commissioners adopts the resolution, it would then be forward to the State, and they would review request and make decision. The actual request is for a salary cap of up to $130,000, which is the same level currently approved for the Minneapolis Director.

John Gibbs, Chair, Strategic Plan Task Force Committee - No reports at this time.

Charles M. Brown, Library Director gave update on 1) Eden Prairie construction progressing smoothly, and all looks well with a good likelihood of closing Memorial Day weekend and possibly a July opening; 2) Construction at Brookdale Library looks spectacular, with a few problems associated with the artwork surrounding cost; 3) Announcement - Grand Opening of Oxboro Library on April 17, 2004; 4) Rogers looks like it may be a summer project; 5) Maple Grove still pending with land acquisitions; 6) Introduced Janet Leick, Interim Library Director pending search for new director.

President - David Pratt, encouraged members to leave a special note for Charles Brown.

Gifts - Dawn Harris moved approval of the Gifts, seconded by Patricia Izek and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Miller)       APPROVED

There being no further business, the meeting of the Library Board for January 28, 2004 was declared adjourned at 4:50 p.m., moved by Cynthia Steinke and seconded by Gerda Haas and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Miller)    ADJOURNED


Dawn Harris