MARCH 24, 2004

David Pratt, President, called the meeting of the Hennepin County Library Board for March 24, 2004 to order at 4:33 p.m. All members were present except Dawn Harris who was absent and, John Gibbs who joined the meeting later. Staff attending the meeting was: Richard P. Johnson, Deputy County Administrator, Maureen Bell, Julia Morgan, David Cramer, Janet Leick, Nancy Perron, Victoria DeFord, Karla Kimerer, Margaret Gillespie, David Lane, Cyndi Webster and Bill Berg.

Peter Miller moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Gerda Haas. Cynthia Steinke moved a correction to the section labeled, Draft-Internet Public Use Policy and unanimously approved as amended-5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Harris & Gibbs)     APPROVED

Library Director Recruitment
V. DeFord gave the following updates surrounding the Library Director Recruitment process:
  • Performed one informational interview while in Seattle.
  • Attended two workshops, and performed other networking tasks while in Seattle.
  • Currently we have received 12-applications, and 7 of the 12 meet required qualifications.
  • Distributed to Board Members a copy of the job positing advertisement, which ran in the Sunday, March 21st Star Tribune Newspaper.
  • Working with Ann Daly in Human Resources on developing questions for the actual interview process.
Richard P. Johnson, Deputy County Administrator gave update on the status quo of the Application Review Committee. Richard reminded the Library Board, when interviews are conducted, they must be done according to the Open Meeting Law, therefore the interviews are conducted in a public meeting forum such as the Library Board Meeting. Make sure all applicants are aware of how interviews will be conducted. Another important fact, all information pertaining to the final candidates is open to the public.

David Pratt identified the persons who will represent the Library Board on the Application Review Committee - Gerda Haas, and Dawn Harris. The person who will represent the Library Foundation on the Application Review Committee is currently undecided.

Library Foundation Update
Karla Kimerer, Director of Foundation outlined the following items:
  • 2004 Foundation Goals.
  • Next Chapter - Foundation Newsletter.
  • Foundation Breakfast on May 25, 2004.
  • Resignation as Executive Director to Library Foundation.
SWIFT Program
David Lane gave a short summary of the SWIFT Program (Student Web Instructions for Teachers), with an overview and handout, Toolbox for Teachers.

Strategic Plan Task Force
John Gibbs and Cynthia Steinke gave a brief overview of the Strategic Plan Task Force meeting which was held on March 22, 2004 discussing the following points:
  • Focus on computer access to Library system
  • Library hours expansion
  • Shifting/organization of Staff hours
  • Any initiatives of border counties (Wright & Sherburne)
  • Vision of County Board
Janet Leick gave update on the following:
  • Legislature proposed bill on filtering
  • Overview of current construction projects - Two Grand Opening Events:
      - Oxboro, April 17, 2004
      - Brookdale, May 8, 2004
  • David Pratt announced the persons nominated for office:
      - Cynthia Steinke, President
      - Dawn Harris, Vice President
      - Peter Miller, Secretary
Election of new officers will be conducted at the Annual Meeting on April 28, 2004.

John Gibbs moved to accept list of gifts, seconded by Patricia Izek and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Harris & Haas)     APPROVED

There being no further business, the meeting was declared adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

The next Library Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28, 2004 @ 4:30 p.m.,
Ridgedale Resource Library, RHR Conference Room

Dawn Harris