OF APRIL 23, 2003

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at the Ridgedale Area Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Dawn Harris, Patricia Izek, Peter Mill, David Pratt, and Cynthia Steinke.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, K.Kimerer, J.Leick, J.Morgan, N.Perron, M. Gillespie, C.Benish, N. J. Fox, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Dawn Currier (OBF).

Call to Order/Welcome/Public Comment
The meeting was called to order by President David Pratt with a welcome to all. There was no public comment.

Library Foundation Update: Karla Kimerer distributed packets of information to Library Board members. Newsletter were distributed and they also will be mailed out soon. Foundation Board retreat was held April 12, and Board will be developing a strategic plan. Audit was completed, a tough year financially for the Foundation. Pen Pals authors for next season will be announced in May.
Library Foundation Board Interaction: David Pratt encouraged that all Library Board members donate to the Foundation to achieve 100% participation.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the March 26, 2003 meeting by J. Gibbs, seconded by P. Miller; motion passed.


Policy Committee: Library Bill of Rights had been mailed to Board with no changes recommended (adopted the ALA Bill of Rights). Motion to re-affirm was made by Cynthia Steinke, seconded by Patricia Izek and Dawn Harris; motion passed.


2003 Budget: D. Cramer reported on progress for the 2004 budget. Departments will not be putting together a budget, but a budget reduction plan based on the 2003 reduced budget. Budget packet will include: 1% salary increase, health care increase, decrease stability pay to half, regular salary increases may reduce to 1/2 steps rather than 1 full step.

Capital vs. Operating Budget: C. Brown reviewed the operating budget which covers facilities operation, collection, staffing, and the process used in the past to establish the operating budget. Through legislative action (thanks to Helen Young and Robert Rohlf), HCL has the authority for a $100 million capital budget to fund building projects (land acquisition, architectural fees, construction, opening day collections). Discussion of collection, building costs, staffing, current building projects (e.g. changes in scope of services to resource library). P. Miller asked about future building plans for the library, strategy for next 10-20 years that would require capital funding. C.Brown responded with proposed plans for 2005-2010 that were being developed (prior to economic downturn): Plymouth, Rogers, Long Lake, Excelsior, St. Bonifacius, ongoing renovations; but nothing like a sixth resource center.
Action: Staff will check on the 5-mile radius for library buildings and share information with the Library Board.

Maple Grove Library Discussion: P. Izek and D. Pratt have visited the Maple Grove Library since the last meeting. Library Board thanked Margaret Gillespie for assembling the packets of information they received. J. Gibbs expressed definite concern over proceeding with the Maple Grove project and perhaps some other projects. He has strong concerns over: additional $750,000 Maple Grove operating cost means decreasing existing operating budget by $750,000 each year if status quo, technology investment moves totally to operating budget from capital budget, collection budget issues and the need to increase operating collection budget. Gibbs is not opposed to expanding Maple Grove, but because of budget impact, perhaps need to look at other facilities which add to the operating costs and the availability of technology which has changed the service expectations of patrons. All this leads to the direction if library is really ready to answer to a lower level of service throughout the system, the library had best cease any additional building projects. Since most of Maple Grove patrons are commuters and could have access to other Hennepin County library buildings that they pass by, which leads Gibbs to the position that library should not go forward with the Maple Grove project unless an anticipated operating budget plan is adopted that could maintain the current operating level of service for entire library system (which he would very much like to see developed, but means an adjustment in county priorities). David Pratt suggested that rather than just stopping the Maple Grove expansion, ask what, given a 5% or 10% budget cut, would the HCL system look like in 2006, and that may mean closing 3 libraries and opening expanded Maple Grove, or having regional libraries open current hours and reducing hours in other libraries; really developing an alternate position for consideration.

Charles Brown announced that the Library is scheduled for a tentative County Board Briefing on June 12, 10:00 a.m., which will address Eden Prairie, Brookdale and Maple Grove building impacts on operating budget; Charles requested the participation of Library Board members at this Briefing and for their input to the County Board. The County has not yet had a response from the City of Maple Grove regarding land availability, so there are currently no deadline dates pending.

Action: This discussion will be continued at the May Library Board meeting. C. Brown will share budget scenarios for the briefing with Library Board. Library Board to calendar the June 12, 10:00 a.m. County Board Briefing.


Election of Officers: John Gibbs, Nominating Chair, presented the slate of officers from the Nominating Committee: recommend the existing officers fill the same slots for a 2nd year -- President David Pratt, Vice President Cynthia Steinke, and Secretary Dawn Harris. Moved by J. Gibbs, seconded by P. Izek; motion passed.

Charles Brown reported that there are two library openings coming up--Penn Lake and Wayzata. The MPL merger history has been shared with the Library Board. C. Brown reported on a recent meeting with Kit Hadley, new MPL director, and planned cooperative efforts: D. Cramer has scheduled a building meeting with MPL administration to share information on how HCL outsources building maintenance; will work closer to combine buying power and contracts; MPL doesn't have a training unit, so hope to share training, e.g. Diversity training; hope to combine 24/7 reference services; and plan to re-initiate joint management meetings.

The periodicals subscription service contracted with by HCL has filed bankruptcy, so several periodical titles are not being received. The County Attorney is working on this issue.

Legislative: Good News -- Minitex is fairly sure of database funding. Bad News -- there is some legislation initiating abolishing MOE (Maintenance of Effort) which could impact HCL budget.

Eden Prairie Library update: hope to resume construction work in May.

D.Pratt: Reported on the training/tutorial CD-Rom (Library Board members each received a copy), and that he was distressed to learn that Staff Development Day was cancelled.

Dawn Harris: Reported on the Brookdale Art Committee meeting and tour. Requested a presentation on the USA Patriot Act at the next Board meeting; but since Julia Morgan will be gone, this was moved to the June meeting.

John Gibbs: He has a new job at Comcast. He stated that he absolutely trusts the HCL management and knows how difficult the next year will be for budget decisions.

Patricia Izek: Asked about PLA membership (information was received in mail); visited Maple Grove Library.

PLA Membership: For any Library Board members that are interested in joining PLA (in addition to ALTA), please notify Cindy Ahrens (dues cost an additional $50).

Motion to accept the following gifts was made by G. Haas, seconded by D. Pratt and passed.
$578.51 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for new card packets for children, Comic Book artist Chris Jones program, treats for comic book program, and Hot Reads/Cold Nights mugs.
278.44 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for refreshments and door prizes for adult programs and honorarium for author W. Harry Davis.
252.80 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for 70 board books, Wee Read book bags and stickers for gifts to parents of newborn infants.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.



Dawn Harris, Secretary