OF APRIL 27, 2005

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at the Ridgedale Resource Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Holly Guncheon, Patricia Izek, Jeff Lunde, Peter Miller, David Pratt, and Cynthia Steinke
Library Staff Attending: Sharon Charles, Marilyn Turner, Christine Clifford, Saad Samatar, Jane Johnson, Margie Schuster, and Bill Berg. Also attending were Bill Porter, President of the Penn Lake Friends, and Arlys Edson, Library Foundation Board Member.

Cynthia Steinke, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of April 27, 2005 to order at 4:32 p.m. with a welcome to all. There were no public comments.

  • March 23, 2005
John Gibbs moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Jeffrey Lunde and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Izek, Miller) APPROVED

Jeffrey Lunde
  • March 23, 2005
  • Brooklyn Park Library and Mayor Steve Lampi
Holly Guncheon
  • March 23, 2005
  • Wrapped up some volunteer commitments
John Gibbs
David Pratt
  • March 23, 2005
  • Highlighted Library Foundation Committee Meeting which he attended
  • Encouraged members to participate with Pen Pals and the 2006 Season
Cynthia Steinke
  • March 23, 2005
  • Appointed Board Members, Patricia Izek and Jeffrey Lunde to the Policy Review Committee and will work with Janet Leick on revisions
  • Discussed 2005 ALA Conference in June and intentions on attending
  • Highlighted location of May meeting, Brooklyn Park Community Library, and attending this meeting will be Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park
  • Web Services - Hennepin County Library Program Guide
    Sharon Charles introduced staff person, Marilyn Turner, Manager of Web Services, Applications/Development. Marilyn introduced her staff Christine Clifford and Saad Samatar who demonstrated the various features of the Web Services Program Guide
  • Library Tours - Yolanda McCrary
    The Board Members gave input into which days of the week would be best for them to tour HC Libraries. Will return with a draft schedule at the April 27, 2005 meeting

  • Election of Officers
    The Board Nominating Committee, which consisted of John Gibbs, Chair, Patricia Izek, and Peter Miller nominated the following persons for offices:
      - Cynthia Steinke - President
      - Patricia Izek - Vice President
      - Peter Miller - Secretary
    Holly Guncheon moved approval of the nominated officers, seconded by Jeffrey Lunde and approved unanimously - 7 YEAS APPROVED
  • Foundation Overview - Jane Johnson Jane introduced Arlys Edson, on Board for 2-years, and Chair of Foundation Development Committee gave an overview of the role the Foundation plays in Hennepin County Library
  • Friends Overview - Margie Schuster Bill Porter, President of Penn Lake Friends discussed the various contributions of the Friends within Hennepin County Library

DIRECTOR'S REPORT - Sharon Charles
  • Amy Ryan and Janet Leick attending conference "Shattering Stereotypes" hosted by Seattle Public Library
  • Lois Lenroot-Ernt mobility assignment, assisting Janet Leick with the 10-Year Capital Plan
  • Discussed the First Quarter Incident Report

  • Gifts
Patricia Izek moved to accept gifts, seconded by Jeffrey Lunde and approved unanimously - 7 YEAS APPROVED
    $ 9,581.26 Plymouth
    $ 113.00 Westonka
    $ 930.24 Maple Grove
    $ 10,624.50 TOTAL GIFTS

Being no further business Library Board Meeting for April 27, 2005, meeting was declared adjourned at 6:08 p.m.

Peter M. Miller, Secretary