APRIL 26, 2006

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at Hopkins Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Holly Guncheon, Patricia Izek, Jeffrey Lunde, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke, Therese VanBlarcom
Library Staff Attending: Amy Ryan, Janet Leick, John Sugimura, Lois Langer Thompson, Judy Hohmann, Margaret Gillespie, Bill Erickson,

Cynthia Steinke, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of April 26, 2006 to order at 5:12 p.m. with a welcome to all.

Agenda was unanimously approved changing the order of business on the Agenda

• March 22, 2006
Holly Guncheon moved approval of minutes, seconded by David Pratt and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Lunde)&nbsp   APPROVED

Cynthia Steinke and Board welcomed new Board Member, Therese VanBlarcom to Hennepin County Library Board.

David Pratt, Chair of the Officer Nominating Committee announced the proposed officers for 2006-2007: President John Gibbs; Vice President Patricia Izek, Secretary Holly Guncheon. David proposed these individuals be elected as officers for 2006-07. Motion to elect the proposed panel of officers was unanimously approved by all members on the Library Board.     APPROVED

David Pratt moved that the Board recognize Cynthia Steinke for the wonderful job she's done as President over the past two years. A unanimously acknowledgement was given by Board Members.     APPROVED

Amy Ryan and staff acknowledged the Library Board for over 40 years of representation in Hennepin County Library. John Sugimura presented the board members with a momentum of service, a framed print of St. Bonifacius Library.

• Employee Recognition - Amy Ryan
Hennepin County calls it "Celebrating Excellence", Hennepin County's opportunity to honor current county employees who have made exceptional contributions to our workplace and our communities. Employees being honored are: Shirin Bastani for Leading the Way Award, Natasha Bakunia, Gayle Brown, Meg Canada, Diane Deutsch, Sharon Ehresmann, Michael McConnell, Fran Parkinson Jody Soldin, Char Sohlberg for HCL Meeting Room Team, Wendy Behrendt, Sarah DeBoer, Heather Meyer, Julia Sjoberg, Kristi Steinbach One at the Desk Team at Eden Prairie Library.

• Hopkins Library Highlights - Bill Erickson, Senior Librarian
Bill Erickson, Senior Librarian for Hopkins Library informed the Library Board about the statistics of the customers who uses the Hopkins Library. Highlights include:
- A more diverse community
- Percentage of minorities in Hopkins rose from 6% in 1990 to over 19% in 2000
- Hopkins is over 62% renter occupied
- Hopkins offers multi-cultural programs
- A real community library
- Most of the Hopkins Library customers arrive by way of bicycle or walking
- Informed Board of Art Dedication and Annual Friends Meeting, Thursday, May 18th @ 6:30 p.m.

• Hennepin County Library Technology Task Force Update - Amy Ryan
(Brooklyn Park Library Task Force)
Amy Ryan updated the Library Board on the progress thus far for Hennepin County Library Technology Task Force. Below are the highlights:
- Library themes emerged from discussions
- High technology library - taking advantage of the bandwidth
- Cultures around the world
- University of Minnesota Professor spoke about the theme being an on ramp with technology, engineering, science and math - with math and science there are no language bearers
- The idea of performing arts is still alive and well, this could take the shape of a partnership
- Discussed potential partners - corporations, and different cultural institutions around the county
- David Dillon and Amy Ryan, co-chairs of the Task Force, met with Commissioner Opat and Richard Johnson who endorsed the ideas plus suggested additional thought be given to the actual building
- Next steps for the Task Force: Tentative meeting scheduled for May 16, 2006 (cancelled)
- David Dillon, President/Owner of Meyers Printing, suggested the Task Force be referred to as Hennepin County Library Technology Task Force for boarder recognition from potential partners and Task Force members endorsed suggestion
- Location and accessibility are key factors - Existing location is not optimum - Target is building what might be considered a new downtown, its a campus not just a building

• "Golden Tracks" Seniors Update - Cynthia Steinke & Margaret Gillespie
Cynthia Steinke updated the Board on the latest information: Golden Tracks Project is funded by a grant given by State of Minnesota to Hennepin County Department of Aging and Disability. Golden Tracks provides a great network of information and resources for seniors across the state. This is a virtual computerized network to help seniors locate information and remain in there homes. Margaret Gillespie, Coordinating Librarian also participates on this team and gave additional details about the program.

• Review Library Board Policy: Internet Public Use Policy (LB12) - Lois Langer Thompson, Library Services Division Manager
Janet Leick introduced the process for changing and updating policies. Lois Langer Thompson gave overview of process and highlighted the changes that occurred in the Internet Public Use Policy. Currently this policy is reviewed yearly, with the proposed changes, removing the procedures and guidelines making these for staff use only, the policy would be reviewed every three years. Minneapolis Public Library was the inspiration behind the changes of Hennepin County Library's Internet Public Use policy.

Lois Langer Thompson asked the Board to review changes for approved at May 24th meeting. Internet Public Use Policy was laid over pending final approval. LAID OVER

• Minnesota Public Library State Report - Janet Leick
This is a report of statistical information requested by the State of Minnesota. The Library Board President signs this report annually. The report is then sent to the State Department of Education.

• Capital Plan Process - Janet Leick
A new project is on the forefront to act as a companion document to Framework for the Future. This project involves developing a Capital Project Discussion Document. Janet distributed a document to the Board which informed them of Hennepin County Library building projects over the past 10 years. These projects amounted to over $67.6 million dollars spent on improvements of 13 Hennepin County Libraries since 1999. This document will acknowledge what we've currently completed plus this document would give us insight into future building renovations.

• Framework for the Future: Final Version
Amy distributed the final version of Framework for the Future which was approved by the County Commissioners.
- Distribution of Framework for the Future to cities, mayors, chamber of commerce was discussed
- Next document will be Framework for the Future: Capital Project Plan as Janet Leick previously introduced
- Prioritization of the budget will be centered around the core principles

• Hennepin County Library Statistics
Hennepin County Library went to a new computer program in 2005. Amy discussed the format of the statistics and how data is compiled. Every month the Board will receive updated statistical information.

• Confirmation of September Meeting Location
Because the April Board meeting was moved to Hopkins Library in order for members to attend the programming, a recommendation was brought forth to hold the September meeting at Golden Valley Library. Patricia Izek suggested we choose a meeting location that is centered around a planned program. Check with John Sugimura, Program Manager regarding upcoming programs in September.

Patricia Izek moved to accept gifts, and approved unanimously by the Board - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Gibbs)     APPROVED

$ 724.80 - Rockford Road Library
$1,412.01 - Edina Library
Books Donated - Outreach
$ 100.00 - Westonka
$2,236.81 - TOTAL GIFTS

There being no further business, the Library Board Meeting for April 26, 2006 was declared adjourned at 6:27 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 5:00 p.m., Rockford Road Library, 6401 42nd Avenue North, Crystal.

Holly Guncheon, Secretary