OF JUNE 18, 2003

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at the Wayzata Community Library.

Present: Gerda Haas, Patricia Izek, Peter Miller, and David Pratt.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, K.Kimerer, J.Leick, J.Morgan, N.Perron, S.Charles, M. Gillespie, T.Hanus, B.Waagenar, S.Louis, L.Schubert, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Alanna Tyler (Co.Admin.), Dawn Currier (OBF).

The meeting was called to order by President David Pratt with a welcome to all. There was no public comment.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the May 28, 2003 meeting by G.Haas, seconded by P.Izek and P.Miller; motion passed.

Foundation Update - Karla Kimerer: Handouts were distributed. K.Kimerer reported on the recent Foundation Board retreat, income (at 60% of goal currently), Pen Pals, working on updating the Foundation website , values/mission/vision statements, and the HCL Funding Plan draft.

Resource Library Overview - Janet Leick: Background material had been mailed to Library Board; J.Leick reviewed the role of resource libraries in the HCL system.

Conceal & Carry Law & County Buildings: Julia Morgan updated the Library Board on county action; County Board has passed a resolution prohibiting guns in county buildings. Property Services will design signage and library will use that prototype for library buildings.


2004 Budget Information: Charles Brown reviewed plans for 2004 -- $1.3 million in reductions to library (reduced) 2003 budget, including a plan to curtail hours at medium-size libraries to not exceed 40 hours/week (one work shift).

Library Building/Expansion Discussion: C.Brown reported on a recent meeting--Commissioner Steele remains committed to a new Maple Grove Library to open in 2006; no specifics on operating budget support at this time. This discussion was deemed complete,

In addition to Charles Brown's written report of activities, construction updates were reviewed. Eden Prairie project will not be completed before end of 2003; all other projects are moving along: Oxboro renovation is planned to begin in late fall; work is being done at Southdale but now may require closing the building for a few weeks for completion. D.Pratt asked Charles to expand on the Ridgedale art project: due to cost of final art piece ($135,000), County Board approval was required; some Board members did not feel that this was appropriate due to the current budget situation, so the request is delayed. The artist will be available through next year, but can't guarantee the price due to cost of materials.

D.Pratt: Karla covered all the Foundation items; passed out a news article of interest; and Trudy reported on the reception for the Moldovan librarians that David attended..

Gerda Haas: Reported on the Moldovan librarian reception at Wayzata that she attended.

Motion to accept the following gifts was made by P. Izek, seconded by G. Haas and passed.
$763.49 Friends of the Brooklyn Park Library to the Brooklyn Park Library for bird seed, children's programs, library stickers, and MELSA Summer Program materials.
3,004.83 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for hospitality/refreshments, Book Page free newspaper, toddler furniture, jade plant repotting, art reception refreshments, art display panels, and 7 program/presenters.
35.28 Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for Hot Reads prize mugs, subscription to Bead & Button for 2 years, children' program support (Dr. Seuss birthday & schools out movies), puppets, and books for Read to Win prizes.
1102.71 Friends of the Osseo Library to the Osseo Library for puppets, banners, MELSA materials, Beading Program, posters, poster frame, and tables.
2,000.00 Friends of the Penn Lake Library to the Penn Lake Library for one 5-bin easy unit (furniture for children's area).
350.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for two table lamps to complete new adult reading lounge.
28.75 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for a two months supply of clean 9 mm tape for newspaper labels.
150.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Schools in support of the 2003 Bus-It-for-Books summer program providing free weekly bus transport to the St. Louis Park Library for grade school age children.
125.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the Library Foundation to purchase books in support of the 2003 summer reading incentive program.
100.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the Library Foundation to purchase board books for the St. Louis Park children's collection.
288.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for additional promotional items to support Hot Reads winter reading program for adults.
97.89 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for Barnes & Noble gift certificate and DEMCO Plastic Slatwall Magazine.

Meeting was adjourned.


Dawn Harris, Secretary