AUGUST 26, 2009

The Hennepin County Library Board met Wed., August 26, 2009 at Ridgedale Library.
Present: Brandi Brown, John Gibbs, Sandy Johnson, Jill Joseph, Claudia Kelly, Kathleen Lamb, John Pacheco, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke, and Therese VanBlarcom
Hennepin County Staff: Bill Berg, Juli Bratvold, Helen Burke, Tonya DePriest, Judith Friedrich, Kelli Koob, Melinda Ludwiczak, Michael McConnell, Michele McGraw, Jodi Monson, County Board Chair Commissioner Mike Opat, Nancy Palmer, Margie Schuster, Char Sohlberg, Lois Langer Thompson and Ardis Wiley
Public: MN Supreme Court Justice Paul H. Anderson, John Comer, Lucy Swift, Nate Wenner and Stu Wilson

President Therese VanBlarcom called the Hennepin County Library Board meeting of August 26, 2009 to order at 5:04 p.m., welcomed attendees, and introduced Library Board member Brandi Brown. Ms. Brown shared background information, her interest in libraries and expressed excitement for the opportunity to serve on the Library Board.

Cynthia Steinke made a motion to approve the agenda which was seconded by Jill Joseph. Motion passed.

Sandy Johnson made a motion to approve the consent agenda which was seconded by Cynthia Steinke. Motion passed.

No public comment.

Book Presentation from Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul H. Anderson
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Justice The Honorable Paul H. Anderson presented a copy of the Supreme Court's Historical Society book, Testimony: Remembering Minnesota's Supreme Court Justices to Hennepin County Board Chair Commissioner Mike Opat. Commissioner Opat accepted the book on behalf of Hennepin County Library with deep appreciation and noted it would find a prominent place in the collection. Justice Anderson expressed his support for libraries and the key role reading plays in achieving success. Justice Anderson read excerpts from the book.
Hennepin County Board Chair Commissioner Mike Opat
  • Commissioner Opat thanked the Library Board for their service, welcomed new members, and summarized the County Board appointment process and the difficulties they have deciding due to an over-abundance of qualified candidates. He also mentioned Commissioner Callison was sorry she was unable to attend the meeting but brought greetings from her. Commissioner Opat spoke of County Board retreats with various County Departments that included budget discussions. He reported progress is being made to reduce budgets on many fronts which are expected to improve approaches, explore new philosophies of service and re-examine priorities across all county departments. Sept. 8, the County Board is expected to pass a maximum levy which is expected to be very small; when adopted, the county will proceed with establishing the 2010 budget.
  • John Gibbs asked Commissioner Opat if there were things he would like to see from the Library Board. Commissioner Opat acknowledged the role of the Board is to provide feedback and observations as representatives of the public. He mentioned the challenges library staff face and asked the board to communicate if there are areas that are not working. Kathleen Lamb and Cynthia Steinke thanked Commissioner Opat for the continued support for libraries from the Chair and his colleagues on the County Board; their comments were supported by all members of the Library Board.
How Can I Afford Retirement? Programming Senior Librarian Melinda Ludwiczak
  • Ms. Ludwiczak summarized this free four-part noncommercial investor education series that begins Sept. 24 at Central Library and Oct. 3 at Ridgedale Library. She provided background on the program developed in 2007 by Boston Public Library that is being adapted by other library systems nationwide. The program is funded by a grant to The Library Foundation of Hennepin County by Investor Protection Trust a nonprofit organization that works with the states and at the national level to distribute funds allocated to each state's investment regulatory agency to provide objective investor education. In order to reach a larger audience, the library is implementing the program with Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) along with other community partners: MN Dept. of Commerce, Financial Planning Association of Minnesota, and Vital Aging Network. Discussion followed including the way the meetings are structured. Also outlined: the broadcast package to be aired in 2010 on Minnesota public television affiliates and DVDs and investor education and protection materials to be added to HCL collections for customers to check-out. Ms. Brown requested information on financial programs that target young adults in relation to long-term financial planning.
Library Support from Library Foundation and Friends of the Library
  • Executive Director Stu Wilson provided background on the Library Foundation and the development of a strategic plan for the future. With an active base of over 5,000 members, the Foundation exists solely to support Hennepin County Library. This year the Foundation has raised $1.8 million in direct grants. Approximately $1.1 million of which is for the capital campaign for Central Library that closes this year. The remaining $700,000 is from a variety of sources and is used to support library programs, activities, and collections. More grants are expected before the end of the fiscal year. The goal for next year is approximately $750,000. Discussion followed. The report on support from the Friends of the Library from Senior Coordinator of Volunteers Margie Schuster was delayed until Sept. 23.
Ms. VanBlarcom assigned experienced Board members to mentor new members Brandi Brown and Sandy Johnson; she also announced changes to Library Board Committee rosters:
  • Budget & Finance: Chair Jill Joseph, Kathleen Lamb and Sandy Johnson with Ms. Joseph mentoring Ms. Johnson
  • Program/Policy: Chair Cynthia Steinke, David Pratt, Holly Guncheon and Brandi Brown with Ms. Steinke mentoring Ms. Brown
  • Executive: Chair President Therese Van Blarcom, Vice President Claudia Kelly, Secretary John Pacheco, Past President John Gibbs and Chair of the Budget & Finance Committee Jill Joseph
  • Ms. Thompson asked Library Board members for their reaction to the proposed Hennepin County Library mission statement: Hennepin County Library's mission is to nourish minds, transform lives and build community together. David Pratt made a motion to endorse the recommended HCL mission statement which was seconded by Claudia Kelly. Motion passed.
  • The Nokomis Library Renovation Kick-off is scheduled Sat., Sept. 12 from 10 a.m.-noon at Nokomis Library; additional hours will be added at Roosevelt Library during the renovation.
  • The Integrated Library System (ILS) consolidation project is successfully underway; completion is set for Thurs., Aug. 27.
  • Strategic Plan development will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting. This staff assignment will be posted internally with some outside assistance expected as we move forward to meet HCL goals. Discussion followed.
  • Follow-up from the August 10, 2009 Library Board meeting: 1) The Sept. Library Board meeting program report will outline library communication plan development through implementation on a variety of topics; 2) The suggestion to provide information to the public on recommissioning is under development as a fact sheet available on the website in a format similar to our current construction fact sheets; 3) Wait time for titles requested is based on so many factors, posting estimates would not be accurate so this will not occur; 4) The suggestion to post recommendations for other titles while you wait for a reserve, we currently offer reading suggestions through BookSpace site; and 5) While not directly related to the cost of material on reserve with a long wait list, there is a link to the Foundation for customers to make monetary contributions to support the collection.
No board member reports.

  • Jill Joseph reported on the Capital Budget Task Force meeting.
  • Cynthia Steinke asked for questions/comments on the draft Fee and Fine schedule from the Program/Policy Committee. Discussion followed on the approval process. Comments on the Fee and Fine schedule should be forwarded to any member of the Program/Policy committee prior to Fri., Sept. 18 at 1:30 p.m. This item will appear on the consent agenda at the Sept. 23 meeting.
  • Kathleen Lamb requested expanded information on future agendas to better inform board members and the public.
No unfinished business.

No new business.

There being no further business, Mr. Pacheco made a motion to adjourn the Library Board meeting at 6:37 p.m. which was seconded by Ms. Lamb. The motion passed. The next Library Board meeting is Sep. 23, 2009 at Ridgedale Library.

John Pacheco, Secretary