The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at Golden Valley Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Holly Guncheon, Patricia Izek, Cynthia Steinke, and Therese VanBlarcom
Library Staff Attending: Amy Ryan, Janet Leick, Mary Anderson, Sharon Charles, Margaret Gillespie, Judy Hohmann, Jane Johnson, Donna Scudder, Ardis Wiley and Bill Berg
Metropolitan Library Service Agency: Sally Lederer, Community Relations Manager

John Gibbs, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of September 27, 2006 to order at 5:10 p.m. with a welcome to all.

  • Museum Adventure Pass Program - Sally Lederer, Community Relations Manager of MELSA and Judy Hohmann, Partnerships & Communications Division Manager
Sally introduced the Museum Adventure Pass Program which is offered at 105 public libraries in the metropolitan area for 17 museums and history sites. It started September 7th until next September 2007. At that time Macy's would have first refusal to continue sponsoring the program. Macy's markets the program and the advertising costs have accumulated to approximately $90,000 so far. Macy's do not compensate the museums. The participating facilities donate admissions to the program. Let Macy's know they are appreciated. MELSA wants everyone to know that the public library is where all your great adventures begin and end. As people visit the museums they will know that the library is where they go for resources and access to additional information about topics. Statistics gathered from 9/7 through 9/19; 105 branches had checked out 7,707 passes. When you figure 4 people can visit on one pass you are looking at 20,000 people potentially going for free. The Mill City Museum said of the admissions they had for the first week of this program, one quarter of them were for free admissions from this program. This increased their traffic incredibly. They surveyed customers coming in and 90% of the customers were first time visitors to the museum. HCL had 2600 passes checked out at this same time. One third of MELSA's libraries are in HCL and statistically this is about one third of the 7,707 passes checked out which is great.

The customer takes the card for the museum they want to visit (which looks like a credit card) and they are bar-coded on the back, (and say please do not remove from the library) up to the circulation desk where it is scanned and get a date due slip which the customer takes to the museum to hand in for four free admissions. The museum takes the date due slip so it is disposable, nothing has to be returned back to the library, and it is good for one week. The customer can only check one pass out at a time and are served on a first come first serve basis. MELSA is tracking data with a 30 day report, a 60 day report, and then a quarterly report thereafter to show the circulation of the pass as well as the circulation of the materials. MELSA would like to see if applications for library cards increase during this program. Some bookmarks and posters were translated into Spanish because it was identified as the most popular language.

Judy added that HCL had more than 3700 checkouts in the first two weeks of the program. Rockford Road Library was featured during the WCCO TV Early Morning Show for the kick-off week of the program. The top three checked out passes were the Minnesota Zoo, the Science Museum, and the Arboretum. The top three libraries were Ridgedale, (where last weekend there were lines waiting to check out the museum passes) Eden Prairie and Brookdale. HCL is looking forward to continued success of the program for the year.

Agenda was unanimously approved.

  • August 23, 2006
Patricia Izek moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Cynthia Steinke and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Lunde and Pratt) APPROVED

Cynthia Steinke
  • Cynthia has been receiving questions about HCL and MPL merger and would like to add this topic as a discussion item on the next agenda. Materials will be distributed regarding the history of this topic.
Holly Guncheon
  • Holly is working on organizing Pen Pals for the Library Foundation of Hennepin County.
Patricia Izek
  • Patricia attended Brookdale Library on September 16th for the Ramsey County Library tour. They were so impressed that it was a renovation and not a complete teardown. There was a Ramsey County Commissioner and MELSA Board member in attendance and it was a great exchange of ideas.
  • Golden Valley Library - Mary Anderson, Senior Librarian
Mary welcomed the Library Board to Golden Valley Library on behalf of the Golden Valley staff. The bouquet of flowers displayed at the meeting was courtesy of the Friends group and contributes flowers weekly to the library which are displayed at the service and reference desks. Museum passes are usually all checked out by midday. They are grateful for the presence of more security officers and they are very helpful.

In the mornings they have a group of seniors they see daily and in the afternoons they have a group of children who they get to know by name. Mary Steinbicker, Youth Services Librarian draws many repeat customers. By contacting the Humane Society Mary initiated the "Paws to Read Program", where children come to the library and read to dogs. The "Beading Program" this summer brought record-breaking numbers of kids participating in this creative endeavor. Throngs of young visitors got to hear from drivers of local police cars, fire trucks, and dump trucks during the "Wheels that Work" series and were lifted into trucks to see for themselves. The Golden Valley Mom's Club has sent letters of appreciation for the library's programming and have donated money for children's materials.

Mary joined "Golden Valley Bridge Builders" which is a group of civic leaders whose focus is on finding ways community organizations can partner to solve problems and build a stronger sense of unity within the city. Through this commitment the library is strengthening their relationship with the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley and involving the students in the "Teen Read Month Get Active" program and possibly a poetry slam next Spring with mentorship opportunities in visual arts, dance, music, photography, creative writing and drama.

The Framework for the Future Capital Plan Discussion sites the building for possible renovation in Phase III, 2012-2017. Staff recently moved the large print collection to the front of the library to make it easier for seniors to locate. The Spanish collection is growing and has been relocated to a highly visible area and larger shelving in the fiction room. They are in the process of moving the magazines towards the front and making more room for the teen section which is often overflowing with teens.

  • Rogers Update - Ardis Wiley, North Resource Group Principal Librarian
The Library Foundation of Hennepin County donated $500 towards the "Books and Cover Toys for the Children of Rogers" program. Ardis purchased from Barnes and Noble a 4:1 ratio package deal for Rogers' children. She also organized staff from Maple Grove Library for additional story hours and longer hours at Rogers Library. The tornado hit Rogers Saturday evening and by Noon Sunday Rogers Library was open for business. Amy Ryan brought in 5 cases of water and cookies. The Rogers Library became the message center for the community. The I.T. department overnight brought in 8 more computers and a fax machine for customers to use for insurance claims. The Community Center is the command center and is accepting donations for families of Rogers.
  • Foundation Update - Donna Scudder, President of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County and Jane Johnson, Executive Director of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County
The Foundation has funded a book kit with 10 books in each kit and in the first 18 months has distributed 1000 kits. The special collections initiative partnered with Friends groups are close to their goal of raising $45,000. The large print audio/ homework text will be distributed to the different libraries. Pen Pals season this year is at the Hopkins Center of the Arts. They brought in Amy Tan as a guest author and have a sold out season with 901 tickets. The Annual Commissioners' breakfast with the Friends' Presidents is scheduled for October 17th.

The Strategic Plan for 2006-09 was handed out and will be used as a funding mechanism. It includes the mission and identified four overarching goals; growing financial resources, developing a marketing plan, enhance board governance, and determine effective resource allocation. The Foundation is headed into their annual campaign and telephoning for operating funds. They could use more volunteers to call contributors.

The 2005 Annual Report has been distributed and tells the story of the programs the Foundation is funding. The Living Library Society has about 18 signed letters of intent and they are exploring the best way to set up an endowment fund.

As an initiative, Amy Ryan suggested having a joint meeting with the Library Board, the Foundation Board and Friends' Presidents in February or March so they could discuss the upcoming year and get to know each other better.

  • Library Board Finances
LB5, Expense Policy - In our operating budget we have money set aside for Library Board members which is referred to as a "share" and equal to $1,000 to be used for education, which includes training and development or attendance at a library conference. Three conferences in particular: Public Library Association Spring Symposium, American Library Association Annual Conference and Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference are the main conferences librarians attend. An email will be sent in December requesting your intentions to attend a conference.

Undesignated Gift Fund - The Library Board has about $7,600 at their discretion to spend how they want such as with a special event. The Public Library Association Annual Conference will be in Minneapolis in 2008 and the Library Board may want to host a reception for their colleagues.
  • Capital Project Update
The Plymouth Library project is underway. The current library should remain open through 2007; construction should last approximately 18 months and reopen in September 2009. An art selection panel will be selected through a process coordinated by the Library Foundation, the Library Board, and HCL Administration and will involve representatives of the community. One percent of the project cost is allocated to the selection, purchase and installation of art. Amy plans to convene the panel this fall to begin working with the building architects to identify options for public art in the new library.

The donation agreement of 4.75 acres of land by the City of Maple Grove to the County was approved and an architectural/engineering contract was awarded to Meyer, Scherer and Rockcastle. The commissioners approved the authority of County Administration to expand the membership or Hennepin County's Designer Selection Committee to include a staff member from Property Services and the Director of the County Department for which a project is planned. Amy will serve as a member to represent HCL on the architect selection for Brooklyn Park Library.
  • Center for Innovation and Design
New ways of thinking about customer services and buildings call for an updated organizational structure. The Center for Innovation and design is being developed, responsible for new service models which will in turn drive building designs for new library projects. The Center will work with Property Services in the planning, design and construction of three new library projects: Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove and Plymouth and other improvements outlined in the capital plan. Coordinating Librarian Michael McConnell will manage the Center and be part of Library Services and work closely with the Operations Division Manager and staff on building projects. Two other staff positions, a Senior Librarian who will focus on development and new technologies in service design and a Capital Projects Coordinator who will work closely with Property Services to organize and coordinate building projects will be determined this Fall.

  • Approval of Library Board Policy-LB17: Per Diem Policy - Janet Leick, Associate Director
Janet asked the Board to approve the Library Board Per Diem Policy; no changes were made to the policy. Patricia Izek moved approval of the policy, seconded by Therese VanBlarcom and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Lunde and Pratt) APPROVED
  • Approval of Library Board Policy - LB18: Policy Review Policy - Janet Leick, Associate Director
Janet asked the Board to approve the Library Board Policy Review Policy; inserting "five" for "three" in each of the two sentences. After discussion, "five" was inserted for "three" in the first sentence and "after one to two years" was inserted for "or be subject to review once every three years." Therese VanBlarcom moved approval of the policy, seconded by Cynthia Steinke and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Lunde and Pratt) APPROVED

Holly Guncheon moved to accept gifts, and approved unanimously by the Board - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Lunde and Pratt) APPROVED
    $     40.32 Hopkins
    $1,257.61 Maple Grove
    $2,146.00 Oxboro
    $    400.00 Penn Lake
    $3,843.93 TOTAL GIFTS

There being no further business, the Library Board Meeting for September 27, 2006 was declared adjourned at 6:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 5:00 p.m., at Ridgedale Library, 12601 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka


Holly Guncheon, Secretary