The Hennepin County Library Board met Wednesday, September 26, 2007 at the Wayzata Library.
Present:  John Gibbs,David Pratt, Patricia Izek, Claudia Kelly, Holly Guncheon and Therese VanBlarcom
Library      Amy Ryan, Lois Langer Thompson,Ben Trapskin, Kelli Koob, Marcia Wattson, Barbara Kondrick, Lin Maki,
Staff:          Jane Johnson, Joann Frankena, Trudy Hanus, Carla Biermaier, Margaret Gillespie, Bill Berg and Charlene Sohlberg
Patricia Izek, Vice President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of September 26, 2007 to order at 5:03 p.m. and welcomed all attendees.
Therese VanBlarcom made a motion to approve the revised agenda which was seconded by Claudia Kelly. Motion was approved.
Claudia Kelly made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 22, 2007 Library Board meeting which was seconded by Holly Guncheon. Motion was approved.
No public comment.
Holly Guncheon: attended Pen Pals author selection luncheon.
Cynthia Steinke, David Pratt and Therese VanBlarcom: attended the pre-merger presentation by Amy Ryan to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners on Sept. 6.
·         Lois Langer Thompson, Deputy Director introduced Trudy Hanus, Senior Librarian at Wayzata Library
Ms. Hanus provided an overview of Wayzata's customer service, demographics, serving adults 55+, youth services, cultural programs, and partnerships. The most unique feature at Wayzata Library is the Children’s Garden out the “back door” used for special events. She commended the Wayzata Library staff and thanked the Library Board for their support. 
·         Library Board Recognition:
      National Association of Counties Achievement Award: 55+ Age Well, Live Smart
      Margaret Gillespie, Partnerships Manager accepted this award for connecting customers (seniors and caregivers) to the services and resources they need to make informed decisions that allow them to maintain an independent healthy and financially sound lifestyle. The County Board presented the formal award September18th. Kelli Koob, Barbara Kondrick, Lin Maki, Ann Melrose, Ben Trapskin, and Marcia Wattson were honorees present to accept this award. This program was funded by the Foundation. 
National Association of Counties Information Officers Award: Events & Classes, Kids & Teens and Summer Hours brochure
Margaret Gillespie accepted the award on behalf of honorees Juli Bratvold, Elaine Dunn, and Judy Hohmann.
·         ttyl@hcl, Ben Trapskin, Senior Librarian at Westonka Library
Ben presented an overview of ttyl (teens, tech, youth and learning) which is a homework tutoring program implemented at Augsburg Park and Brookdale Libraries on September 4th. It provides assistance for mostly 6-12 graders, but also K-5 graders after school. There are two tutors at each site and tech leaders who offer instruction on using advanced software and technology. The tutoring program is designed to help students achieve academic success, encourage educational goal-setting and increase technology literacy. The program has been well received with attendance growing steadily. Open houses will be offered at Augsburg Park October 22nd and Brookdale Library October 23rd. This program is funded by Hennepin County Library operating funds and the Foundation.  
DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Amy Ryan, Director
Pre-merger review: 
·         There was a County Board briefing September 6th which involved additional discussion with the Commissioners and a resolution adopted to reflect that we are continuing to prepare for the merger and sets up the County Board to make an informed decision about the merger. The County Commissioners directed the staff to hold a public hearing which is tentatively set for Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at Eden Prairie Library.
·         The County Board approved the acceleration process for the Library Board appointments which opened September 24th and closes October 25th. Two incumbent positions will be in the accelerated process effective January 1, 2008 , regardless of merger and need to be suburban residents. Four new additional appointees, three of whom need to be Minneapolis residents and one anywhere in Hennepin County and their terms are effective the date of the merger. The results will expand the Library Board from 7 to 11 members.
·         The County Board re-emphasized the terms under which the merger will take place per previous resolution.
·         The Minneapolis Library Board, City of Minneapolis , and Hennepin County must not file a certificate of approval until the Minneapolis Library Board, City of Minneapolis and the exclusive representatives have at least 80% of the Minneapolis Library employees reached an agreement addressing the impact of the merger. The professional librarians are voting now with results either this Friday or next Tuesday.
·         All Minneapolis Public Library employees have been classified into Hennepin County job classifications. There is a review process if an employee does not agree with the classification.
·         The pre-merger Library Steering Committee meets tomorrow and will discuss day one requirements. They are working on opening the 3 closed libraries, moving forward on Hennepin County Library’s visual identity and the Minneapolis Public Library logo will go away. The expanded Library Board effective the date of the merger will discuss Framework for the Future, goals, vision and possibly a new logo for Hennepin County Library.
2008 Library Operating Budget
·         Hennepin County Administrator Richard P. Johnson presented the proposed county budget for 2008 to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners on September 25th.   Budget allocations were made available, the Library budget presentation is October 29th at 1 p.m. before the County Board, follows the Capital Budget Task Force report. Then a discussion amongst County Board members and the final County Board budget comes out December 18th.
·         Our operating budget base request was $41.9 million and we added additional requests for retention and increase of services which lead to $44.6 million.  County Administration ’s recommendation is $42.9 million. Essentially this is just maintaining services, except for there is a cut of $100,000. Discussion followed regarding the increase in number of customers, need for furniture for customers, and no increase funding for the collection. 
·         The administrator will draw up two budgets; one with a 6.98% levy and the other with a 5% levy which is under development.
·         Before making a final decision on the 2008 budget, the County Board will hold a series of public hearings about specific components of the proposed budget. The hearings are held in the County Board Room, A-2400, at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis .
Draft Committee Synopsis for open Library Board appointments
·         John Gibbs added anyone within the community may apply for the openings.
2008 Library Foundation Program Requests
·         A letter from Jane Johnson, Executive Director and Donna Scudder, Board President for the Foundation of Hennepin County Library conveying their support and presenting a grant of $225,000 for library programs was discussed. The allocations are decided by the priorities of the library, and working closely with staff, and then voted on by their board. The grant will fund programs for early childhood literacy, youth development, cultural literacy and diversity, and innovation.
·         The Foundation of Hennepin County Library is developing a breakfast program for the County Commissioners which is scheduled for October 31st at the Minneapolis Golf Club.
Capital Projects: Maple Grove and Plymouth Libraries
·         An article in the Metro West of the Star Tribune included pictures of the schematic designs for the new proposed Plymouth and Maple Grove Libraries. Groundbreaking for the new Plymouth and Maple Grove Libraries will be about June 2008.
Library Board Policy Subcommittee Recommendations – Lois Langer Thompson, Deputy Director
Thanks to Patricia Izek and Holly Guncheon four policies were reviewed;
·         LB3:  Disorderly Conduct and Vandalism: This policy was renamed Customer Use of Libraries and stressed the positive use with customers. 
·         LB11: Information Services Policy and Guidelines: This was changed to a review date of May 2010 and did not make any other changes. In the event of a merger it would be changed to a review date of May 2008.
·         LB19: Programming Policy: This included updating language to include policy only and no procedure.
·         LB20: Public Library/School Library Media Center Relationship: Decision was made to delete this policy since there is no movement in this interest.
·         All policies were voted on and approved unanimously as presented.
Fall Hours Update
The Osseo City Manager, Friends of the Osseo Library, North Resource Manager, and Library staff met to discuss what hours would work best for Osseo Library customers. The current hours at Osseo Library were not meeting the needs of the customers and were changed to make the hours more accessible to the community effective October 1st. It is now open Mondays 1-8 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-4:30 p.m. which allows school age customers to access the library after school. Monday nights is when the City Council meets and coincides with other building activities such as senior activities and safety concerns. 
Mr. Gibbs acknowledged the list of non-monetary donations and thanked the contributors on behalf of the Library Board. Ms. Izek moved to accept the donations, seconded by Ms. Kelly. Motion was approved.
There being no further business, the Library Board Meeting of September 26, 2007, was declared adjourned at 6:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wed., October 17, 2007 , 5 p.m. at the Ridgedale Library, 12601 Ridgedale Drive , Minnetonka , MN 55305 .
Holly Guncheon , Secretary