OF OCTOBER 22, 2003

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, October 22, 2003, at the Southdale Resource Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Gerda Haas, Dawn Harris, Patricia Izek, Peter Miller, David Pratt, and Cynthia Steinke.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Leick, J.Morgan, N.Perron, S.Nilsen, M.Ranum, M.Schuster, M.Anderson, M.Bell, J.DeSirey, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Dawn Currier (OBF), J.D. Mesenbourg (Sd Friends).

The meeting was called to order by President David Pratt with a welcome to all. There was no public comment.

Mark Ranum, Southdale Librarian (and Southeast Resource Group Coordinating Librarian) welcomed the Board to Southdale Library. The recent remodel of Southdale included: work on Automated Materials Handling (AMH); express checkout (over 80% of circulation), express pick up of reserves, and a new reading lounge.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the September 17, 2003 meeting by G.Haas, seconded by C.Steinke and P.Miller; motion passed.

No Policy Committee report.

Stragegic Plan Task Force: J. Gibbs reported that the plan is to report to Library Board within 4-6 months. Assess the needs of 12-18 and 18-30 - year olds and of impact of facilities and staffing in the Library.


2004 Budget: C.Brown sent the Library Board his presentation for the County Board. The 2004 Library budget will be $1.7 million less than the 2003 budget. Use increases continue in the library. Challenges: health insurance increases, static collection budget, facilities with increased cost, and opening both Brookdale and Eden Prairie libraries. Brown identified service reductions in 2004, e.g. hours open reduced 11% in mid-size libraries.

CIPA Briefing to County Board: Outline for this Briefing was shared with Library Board for their input. J.Morgan reviewed the material, including e-rate funding and LSTA impact, filtering options and cost of filtering. Briefing is scheduled for Nov. 13, 10:00 a.m. in the County Board room at the Government Center. Need to include Internet Public Use Policy in the background material for the County Board. A resolution (see below) for Library Board support of current policy on Internet access was reviewed; J.Gibbs moved approval of the resolution with a minor change to the final statement. C.Steinke and D.Harris both seconded the resolution and it passed unanimously.

Resolution on Filtering of Hennepin County Library Computers

WHEREAS, the Hennepin County Library serves as a gateway to the Internet's World Wide Web for many of the County's residents for educational, professional or personal growth; and

WHEREAS, the Hennepin County Library Board supports educating children, as well as their parents and caregivers, to use the Internet wisely as a means of personal safety now and in the future; and

WHEREAS, the Hennepin County Library Board supports the intellectual freedom of each resident; and

WHEREAS, the Hennepin County Library Board through its Internet Public Use Policy and Guidelines clearly states that it is not acceptable to use Library Internet access to violate federal, state or local laws and regulations, including those involving access to obscenity, child pornography and materials harmful to minors; and WHEREAS, Hennepin County Library staff are trained to intervene when they observe Internet use that violates this policy; and

WHEREAS, Hennepin County Library has developed guided access through its KidLinks, TeenLinks and other specialized web tools and provides access to search engines that offer filtering to library users who choose to filter;

WHEREAS, No filtering software successfully differentiates constitutionally protected speech from illegal speech on the Internet; and

WHEREAS, The non-partisan federal Commission on Online Child Protection which was appointed to study child safety on the Internet concluded that filters are not effective in blocking all content that some may find objectionable, but do block useful and constitutionally protected information; and

WHEREAS, filtering Internet connected computers in Hennepin County Library would necessitate expenditures for annual filtering software licenses, IT maintenance, adjustments Library software and hardware to mitigate any possible conflicts between filtering software and the Library's catalog and circulation system and website , and time required of Library staff to disable filtering when requested by adult Library users;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Hennepin County Library Board opposes a change in the Library's current policy regarding filtering of Library computers.

December Meeting Plans: D.Pratt reviewed December plans with a 5-6:00 p.m. social time, Library Board to invite all those who have presented/contributed to 2003 Library Board meetings (about 30 people); library funds will be used to pay for refreshments. The Board meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.

Library Board Undesignated Gift Fund: A proposal was presented to use 2003 funds-up to $2,000-to purchase cordless microphones and a receiver for recording Library Board meetings and for other library recording needs; and to spend the balance out of 2004 Undesignated Gift Fund. Motion by D.Pratt to spend $2,000 in 2003 for this purpose; seconded by C.Steinke & P.Izek; motion passed. Motion will be presented at January 2004 meeting to cover the balance of cost of the equipment.

2004 Meeting Schedule: Draft had been supplied to Board for review. Suggestions were made for possible meeting locations in 2004 based on library openings and remodeling. D.Pratt and C.Ahrens will work on revising the schedule for approval at the December meeting. Questions: Does Library Board need/want to schedule a retreat in 2004? Should the Strategic Task Force report be scheduled for one of the spring/summer meetings?

Library Board 2004 Travel Plans: Gerda Haas plans to participate again in National Library Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. Further discussion at December meeting for input by other Library Board members.

Hennen HAPLR Report: J.Morgan has requested information from Hennen, but no response as yet. State of Minnesota was unable to report 2001 statistics to federal government due to budget cuts at LDS, so report was based on estimated statistics.

Benchmarking update: most libraries have dropped out of project; Hennepin County Library will not continue participation.
Construction update: Oxboro-closing Nov 1 for 5 months. Brookdale-on track, Opat hopes library can open in May. Eden Prairie-legal battle continues; project work continues. Maple Grove-no news. Excelsior-new project, city has asked if library could take over more space in fire station; interest is there, preliminary discussions.

David Pratt: Reported on the budget presentation.
Patricia Izek: Reported on Libros y Mas program at Plymouth, very small attendance.
Cynthia Steinke: Participated in Library Board Task Force meeting.
Gerda Haas: attended "Understanding Opera" program at Ridgedale sponsored by the Friends.
Dawn Harris: Brookdale art update.
Peter Miller: Visited Maple Plain library as he continues his tours.

Gifts to the Library: Motion to accept the gifts was made by P.Izek, seconded by C.Steinke, motion passed
$1,343.96 Edina Friends: Hospitality/refreshments ($303.89), flower pot plantings ($60.00), Display fixture ($44.00), MELSA summer materials ($329.50), Coat rack for children's area ($170.40), and adult paperbacks ($436.17).
501.91 Golden Valley Friends: shapes/numbers carpet squares (2 sets) and alphabet phonics carpet squares (2 sets)
123.00 Golden Valley Friends: beading program
35.00 Golden Valley Friends: Children's Book Week Kit
2,313.92 Minnetonka Friends: Puppet show ($50), Early Literacy Realia ($696.86), display book shelf ($286), summer program support (1,054.77), outdoor plants ($76.29), Teen Read Month programs ($150).

Motion to adjourn was made by C.Steinke, seconded by P.Izek; meeting adjourned.


Dawn Harris, Secretary