Hennepin County Library Board Meeting Minutes October 27, 2004

Cynthia Steinke, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of October 27, 2004 to order at 4:35 p.m. All board members were present except Gerda Haas, Peter Miller, and Jeffrey Lunde. Staff attending: J. Leick, N. Perron, D. Cramer, Lois Langer Thompson, Coordinating Librarian, Southwest Resource Group, Mark Ranum, and Bill Berg.

  • Lois Langer Thompson - Coordinating Librarian, Southwest Resource Group
Lois gave opening address highlighting the various attributes of Eden Prairie Library:
    - September Statistics 103,577 items circulated
    - Gave out 989 new library cards in September
    - Answered 7,299 information questions
    - 92 Computer Workstations & Wireless Access
    - Fuel Cell Project - Alternative Energy - Projected annual savings of $80,000 in fuel cost
    - Patrons are really pleased with the building
    - Noise level in the building - Lois will address patron who emailed concern with the noise levels
John Gibbs, Vice President of Library Board gave the following three suggestions for possibly dealing with the noise levels at Eden Prairie Library:
    1) Ask engineers to look at acoustics in building to help reduce noise levels, especially near the entrance
    2) In area where fuel cell is located, create a super quiet area
    3) Give instructions or teach new immigrants ways to quietly use the library facilities
  • David Pratt moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Patricia Izek and approved unanimously - 4 YEAS, 3 ABSENT (Miller, Haas, Lunde)     APPROVED
  • Bridges Out of Poverty - Mark Ranum, Coordinating Librarian, Southeast Resource Group
Mark Ranum outlined HCL Poverty Action Plan Steps: Projects and Priorities for 2004/2005 and gave background of Sandy Vargas and Hennepin County Administration, having brought the workshop Bridges Out of Poverty to the county in February 2004. Janet extended invitation to Board to attend next one-day workshop on Friday, December 3, 2004 at Ridgedale in the RHR Room.

  • Investigate Noise Levels at Eden Prairie Library - John Gibbs
Further investigation into noise levels at Eden Prairie Library and find solution to reduce noise.
  • Changing of Bylaws - David Pratt
Submitted proposed changes to the Bylaws, waiting to hear from County Attorney as to whether the Board can make appropriate changes without County Commissioners approval.

  • 2005 Operating Budget
Gave overview of what was presented at the Proposed 2005 Budget Presentation before the County Commissioners.
    - Restore hours in libraries, which were reduced in 2004
    - Additional million for Collections
  • Library Foundation Executive Director Interviews
    1. - 5 Candidates Interviewed
      - Hire would be via contract
  • Rogers Library Remodeling
    1. - Renovations revamped to include enclosed 150 sq. ft
      - New reopening date scheduled for February 19, 2005
      - New exterior is being added to building

    • David Pratt
      - Participated as a Panel Member to the Library Foundation for selection of new Executive Director
      - Concern with amount of incidents occurring in libraries based on 3rd Quarter Incident Report
  • Jeffrey Lunde
    1. - Introduction to the Library Board
      - Brief overview of background and gratitude for being on Library Board
  • Cynthia Steinke
    1. - Attended Fuel Cell Project Opening @ Eden Prairie
    • Gifts
    David Pratt moved approval of acceptance of non-monetary gifts, seconded by Patricia Izek and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS 2 ABSENT (Haas & Miller)     APPROVED
      $   401.50 - Friends of Westonka Library
      $1,059.71 - Friends Maple Grove Library
      $1,462.21 - Grand Total

    There being no further business the meeting of Hennepin County Library Board for October 27, 2004 was declared adjourned at 6:11 p.m.

    Peter Miller, Secretary