OF NOVEMBER 29, 2006

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at Ridgedale Library.

Present: John Gibbs, Holly Guncheon, Patricia Izek, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke, and Therese VanBlarcom
Library Staff Attending: Amy Ryan, Janet Leick, Sharon Charles, Judy Hohmann, Judith Friedrich, Pat Palahniuk, Lois Langer Thompson, Margie Schuster, Gail Mueller-Schultz, Julie Browlies, and Bill Berg.

John Gibbs, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of November 29, 2006 to order at 5:04 p.m. with a welcome to all.

Agenda was unanimously approved.

• October 25, 2006
Cynthia Steinke moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Therese VanBlarcom and approved unanimously - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Lunde)   APPROVED

• Laura Smith, a student from the University of Minnesota was in attendance to observe for leadership initiative and possibly apply to be a Library Board member.

Cynthia Steinke
• Cynthia discussed the per diem report from Minneapolis Public Library. She opened discussion regarding volunteer Friends hours for the month of October statistics.
David Pratt
• David has attended many foundation meetings recently and is impressed with the direction and leadership of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County.
Therese VanBlarcom
• Therese had the opportunity to work the Library Foundation's Phone-a-thon fundraising event which involved much camaraderie.
Holly Guncheon
• Holly attended the Library Foundation's Phone-a-thon fundraising event last night and has been productively working with the Foundation organizing Pen Pals for 2007 and the annual event to be held on December 12th.
Patricia Izek
• Patricia attended the Library Foundation's Phone-a-thon fundraising event which was very well organized.

• Age Well, Live Smart - Judy Hohmann, Partnerships & Communications Division Manager
Partnerships & Communications is partnering with organizations for the Age Well, Live Smart initiative services for seniors to target the age 55+ customer. First, introduce resources such as computer classes, assistive technology, at home services, health and care-giving programs to this customer. Secondly, the 55+ initiative is built on collaborations working with other county departments, government agencies, as well as other related organizations interested in working with seniors. Communications is interested in pulling together an external advisory group consisting of the University of MN Vital Aging network and the Twin Cities Public Television network by focusing on older adults. Third, in 2007 going beyond traditional programming to primetime adult program series including life planning seminars, gatherings at the library, book clubs, other literary networking online, and intergenerational programming.

• Committee for the Future of Libraries in Hennepin County
The Hennepin County Board adopted a resolution to look at cooperative efforts between Hennepin County Library (HCL) and Minneapolis Public Library (MPL) up to and including potential merger and formed this committee which will begin meeting in December. The first resolving clause is it was important to the HC Board that the Minneapolis City Council and the MPL Board formally submit their approval to participate. On the committee are Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, Commissioner Randy Johnson and the County Board approved John Gunyou, Minnetonka City Manager as the Chair for the committee. He has a history of working in finance both at the state and city level. The Library Board should share their thoughts collectively to John Gibbs to be represented to this committee. Additional members are two City Council members, and both Library Board Presidents, both Library Directors staff the committee. There is a MPL Advisory Committee formed prior to this resolution that is looking at a much larger scope for MPL including closing libraries, working with the state and county for additional funding. Their findings are due in the spring of 2007.

There will be a site with information link on Hennepin County Library (HCL) and Minneapolis Public Library (MPL) web sites regarding the Committee for the Future of Libraries in Hennepin County. Both systems have similar missions. Comparatively HCL is a department within Hennepin County and MPL works independently like a small business and negotiates with the city of Minneapolis. Their budget is allocated by the city and LGA was cut by 33% and MPL did lay off 25% of their staff. Statistics comparing the two systems were discussed. Lois Langer Thompson is developing customer service collaboration. The main overview of how the two systems work together is the access to collections in metropolitan area, book delivery, MELSA, and the Museum Pass Program. Recommendations from the committee will go to the Hennepin County Library Board, Minneapolis Library Board, Hennepin County Board, and Minneapolis City Council.
• Museum Adventure Pass Program
At the November 28th, County Board meeting, Commissioner Linda Koblick (who is on the MELSA Board of Trustees) was so impressed with the Museum Pass Program that she invited the library to do an Innovation Highlight. Ben Trapskin, Westonka Library, then presented the Museum Adventure Pass video which was created by Public Affairs with input from MELSA and Judy Hohmann. To watch the Innovation Highlight, tune in to Metro Cable Network (Ch. 6) on Friday, December 1, 8:00 p.m.
• County Board Amendment Meeting
Initiated by Commissioner Opat and supported by Commissioner Penny Steele for a FTE for staff complement with funding passed as a County Board Amendment unanimously. This will be used to hire a senior planning analyst for the 3 new library capital projects and the development of service models for the Center for Innovation and Design.

• Hennen's American Public Library Ratings - Janet Leick, Associate Director
Thomas Hennen initiated a rating system years ago for this annual library report. HCL has appeared in the top 10 category for our population size during this time period. The report is based on 15 factors that he uses from public data reported by libraries to their state annually. They are very traditional factors, not necessarily pertinent for the 21st Century library; factors mainly to do with print services, circulation, reference, funding and staffing. They do not take into account any electronic use, which is a huge part of HCL's service. The Hennen report also does not include data on audio, video collections, or interlibrary loan. They look at factors per capita. HCL is rated #6 for 2006 from the data rating year of 2004.
• Appointment of Bylaw Review Subcommittee - Janet Leick, Associate Director
Therese VanBlarcom and Patricia Izek volunteered to review the Library Board Bylaws and report any recommendations by the January 2007meeting.
• Per Diem Policy Subcommittee - Janet Leick, Associate Director
The Per Diem policy may not be clear referring to the item, "you may receive a per diem payment for any meeting which Library Board members are requested to attend as official representatives of the Library." Holly Guncheon and Patricia Izek will review this policy and write a guideline speaking to that item.

Policy Review Subcommittee - Holly Guncheon, Library Board Secretary; Patricia Izek, Library Board Vice President; Sharon Charles, Resource Services Division Manager; Judy Hohmann, Partnerships & Communications Division Manager; and Janet Leick, Associate Director.
• Revised Policies: LB1: Collection Development and Management Policy, LB8: Friends of the Library Policy, LB9: Donation Policy, and LB10: Art in Public Libraries Policy.
Cynthia Steinke moved approval of listed policies, seconded by Therese VanBlarcom and approved unanimously. 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Lunde) APPROVED
• Library Board Meeting Schedule 2007 - Amy Ryan, Director
A preliminary schedule was discussed with a couple changes and unanimously approved. The April 25, 2007 meeting will recognize the efforts of the Friends at Ridgedale. The Library Board will hold a reception before the meeting and present a certificate of appreciation to the Friends. The May 16, 2007, meeting will be a joint meeting with the Foundation and held at Ridgedale.

Patricia Izek moved to accept gifts, and approved unanimously by the Board - 6 YEAS 1 ABSENT (Lunde) APPROVED
    $    190.00 Hopkins
    $ 2,826.26 Minnetonka
    $3,016.26 TOTAL GIFTS
There being no further business, the Library Board Meeting for November 29, 2006 was declared adjourned at 6:20 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2007, 5:00 p.m., at Ridgedale Library, 12601 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka


Holly Guncheon, Secretary