Library Board Strategic Plan Task Force Meeting Notes
December 10, 2003

Present: Charles Brown, Sharon Charles, David Cramer, John Gibbs [chair], Dawn Harris, Janet Leick, Julia Morgan, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke

David Cramer presented the following five points about the 2004 Budget as requested by the Task Force.
  1. The total 2004 County budget is $1,641,099,864.
  2. The 2004 HCL budget is 2.1% of the total County budget.
  3. Hennepin County receives 75% of its property tax from the suburbs, and 25% from the City of Minneapolis.
  4. The HCL property tax is 11% of the suburban property tax collected.
  5. In 2003, local property taxes made up 27.5% of the total County budget.
John Gibbs focused the discussion on the separate library levy. He asked the question… "what funding should HCL expect over the next ten years?" David Cramer responded that he does not expect much change in the property tax revenue allocation to the library in the next ten years from the 2% of the overall County budget. John will formulate additional questions on this issue if he chooses.

Sharon Charles was asked the question…"what are patrons using library computers for?" and distributed information to the task force. There are at least four categories of use:
  1. Information and research including readers advisory
  2. Use of applications such as Word
  3. Using the Internet for a variety of reasons, much of which would also fall into category #1.
  4. E-mail.
Follow-up work for the next meeting:
  1. What is the cross-over usage among MELSA libraries? Janet will distribute this information.
  2. What are the cost trends over the next ten years in the acquisition of materials? Elizabeth Feinberg will be asked to provide this information and meet with the Task Force.
  3. What are the plans of the City of Minneapolis Public Library System for the next two years? Charles Brown will discuss this with Kit Hadley and report to the Task force.
  4. The Task Force requested a copy of a previous task force formed to assemble ideas for generating revenue outside of property tax.
Cynthia Steinke said she would like to hear from library staff about their vision sometime before this task force completes its work in April.

Next meeting will be January 28 at 2:30 p.m. at the Ridgedale Library preceding the Library Board meeting at 4:30. The discussion will focus on the first question: What type of library system is the vision for HCL?

c: Elizabeth Feinberg