Hennepin County Library Board Meeting Minutes December 1, 2004

Cynthia Steinke, President called the Hennepin County Library Board Meeting of December 1, 2004 to order at 4:33 p.m. All board members were present except John Gibbs, and Patricia Izek who joined the meeting later. Staff attending: Janet Leick, Nancy Perron, David Cramer, Margaret Gillespie, Coordinating Librarian, Northwest and West Resource Groups, Sharon Charles, Mark Ranum, Gretchen Wronka, Elizabeth Feinberg, Judith Friedrich, Patrick Jones, and Bill Berg.

  • David Pratt moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Peter Miller and approved unanimously - 5 YEAS, 2 ABSENT (Gibbs/Izek) APPROVED
  • Bylaws
Take a comprehensive look prior to moving forward with changes to County Board
  • Margaret Gillespie - Coordinating Librarian, Northwest & West Resource Groups
Margaret gave opening address highlighting the various attributes of the Northwest and West Resource Group Libraries:
    - Vector North Transition Work Service Program with Intermediate School District 287 dealing with 18-21 year olds who are still in the public school system who are physically or psychologically challenged
    - Productive Day Program @ Ridgedale and Plymouth Libraries
    - Probation Check-In Program @ Ridgedale, Brookdale, and Southdale
    - Westlaw Law Links - A collaboration @ Southdale, Ridgedale, and Brookdale - Making resources available to suburban attorney's and community
    - New Americans Program - Ridgedale Conversation Circles - 8 to 12 participates plus volunteers lead the discussions, the purpose is to speak English
    - Quick Leaning - Rosita Stone - Online language learning program
    - Bilingual Story Time
    - Ridgedale Art Project - Patricia Izek sets on this Committee
    - Rules of Service
    - Loren Taylor, Librarian researched composition of circulation in service communities
  • Monthly Statistics Review - Janet D. Leick
Janet distributed monthly statistical data, and reviewed each of the categories giving feedback into how the information works for HCL

  • Diversity Audit - Mark Ranum, Coordinating Librarian, Southeast Resource Group
Mark Ranum distributed binders outlining HCL Diversity Audit for 2004, and gave feedback of materials contained in binders:
    - Diversity Steering Committee
    - Measured specific outcomes
    - 57 HCL Staff speak 24-languages other than English
    - Newly hired Outreach Worker is Somalian
    - Development Action Plans per Agency
    - How to provide service to the various communities
    - Diversity Audit is available on the S-Drive for Staff to view
    - Cultural Competencies
  • Welcome Coffee's for Amy E. Ryan
    - Distributed list of dates for Welcome Coffee's for Amy E. Ryan at the 5-Resource Libraries in 2005
  • 2005 Operating Budget
    - County Board completed Administrator and Commissioner Amendments successfully
    - Commissioner Steele and Stenglein bought forth an amendment to implement dollars to perform a study in 2005 for renovations of the Plymouth Library in 2006
  • Library Foundation Executive Director Interviews
    - Library Foundation will make offer to final Candidate at the Annual Meeting on Thursday, December 2, 2004
    - Contract would then go to County Board for final vote on December 14, 2004
    - If approved, New Executive Director would begin on January 3, 2005
  • Rogers Library Remodeling
    - Remains on track
  • Approval of Library Board 2005 Meeting Calendar
David Pratt moved approval of the 2005 Meeting Calendar as amended, seconded by Peter Miller and approved unanimously - 7 YEAS APPROVED

  • Gifts
Patricia Izek moved approval of acceptance of non-monetary gifts, seconded by Gerda Haas and approved unanimously - 7 YEAS APPROVED
    $3,338.28 - Friends of Minnetonka Library
    $3,338.28 - Grand Total

  • Patricia Izek
    - Continued involvement with Art Project at Ridgedale
  • Jeffrey Lunde
    - Planning Commission of Brooklyn Park is interested in exploring opportunity for a new library in Brooklyn Park and will be talking with County Commissioners about this idea
  • Gerda Haas
    - Term is expiring at end of year, will not seek reappointment to the Library Board
  • David Pratt
    - Panel Member to the Library Foundation for selection of new Executive Director
    - Attended meeting in Excelsior with David Cramer regarding possible renovations
  • Cynthia Steinke
    - Kudos to Janet Leick for all the help and support to the Library Board this past year

There being no further business the meeting of Hennepin County Library Board for December 1, 2004 was declared adjourned at 6:05 p.m.

Peter Miller, Secretary