Library Board Program Policy Committee
March 13, 2009

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Patricia Izek, President
Therese VanBlarcom, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Roger Hale
Jill Joseph
Claudia Kelly
Kathleen Lamb
David Pratt
Cynthia Steinke

Interim Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:          Library Board members Chair Cynthia Steinke, Claudia Kelly and David Pratt, Holly Guncheon (participated via conference call); staff Judith Friedrich and Char Sohlberg; Library Director Lois Langer Thompson for the first portion of the meeting



Welcome and Approvals

Chair Cynthia Steinke welcomed attendees and Claudia Kelly moved approval of the agenda and Feb. 13, 2009 meeting summary which was seconded by David Pratt.  Motion passed.


Library Board vs. Administrative Level Policies

Library Board level policies are about why the library does what it does; they speak to the principles, values and mission of the organization.  Policies will be at the Library Board level if there are any applicable Federal, state, or local laws or County Board if approval is also required. Administrative policies further define the Library Board policies and often provide more specific rules and direction for customers and staff alike.  They are about what needs to be done to support the Library Board policies and what needs to be done to operate effectively.


Underlying Principles for Lending Library Materials

Discussion of lending library material to customers as a primary element of Library service.  Circulation rules are well documented but the underlying principles for why we have circulation rules is not.  As HCL consolidates two computer systems there is an opportunity to articulate circulation rules in order to guide future decision-making.  Based on the discussion staff will draft a policy for review at the April 15 committee meeting.


Opening Review of First Quarter Policies

Two sets of policies (Meeting Rooms/Facility Use and Customer Use of Libraries/Rules of Conduct) were reviewed for key differences and similarities. The group discussed the underlying purposes for each policy and the need to present policy statements in positive terms. Based on the discussion, staff will draft policies for review at the April 15 committee meeting. 


Bylaws of Hennepin County Library Board

After review of the Bylaws that state, "Each committee shall fix its own rules of procedure.." members agreed they would welcome comments and questions from non-committee Board members who attend Program/Policy Committee meetings. Draft policies from this committee will be reviewed by Library administrative staff prior to being distributed in Library Board Meeting e-mail packets sent one week before monthly Library Board meetings.  Action on draft policies is taken by the full Library Board -- noting it is the responsibility of non-committee Library Board members to address questions about policies with the Committee chair or other committee members in advance of the meeting where action is to be taken.  Staff was asked to check with the Executive Committee at their next meeting to determine if this practice concurs with those established by other committees. 


Action Items

·         Draft meeting summary for Program/Policy Committee approval

·         Staff will develop Library Board policies for committee review: 1) Lending; 2) Meeting Room/Facility Use; and 3) Customer Use of Libraries.

·         Staff will bring forward question to Executive Committee re: established rules of procedure by Program/Policy Committee.

·         Approved minutes from Feb. 13, 2009 will be distributed at the Library Board meeting March 25, 2009.

·         Develop and distribute agenda for Program/Policy Committee meeting April 15, 2009.



Char Sohlberg

Approved May 22, 2009