Library Board Budget & Finance Committee
April 16, 2009

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Patricia Izek, President
Therese VanBlarcom, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Roger Hale
Jill Joseph
Claudia Kelly
Kathleen Lamb
David Pratt
Cynthia Steinke

Interim Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:      Library Board members:  Committee Chair Jill Joseph, Roger Hale and Kathleen Lamb

                       Staff:  Director Lois Langer Thompson, Nancy Palmer and Char Sohlberg



Welcome and Approvals

Chair Jill Joseph welcomed attendees.  Kathleen Lamb made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Roger Hale.  Motion passed.  Roger Hale made a motion to approve the meeting summary of Jan. 16, 2009; seconded by Kathleen Lamb.  Motion passed.


2009 Operating Budget reductions

Director Lois Thompson and Operations Division Manager Nancy Palmer summarized the reductions made to meet the target reduction requested by County Administrator Richard Johnson of 10% ($5.9 million).  $3.2 million was identified through vacant positions, operational efficiencies, and eliminating redundancies. Ms. Palmer distributed a draft of the outlook for the issues which will affect the 2010 and 2011 budget. Library Board Budget & Finance Committee involvement in the 2010 Operating Budget request process will begin as soon as the 2010 budget schedule is received. The operating budget cycle used in the past by all County Departments was summarized. Due to the economic downturn, the budget cycle may change and has been pushed back significantly; work will have to be done quickly when the dates are communicated from County Administration.


It was agreed a meeting should be scheduled in May. Committee discussion followed and a one-page summary of the financial agreements related to the merger was requested.


Decisions that require County Board approval such as service reduction/elimination, reducing hours and closing libraries will be given consideration in 2010 in order to look at possible options broadly.  Are there ways to provide library service and have a library presence in communities differently (more efficiently with improved outcomes) than we are doing right now?  Foundation support goals pledged may not be met -- if that is the case, are there programs in place previously supported with Foundation funds that should move to the Operating Budget and other items (such as collection) be funded by the Foundation?  The Foundation is considered a revenue source and efforts will be done in coordination with Budget & Finance Committee.


Ms. Palmer asked Committee members to let her know if there is other financial information they are interested in that she can provide.


Action Items

·         Committee members will be asked for their availability for meetings in May (suggested Thursday afternoons from 4-6 p.m. at Central Library).  Staff will send an e-mail

·         Staff will provide additional information on merger as noted by Ms. Palmer (a one-page financial summary)

·         The meeting summary of Jan. 16, 2009 will be distributed to the full Board at their meeting on April 22, 2009

·         Draft meeting summary will be forwarded to members to be approved at their next meeting




Char Sohlberg

Approved 5/7/09