Library Board Program Policy Committee
March 29, 2010

Meeting Summary
Library Board Members
Therese VanBlarcom, President
Claudia Kelly, Vice President
John Pacheco, Secretary
Brandi Brown
Caitlin Cahill
John Gibbs
Holly Guncheon
Sandy Johnson
Jill Joseph
Kathleen Lamb
Gary Thaden

Library Director
Lois Langer Thompson


Attendees:  Library Board members Holly Guncheon and Sandy Johnson; staff Judith Friedrich and Marilyn Zastrow



Ms. Friedrich opened the meeting for discussion at 1:44 p.m. and welcomed attendees.   This meeting is for discussion purposes only.  No formal Library Board Committee action will be taken.


Topics for discussion:

Update: 2010 Committee’s Work Plan (policy review and revision)

Ms Friedrich shared a revised copy of the Hennepin County Library Board Policies: Policy Review and Consolidation Plan which includes the committee’s progress to date and a tentative review schedule for 2010.  The schedule is revised to reflect shifting priorities.  The Art Policy will be reviewed now since two Capital Project Art Selection Committees have been formed and their work is underway. The collection policy discussion will be deferred until additional committee appointments are made.  Ms. Guncheon suggested reviewing the Expense Policy and Per Diem Payments sooner rather than later since they will require less research and revision.


Internet Public Use Policy progress report

Ms. Friedrich reviewed the status of the Internet Public Use Policy.  The Library Board Program Policy Committee held an initial discussion in 2009 and staff is beginning to prepare a draft revision for Committee review.


Opening discussion of Art in Public Libraries policy

Ms. Friedrich provided copies of the policies related to art that were in place prior to the merger and provided a discussion paper for the group. The group explored the questions:  Why does the Library provide public art? How does public art support the Library’s mission?  Public art is included as a part of library capital projects because it:

·    is mandated by the county

·    enhances the experience of coming to the library

·    reflects our commitment to the community—the arts community and the community as a whole

·    creates inviting esthetics

·    contributes to civic pride

·    expresses our diversity

·    helps to create positive public environments

·    reflects our neighborhoods and our legacy

Several art selection committees have been formed or will soon be formed.  They are components of the capital projects that are underway at Plymouth, Maple Grove, Nokomis, and Northeast.  It will be helpful for the Art Policy to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Library Board and county departments (e.g. Library and Property Services) as that work advances.



The committee meeting discussion concluded at 2:40 p.m.


Action Items

·   Ms Friedrich will prepare for new committee appointments (e.g. update committee notebooks) and develop a draft Art Policy as it relates to capital projects.

·   Next meeting of Program/Policy Committee (discussion only) is April 23, 2-3 p.m., Wayzata Library Meeting Room