Hennepin County Library

Friends/Foundation Committee Meeting Summary

February 8, 2008


  Committee members:      John Gibbs, Holly Guncheon, David Pratt from Hennepin County Library Board; Glenn Miller, Friends of Minneapolis Libraries; Pam Gagnon and Rick Bliss, Library Foundation; Amy Ryan Library Director and Char Sohlberg, staff



Mr. Gibbs welcomed Library Foundation Vice President, Rick Bliss.


January 30, 2008 Committee meeting

The previous meeting was summarized.  The President of the Friends of Minneapolis Libraries indicated plans are underway to connect with board members and donors to clarify specific concerns.


Events and Issues update from Amy Ryan

·   Feb. 27 - first meeting of expanded Library Board will identify major policies, receive an update from this committee, and discuss the process for developing the mission and vision. 

·   March 18 - Library Foundation hosts stakeholder's event at Minneapolis Central Library from 5-7 p.m. in celebration of the consolidation to thank elected officials, honor the legacy with former Minneapolis Public Library trustees and announce expanded hours possible through ball park revenue.  Invitations coming.

·   March 19 - second meeting of expanded Library Board.

·   May 31 - Friends of Minneapolis Libraries will host gala at Minneapolis Central Library.

Attendees recognized the importance and positive impact the hours announcement will have with stakeholders, donors and in communities across Hennepin County.  Specifics on expanded hours will be available early March.


Foundation and Friends structure alternatives and proposed structure

One unified, strong support group for one unified, strong library system with the Library Board providing what is needed to help the merger of the two groups be effective and palpable.  Merging the two groups could follow a similar path the libraries used with guiding principles and a combined board by the end of June.  Plan a unified launch of the 2008 fundraising campaign with other issues running parallel as details are completed by the end of December 2008. 


Friends groups

Several options in use elsewhere were reviewed and at this time no specific structure was determined.  Further exploration needed on a Friends Alliance for independent Friends groups.  This option may make all the groups more aligned with unified Friends/Foundation.  When this issue is addressed in detail, Library Board Vice President Patricia Izek who serves as the liaison to the Friends of the Library will be included.


Develop timetable

After discussion and further review of several 2008 benchmarks and joint/individual group meeting schedules, it was decided this committee will draft a resolution guidance statement that will include a recommended timetable.


Next steps

·   Draft a resolution guidance statement for the Library Board to endorse for discussion by members of the committee.  This will be e-mailed for review and comments prior to the next meeting.

·   Next meeting date:  Feb. 22, 2008 from 9-10:30 a.m. Director's Conference Room - Hennepin County Library Administrative Offices at Ridgedale Library in Minnetonka. 





Char Sohlberg

February 11, 2008