OF JANUARY 22, 1997

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, January 22, 1997 at the Edina Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Lauren Dillard
Milt Goldstein
Marilyn Jackson
Bob Zaragoza


Brown, Engberg, Bonner, Charles, S., Chisenhall, Byrne, Schuster, Swatosh, Kritzler, Valentine, Wattson, Kalinka, Langer, Lustig, P. L. Harris, Berg.


President Baskin called the meeting to order and congratulated the Library on surpassing 10 million circulation in 1996. She also asked Charles Brown to pass along to Sandy Berman, the congratulations of the Library Board on his recent award.

M. Goldstein moved approval of the December 4, 1996 minutes; J. Cole seconded. Motion passed.


J. Cole distributed copies of the Library Board policies and explained the status of these updates. He reported that the committee will recommend that adult fine policies be made consistent and that they be reviewed at least every three years. He also distributed copies of excerpts from Virginia Young's fifth edition of The Library Trustee concerning the trustee as policy maker.

WAYS & MEANS L. Dillard reported that the Ways and Means Committee met on January 8, 1997, and reviewed the Library's 1997 budget as approved by the County Board. The Committee anticipates working sessions with the Commissioners throughout the year to address budget and Ridgedale move issues. W & M reviewed the additional costs due to the Ridgedale project delay and the reworking of project plans to offset these additional costs. The Committee also reviewed the conference and travel budget to defray Library Board member travel costs to Library conferences. The Committee continued to review capitol projects and discussed the Board's need to review Library hours. Dillard then requested the Library Board decide whether or not there would be a Ways and Means Committee meeting in February. Board President Baskin decided there would not be a February meeting since there was nothing pressing and the Board would not be at full membership until new members are appointed. The next Ways and Means Committee meeting will be scheduled after new Library Board members are in place, probably March or April.

Dillard moved, on behalf of the Ways and Means Committee, that a $10,000 travel budget be established for the Library Board in 1997; J. Cole seconded. Discussion related to the disbursement of the funds concluded that these matters should be left to the discretion of the Library Board president. Motion passed.


C. Brown reported that the Library has an adopted budget of nearly $27 million which includes the additional $91,000 that will allow the Library to operate the three Area Libraries on Sundays during most of the school year. Ordinarily, these Libraries have been open Sundays from the first Sunday in January through the last Sunday in April. Now they will be open the first Sunday in October through the third Sunday in May. Library Administration is still quite concerned about the fiscal 1997 expenses especially with the impact of the relocation of the Ridgedale Library and the Administrative and Technical Services operations to leased space. Estimates indicate rental costs of up to $400,000 per year. However, there is a possibility of using the County's "Undesignated Fund Balance" for this one-time purpose. HCL is currently considering space on Plymouth Road and Industrial Boulevard a few miles north of the current Ridgedale location.

C. Brown reported that the retreat is currently scheduled for Thursday evening, April 24, 1997, which works out well for the two consultants and most Board members. However, it is a conflict for Library Board member Louise Wyly. After discussion of alternate possibilities, it was suggested that this date be tentatively held in the event that Ms. Wyly can attend and, if she is not available, perhaps the sessions could be taped for her to hear at a later time. Confirmation of the date will need to wait for verification by the new Library Board appointees in February.

T. Bonner reported that the 75th Anniversary Planning Steering Committee has had two meetings and defined its role to "Provide ideas and general planning for community-wide celebration(s) of Hennepin County Library's first 75 years of service." A public event scheduled for Saturday, April 19, 1997, 7:30 - 10 p.m., at the Southdale Area Library, will celebrate the anniversary and National Library Week. Invitations will be sent to HCL staff, retirees, friends and volunteers, County Commissioners and Administration, present and former Library Board members, present and former Library Foundation Board members, elected officials from throughout the county and donors to The Library Foundation. It will be a festive, "dressy" party with decorations, historical displays, refreshments, music and speakers. In addition, agencies will hold their own celebrations throughout National Library Week, April 13-19, 1997. In response to the question about budgeting for this event, Bonner indicated that this was already included in the Library's 1997 budget. P. Baskin suggested the Committee include Jim Rice's letter to his grandson about the importance of reading in historical materiels used for this event.


C. Brown reported that the Library had received a request on the Internet from a member of the public requesting that Library Board meeting minutes be available on the Library's Home Page. After discussion, the Library Board agreed to approve this request.

M. Schuster discussed Friends policies as previously submitted to the Library Board. She emphasized the importance of establishing uniform policies for the roles of the Friends of the Hennepin County Libraries and that these policies be approved by the Library Board. She also stated that these policies will be presented for discussion with all of the Friends officers for the entire system at a meeting on March 1. Any changes made to these policies will be submitted to the Library Board for approval at a later meeting.

Dillard moved to adopt the draft of policies for Friends of the Hennepin County Libraries as submitted; J. Cole seconded. Motion passed.

President: P. Baskin presented retiring Library Board members Lauren Dillard and Milton Goldstein with resolutions from the Hennepin County Library Board citing their individual contributions to the library and thanking them for their service. (Copies of both resolutions are attached.) Baskin reported she has attended eight library-related meetings in the past month including the Art Initiatives and 75th Anniversary Committee already reported. She and J. Cole met with Jeff Spartz concerning Charles Brown's performance evaluation, had positive discussions with Spartz as well as input from M. Jackson and L. Dillard who could not attend the meeting. On December 17, the County Commissioner- elect Mark Stenglein met with Baskin and HCL staff who found him a strong advocate for library issues including support of First Amendment rights. Baskin attended The Library Foundation's January meeting where the Author Lecture Series beginning in the fall of 1997, was discussed. Details will be forthcoming. Robert Rohlf, past director of the Library, attended to discuss the Rohlf Staff Enrichment Fund and guidelines for its use. Baskin also received a letter from The Foundation detailing its support of the Library in 1996 in the amount of $65,000 including a check for $17,000 to be issued in January.

MELSA/Metronet: Jack Cole attended a meeting at the Law Library at the Judicial Center to receive funding for a Metronet program called "Everybody Wins" which creates collaboratives between businesses and schools. Now operating in St. Paul and Egan, the program has proved successful. Also, at a recent meeting of the Personnel Committee, policy was adopted to review staff positions and salaries every three years. Nolan Bowie of Harvard University will be speaking at the East Lake Library in Minneapolis on February 13 and 14 on how connections can be made and libraries can be extended. The Minnesota Library Association plans to move into the same building as Metronet within a couple of months. J. Cole circulated a list of Minnesota legislators relating to education budgets and requested that board members identify any they knew personally for visits on Legislative Day. MELSA will be meeting with its consultant on its executive search to consider the 60 applications received. Interviews will be held in the second week of March. MELSA approved funding of WWW workstations for individual library systems. HCL will receive three workstations and one children's multi-media station from a Federal grant for fiscal year 1996. MELSA approved providing the staff for the MELSA Trustees' Training Session.

Art Initiative: P. Baskin asked T. Bonner to report on the Art Initiative Committee activity. Bonner reported that the Committee's charge is to "define a process to provide public art in the libraries to enrich and enhance the library environments for the entire community of users, and to expose library users to art." At its last meeting on December 16, the Committee decided to focus first on the opportunities presented by the Ridgedale Area Library renovation. The Committee has chosen to focus on contemporary artists and will look at a variety of media. Minnesota artists will be represented in the selection process, but because the library's mission is to make available materials from many places throughout the world, the collection will not be limited only to works by Minnesotans. Art consultant Don McNeil, corporate curator for General Mills and corporate art consultant for Dayton Hudson, First Bank and other Twin Cities businesses, has been hired to assist the Committee. His fee will be paid by The Library Foundation. A proposed budget is expected by March with a fundraising plan in place for The Foundation by May so that funds may be raised in calendar 1997. The experience from this effort will allow development of a plan for the process of art acquisition throughout the system.

Revenue Generation Team: M. Jackson reported that the Team met in January, will meet again February 4, and agreed to draft two additional recommendations to the Administrative Committee of the Library concerning a full service copy center and a coffee shop in the new Ridgedale Library. She also reported that in the Library Board's meeting with County Commissioners, the Commissioners strongly encouraged the Library to find ways of increasing revenue.

Technology Center Team: B. Zaragoza distributed a summary of actions taken by this Team to date including its mission statement -- "The Hennepin County Library Technology Center provides community wide access to information technology tools and in-depth support to use them regardless of technical proficiency." Goals are to (1) provide access to a wide array of technological resources which contribute to life-long learning; (2) teach people how to use those new technologies which provide information or access to life-long learning; (3) lead the way in developing and testing new concepts for the use of information technology in the library; (4) create a meeting place where patrons of all ages can gather and make "human" connections while learning about new technologies and other topics of mutual interest. Technology centers are scheduled to open in early 1998 at Southdale, late 1999 in Ridgedale, and 2000 in Brookdale Libraries. Kiosks are anticipated in late 1998. The Team is also reviewing the possibility of satellite centers in community libraries. Initial funding is anticipated from The Library Foundation. Zaragoza also stated that needs for the physically challenged are being considered in designing these centers.

Member Reports: M. Jackson reported on her experience with the Urban Libraries Council Advisory Committee meeting in November in Chicago concerning development of the training video for library trustees. She recently received an outline of the script, scenario and objectives of the training and provided input to the Council on the materials. Jackson felt the Committee efforts are well worthwhile.

Cole reported that the Information Please Almanac has changed its library listings to "Major City Public Libraries" while the World Almanac uses the Public Library Association listing of the top 50 public libraries in the U.S. and Canada and Hennepin County is on that list. Based on 1995 figures, HCL is 48th in population served, 27th in the number of branches, 32nd in the number of holdings, 11th in circulation, and annual acquisition figures rank it number 14.

At J. Cole's request T. Bonner reported to the Board a $25,000 donation received in December from the family of Minerva Blixt to establish an endowment in her memory. Income is to be used for additions to the collection for children and possibly staff development for youth services librarians. Details will be presented to the Board and announced to the Library staff as soon as documentation outlining this endowment is received from the Blixt family .

P. Baskin appointed the nominating committee for Library Board officers with B. Zaragoza as chair, M. Jackson and J. Cole as members.

C. Brown reported on recent activities concerning the Quality Partnership effort including consideration of the reassignment of a staff position to spearhead this process. The assignment would be full-time for the first year and part-time for two subsequent years thereafter. Brown congratulated Library staff and County Board efforts that made the record 10 million circulation in 1996 possible. Melissa Sibley, formerly principal librarian at Champlin, initially took leave to become acting librarian of the Austin, Minnesota, library and was asked to apply for the position on a permanent basis. She did and was appointed. Brown attended a student art show at the St. Anthony Library that was well received by the community. At Roseanne Byrne's request, she is leaving the co-manager position she has held in Public Services for the past two years and the co-manager arrangement will be abandoned, at least temporarily. Byrne will move into the Southdale Coordinating Librarian position and Julia Morgan, current Southdale Coordinating Librarian, will take on responsibilities of the new Special Projects Librarian position. Coordinating and Principal Librarians will take on stronger roles within the system to assist Janet Kinney in her operation and administration of Public Services. Brown reminded Library Board members to submit their time sheets by the third working day of each month. It was requested that Board members receive regular reports showing hours individually and collectively.

Engberg distributed charts showing circulation figures for 1996 which exceeded 1995 by 5%. She indicated 11.5% of this circulation was to MELSA patrons who do not live in suburban Hennepin County; 18% or almost 2 million is renewals; 12% of the renewals is from remote access; 44% of the total circulation is juvenile material; this circulation averages 179 items per-hour-open throughout the system; and there were 925,000 reserves in 1996 (a 17.3% increase over 1995). In response to the question of why July circulation is the highest of the year and information requests are the lowest in July, Engberg explained the summer reading programs create high juvenile library use while school vacations decrease need for research. She also reported there were a record 25,012 hours of volunteer time donated to HCL; 163,871 people attended HCL programs (up 3.3% overall with a 28% increase in adult program attendance). Engberg noted that frequency of Internet use and Home Page "hits" are being captured and will be included in upcoming reports. Activities/Programs: L. Engberg reported current programs at HCL include Barnes and Noble "Storybook Friends" program in collaboration with three Libraries; "One World," a multi-cultural program to be presented by the Brookdale Library which may be funded by a grant from the Minnesota Arts Council; the past Monday, several libraries offered programs in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At the Oxboro Library Danny Robinson Clark performed King's "I have a dream...." speech which attracted a standing-room-only crowd of more than 110. Many told Oxboro staff that this was the first time they had visited the Oxboro Library. Engberg distributed printed materials on Path Finders prepared by Southdale Library staff designed to help patrons in their own research. She also discussed the Great Transitions program that is a collaboration with the Minneapolis Public Library and working with the County Home School. This program is a candidate for a $30,000 grant which may be awarded this week. New hours begin on February 3 when closings on Thursdays will move from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at many community Libraries.

Edina Library Report: Mary Swatosh described the 16 square mile community of Edina which this Library serves. Residential areas comprise the largest portion of the city and more than 95% of the land zoned for residential use has been developed. Current population is 46,000 with 20% seniors over the age of 65 and 20% children under the age of 18. Edina offers housing from under $100,000 to over $1 million. Its school system has been consistently selected as one of the top in the country. Edina Library circulates 35,000 to 45,000 items per month, and in spite of little population growth, statistics for 1996 increased more than 8% over 1995. The Edina staff actively promotes community service and the Youth Services Librarian works very closely with Edina elementary schools in creating children's programs and services. Programming that showcases authors is helping establish the Library as the literary center of Edina. Last week Judith Guest introduced her new book to a crowd of 180 at the Edina Library on an evening that had a 40 degree below zero windchill. Children's programming is also very creative and well received by the community. The Library is currently establishing training programs for patrons on the World Wide Web and is collaborating with the Edina Sun newspaper on a writing program for children this summer. She also reported that Edina Friends and Volunteers are very strong, enthusiastic groups and are most supportive of the Library and its programs. She commended the Edina staff for its service and enthusiasm and credited them with the successful operation of the Library. In closing, she thanked the Library Board for its support and ongoing efforts to provide the resources necessary to maintain the high caliber of services available at the Edina Library.


It was moved by M. Jackson and seconded by J. Cole to accept recent gifts to the Library.
$175.00 City of Richfield Community Center to the Augsburg Park Library for Mattie Clark who will entertain on Winter Family Fun Day.
100.00 Milwaukee Retirees to the Augsburg Park Library Agency Gift Fund.
100.00 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for face painters for Winter Family Fun Day.
30.50 Anne Peterson, Brookdale Library staff person, to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund to purchase puppets for the collection.
3,700.00 Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund for puppets, programs, bookmarks, supplies, posters, paperbacks, magazines, stickers, buttons, refreshments and other items at the discretion of the Principal Librarian.
17.50 Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for posters.
23.90 Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for The Spirit of Christmas Cookbook.
125.00 An anonymous donor to the Eden Prairie Library Agency Gift Fund.
100.00 Helena T. Gates to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
547.23 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for browsing materials, staff coffee pot and hours magnets.
103.86 Donne Peddie Van Wie Memorial to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
380.32 Thomas Jefferson Fund to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
75.00 Mary M. Baker to the Excelsior Library Agency Gift Fund.
453.24 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for literature rack with plastic dividers.
374.64 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for flannel board materials, storytelling apron and kits, stickers, posters, banners, and bookmarks.
13.70 Robert J. and June Bauer to the Excelsior library for four juvenile paperbacks signed and the artwork by Leslie Bowman.
10.00 Elinor Kelmenson to the Golden Valley Library Agency Gift Fund.
45.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for a subscription to BookWomen.
170.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for an easel/storage center with chalkboard front.
30.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for stickers.
290.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for Super Turtle.
150.00 Friends of the Hopkins Library to the Hopkins Library Agency Gift Fund.
1000.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Hennepin County Library Foundation.
860.69 Friends of the Maple Grove Library to the Maple Grove Library for puppets, handouts, story contest treats, contest winners and paper products.
202.19 Friends of the Osseo Library to the Osseo Library for Kit and Kaboodle Christmas Program, treats, and holiday plant.
175.87 Friends of the Penn Lake Library to the Penn Lake Library for four bean bag chairs.
130.00 Katie Cherry, Penn Lake Library staff member, to the Penn Lake Library for a wooden picnic table.
151.38 Friends of the Penn Lake Library to the Penn Lake Library for one framed art print, Fairy Tales by Walter Firle.
21.00 Cathy McMahon to Outreach Agency Gift Fund to purchase a periodical for Corrections.
20.00 Alberta S. Ireland Trust to the Outreach Agency Gift Fund.
10.00 James Nolan to the Outreach Agency Gift Fund.
25.00 Gerda Haas to the St. Louis Park Library Agency Gift Fund.
25.00 G. Willard and Betty L. Fornell to the St. Louis Park Agency Gift Fund to purchase a book on photography in memory of Gordon Ingersoll.
25.00 Roger Ilstrup to the St. Louis Park Library Agency Gift Fund. 180.60 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for co-sponsoring David Stoeri program, bird seed, and fee for Meet the Mouse program.
Art Prints Lchneumon Hunting by Ben Lau and a drawing by Knox Martin were donated to the Penn Lake Library by Ben Lau.
5 Titles Little Big Horn, Dovetailed Corners(2 copies), Touched by Fire, Caught Me A Big 'Un and I Know Absolutely Nothing About Golf donated to the Southdale Library by an anonymous donor.

ADJOURNMENT L. Dillard moved to adjourn; J. Cole seconded; meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary

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