OF JANUARY 28, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, January 28, 1998, at the Maple Grove Community Library.

PRESENT: Marilyn Jackson, President
Patti Baskin
Jack Cole
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
Louise Wyly
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, T.Bonner, S.Charles, D.Cramer, L.Engberg, P.Chisenhall, E.Feinberg, J.Friedrich, D. Kalinka, M.Knoedel, S.Louis, P. L. Harris, B. Berg.

GUESTS: Sandy Vargas, Hennepin County Deputy County Administrator Mary White (Office of Budget and Finance/Henn. County) Dr. David Chadwick, library board candidate

President Jackson called the meeting to order and welcomed all guests.

M. Jackson noted that at the suggestion of HCL staff member Vicki DeFord, library board meetings will now have a timekeeper, Bob Zaragoza, who will raise a sign showing speakers one minute notice before their time is up.

Motion was made by J. Cole to approve the December 3, 1997 meeting minutes; seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

Charles Brown introduced Sandy Vargas who became Hennepin's Deputy County Administrator in November. A Minnesota native, Vargas has 18 years management experience in city and state government. She previously served as a senior administrator in the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Vargas is a graduate of the College of St. Catherine, earned a master's degree at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and was named a Bush Leadership Fellow in 1995. Vargas expressed her delight in working with Charles and the entire library staff and considers the library a most positive aspect of county government. She went on to praise the staff for its "world class" library system and is looking forward to working with them on planning for its future.

Margaret Gillespie, Maple Grove Principal Librarian spoke about the rapidly expanding Maple Grove community the library serves. While its population is now 45,000, more than 2,000 acres are now marked for development - a space that is about the size of the city of Hopkins. In 1997 Maple Grove Library circulated 627,935 items (or 25 per hour) and answered 50,971 reference questions (about 20 per hour). This combined increase is about 32% above 1996 with no increase in staff. The community is also becoming home to many cultures and patrons are frequently heard talking in both English and a foreign language. There are increasing requests for GED preparation booklets, citizenship material and dependence on Dial-A-Ride for transportation to the library. Library staff take part in Maple Grove activities through the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Healthy Community Healthy Youth program, Developing Writing and Arts Councils, and schools. A collaborative of the Brooklyn Park Library, City of Maple Grove, schools, and the Maple Grove Library has applied for a grant to implement Family and Child Technology Centers in each of the libraries.

President Jackson announced the retirement of board member Louise Wyly, praised her work with the board, and presented her with a recognition certificate signed by the other board members. The certificate stated:

Whereas Louise B. Wyly was appointed to the Hennepin County Library Board on
March 10, 1992 and was reappointed to the Board on January 24, 1995; and

Whereas Ms. Wyly served as Secretary to the Library Board during 1993 and 1994 and has
contributed greatly to the Board throughout her years of membership; and

Whereas Ms. Wyly has exhibited herself as a personal and professional champion of
literacy, youth, and the Hennepin County Library Readmobile;

Be it resolved, that the Hennepin County Library Board would like to express their thanks
and appreciation for her years of service and dedication to the Hennepin County Library community.

L. Wyly thanked the board and library staff.


P. Baskin reported that the committee had an excellent meeting. It discussed the issues of charging fines the days the libraries are closed and noted that D. Mueller said this was also being discussed in the Revenue Generation Committee II. C. Walsh announced that the 20-year capitol plan committee was no longer meeting and that M. Jackson would follow-up on some questions that still needed answering. The committee proposed that the 1998 Library Board Conference and Travel Budget remain the same as 1997; it discussed the Ways & Means charter as to whether or not the committee should be continued and decided it was time well spent; discussed Readmobile expansion which is still under consideration but must wait for other staffing considerations; also discussed attending commissioners interviews of library board applicants.


President Jackson pointed out that this is a combination of four other policies and an updating of them is part of the board's periodic review of policies as well as staff's effort to re-engineer work to do things in an efficient, effective manner. Discussion about this began at the previous board meeting. The document being considered today shows responses to previous questions and concerns. J. Cole asked for an explanation of the collection round-up process. E. Feinberg explained that last year a committee of eight key staff members considered the issues of whether the structure being put in place would deliver the kinds of collections we want; what are the strengths of our organization; would the structure meet the needs of the public. This year the second annual collection round-up focused on how do we weigh the collection; where do we put the strengths; where do we increase or decrease types of materials purchased; how do we best allocate collection budgets. Feinberg felt the library would continue to have annual collection round-ups.
J. Cole requested that the library board be informed about priorities established by the round-ups so members would be able to discuss them with the public, government officials, commissioners, etc. President Jackson commented that the commissioners have asked what portion of the collection budget is print, audio visual and electronic. Currently the non-print total is approximately 17% and Jackson believes that there is general feeling that this percentage will continue to rise. C. Walsh asked for a definition of software maps. E. Feinberg stated that this is a way of defining where we have technology located in our buildings. It is a sort of road map of where our software is made available to the public. D. Mueller asked for a copy of the standards for Minnesota Public Libraries and the Minnesota Data Processes Act. Mueller also suggested addition of verbs in the report. L. Wyly pointed out that in present day grammar, the material was properly presented without verbs. J. Cole questioned whether anyone had checked with new information from the Office of Intellectual Freedom to be sure this material conforms. M. Knoedel stated she had checked on the ALA home page and this was accurate as of December, 1997. P. Baskin moved to approve the Collection Development & Management Policy as revised. J. Cole seconded. E. Feinberg suggested changing the dated reference to the Minnesota Standards and just say "the current standards" as opposed to a particular date and the board agreed. L. Wyly asked if the collection budget would be used for Ridgedale staff expense if money is not appropriated for staff in the 1999 budget. C. Brown felt this would not be an issue. Approved.


P. Baskin reported that D. Mueller had recommended that the 1998 budget be established at the same amount as the 1997 allocation. D. Mueller so moved. C. Walsh seconded. After discussion, motion was approved.

Need to change bylaws to coincide with county attorney rulings. Specifically need to change terms of office. President Jackson also noted that the county commissioners required an additional change concerning the board's responsibility as to The Library Foundation as detailed in the commissioner's 1996 resolution number 96-11-695, November 19, 1966, paragraph 1) "As part of its planning process, the Hennepin County Library Board shall articulate and endorse major library system goals and initiatives for which....etc." She suggested this entire paragraph be added. J. Cole questioned the new timing for beginning terms which would require the county board to hold candidate interviews during the budget process. C. Brown and C. Ahrens will discuss this issue with Kay Mitchell and bring a resolution of the problem to the board. J. Cole suggested that in Article V, line 4 "Members of the standing committees Ways and Means Committee shall be appointed....." be changed to "The chair of the standing committees Ways and Means Committee shall be appointed...." since the committee is made up of the entire board. Top of page 2, the underlining of the word free was questioned as to whether it was an addition and why it was added. (It was later determined that the underlining of free existed in previous editions and is not new to this document.) It was noted that with these revisions, the bylaws will need to be moved to the February meeting for approval in order to fulfill the requirement of prior written notice before approval. Bob Zaragoza moved to table the bylaws action until the February meeting; seconded and approved

President Jackson announced formation of this committee consisting of board members C. Walsh, J. Cole, and M. Jackson along with Linda Engberg, HCL Deputy Director. The committee would be charged with reviewing policies, making recommendations for changes and bringing them to the board for approval.

President Jackson discussed the new ethics policy as distributed to board members. Bob Zaragoza made a motion to refer the policy to the Policy Development Committee for further review. J. Cole seconded. Approved.

S. Charles distributed three handouts concerning the technology plan for the library. Seven strategic initiatives within the plan to be read at the board's leisure. Implementation plan developed with the technology center team including staff, Foundation board members , and Library board members. On page 7 note the 1998 technology centers plan some of which HCL currently has funding in place. Two others are part of a grant proposal which has been submitted as part of a collaborative through the Osseo schools. President Jackson suggested board members read this material before the February meeting and that S. Charles return to answer any questions at that time. Discussion followed on experiences of other libraries with word processing services provided to the public.

President Jackson was at the county commissioners meeting and was pleased to see the candidates interviewed for Library board vacancies (3). She reported on her recent trip to the Urban Libraries Council meetings and the American Library Association's mid-winter meeting January 2-12. The Council is a group of 120 urban libraries with $150,000 operating reserve and is THE advocate for urban libraries. In its retreat four priorities were established: 1) increased focus on building members' capacity to deal with change, infrastructure, technology; 2) position urban libraries as urban assets on the front lines in dealing with social problems; 3) establishing coalitions with county and city groups which are more relevant to urban libraries than federal groups for specific programs; 4) ways to better serve urban kids. She also picked up information about a state-of-the-art bookmobile which is one of the three areas the board asked The Foundation to work on.

President Jackson requested formation of the nominating committee to present a slate of proposed officers for the March Library board meeting. The volunteers for the committee were P. Baskin, C. Walsh and D. Mueller. She also announced that the Ways and Means Committee meetings for March, April and May will start at 4:30 p.m.

J. Cole reported on the meeting of the American Library Trustees Association which continues to work on a new educational seminar for trustees on fund raising. ALA is publishing a new piece on employing and evaluating a library director. It is also looking into producing a handbook on trustees which Cole cautioned them not to do because every state has one at no charge. Attended sessions by the Office on Intellectual Freedom and brought back samples of new material that may be purchased by Friends groups for placement in HCL. There may be some changes coming for all Minnesota State library organizations such as the regional library systems and multi-type systems. Currently in the state there are 12 regional public library systems and MELSA is one. The commissioner of the Department of Children, Families and Learning wants to reduce the number of organizations working with libraries. The state is also changing the current function of the Library Development staff which will deal only with library grants, not training events, collaborations, creation of standards, writing trustee manuals, etc. Fourteen grant proposals have been submitted to METRONET for the $2 million available for certain technology programs. Decisions will be made in March.

C. Walsh announced a MELSA trustee training event April 22 in St. Paul. More details to come.

D. Mueller reported that Revenue Generation II is making great progress. He is to contact Mary White to get legal opinion on whether or not the library can sell advertising space on the back of its collection slips.

P. Baskin reported on the next Pen Pals program that is now in the planning stages. The Foundation is looking for donors for each of five lectures at $5,000 each. Baskin would appreciate receiving names of potential donors. On the Art Initiative, one of the three artists has submitted a proposal with the other two due shortly. Again, if anyone has any suggestions about possible funders, please submit names to Baskin.

L. Wyly urged expansion of the Readmobile program to include one for each library. M. Jackson requested that library staff bring a Readmobile proposal to the library board as soon as possible. C. Brown said that there are ongoing internal considerations about the Readmobile and will strive to arrive at a decision soon. T. Bonner acknowledged that the Readmobile is still on the Foundation's initiatives list, but it does not currently have top priority until certain decisions are reached by the library's administration.

T. Bonner reported that The Foundation now has 28 board members with 14 new members who offer a more diverse group than in the past. The Foundation approved a budget for 1998, which is the first in its history. It is an ambitious program including the art initiative and technology centers which were discussed earlier. In the past four years The Foundation annual revenues have grown from $89,000 to last year's $265,000. She noted the library's technology request for 1998 is $375,000 and the art initiative totals $400,000. The Foundation's 1998 thrust will be building community awareness of the library and The Foundation; developing and supporting special projects and gifts; building general support for The Library Foundation; and continuing The Foundation's growth and leadership.

PROGRAM: Hennepin County Library Workforce
T. O'Neill distributed information concerning the new Librarian's Union which is a unit of AFSCME; training Librarian supervisors; union negotiations; and contract settlements. The Library currently has about 300 clerical and related employees that are covered by AFSCME and 50 that are not covered. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul libraries have a long history of staff membership in unions. HCL currently has a contract in place for union members other than Librarians until 1999 so budgeting will be more accurate than in those years when negotiations are still pending during the budgeting process. O'Neill has been the library's representative in union negotiations for the 24 years he has been with the organization. The Librarians' union is the third one in the library - the other two being the clerical union and Teamsters.

C. Brown reported:

Staff Issues

Organizational Initiatives Capital Projects Community Activities Professional Activities Other

L. Engberg distributed statistics for 1997. Increases in hours at 2% for all libraries and 3% when area libraries are not considered. The 20% (plus 30,000) increase in reserves placed is significant with more than one million reserves placed. The reserves placed remotely are now almost 17% of the total reserves placed and we expect that number to continue to increase. Circulation, now over 10 million annually, was also up significantly. Adult attendance at programs was up about 22% with overall program attendance up 4.7%. Some of this was due to attendance at HCL's World Wide Web training offerings. HCL will continue to provide bar graphs for future statistics and will begin including figures on things such as hits on the home page, etc. February is "We Love Our Kids Month" and the kick-off will be Saturday, January 31, at Southdale. HCL's Fugitive Fact File is now on the web. Four special HCL programs honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drew excellent attendance at the Southdale and Brookdale Libraries (more than 400 total).

President Jackson requested board approval of recent gifts to the library as submitted. It was moved by P. Baskin and seconded by D. Mueller to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$400.00 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for mobile cube display and display shelves.
2600.00 Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund for puppets, summer program materials, stickers, easy readers, comics, juvenile browsing materials and programs.
78.50 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for kitchen towels, sugar & creamer, water filters and Kroy letter tape.
150.00 Robert and Mary Hanson to the Eden Prairie Library Agency Gift Fund for mystery books on tape.
50.00 Miyo Berger to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
379.49 Book Fund CD interest to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
2030.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for adult audio tapes.
213.01 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for five desktop literature display racks.
496.73 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for 166 juvenile paperbacks.
189.20 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for eleven browser bin dividers and a step stool.
1,000.00 Doris Prestegard to the Golden Valley Library for a Tech STC 20 Reading Machine in memory of her husband, Paul Prestegard.
75.00 Shirley Coyer to the Hopkins Library Special Gift Fund for large print books in memory of Betty Nelson, Margaret Lee and Walter Dunn.
10.00 James Nolan to the Outreach Gift Fund.
10.00 Helen Wolf and Jill Seel to the Outreach Gift Fund.
1,000.00 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for AV and print ESL materials.
259.09 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for an overhead projector.
20.00 Joann Schnitzus to Children's Readmobile.
200.00 Friends of the Rogers Library to the Rogers Library Agency Gift Fund for children's CD-ROMs.
150.00 Friends of the St. Bonifacius Library to the St. Bonifacius Library Agency Gift Fund for paperbacks.
307.66 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for large stuffed turtle for children's area.
106.99 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for laser pointer for use in public workshop training sessions.
299.95 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for children's new title display fixture.
250.00 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for MLA reception.
145.92 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for invitations, refreshments and decorations for children's area dedication.
2000.00 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for final payment on Chris Tully art.
217.89 Friends of the Southdale Library to purchase two "Gillie Fish" for storytime area.
35.00 Friends of the Southdale Library for FOLUSA membership.
101.81 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for supplies and refreshments for juvenile programs.
1 Title - The Faces Behind the Names by Don Ward donated to the Champlin Library by Champlin American Legion Post 600.
Video - Lead-safe Home Improvement donated to the Champlin Library by the Upper Swede Hollow Neighborhoods Association.
2 Videos - Be Cool About Fire Safety donated to the Champlin Library by Timothy L. Pierce, Allstate Insurance Company.
Beanie Baby - "Bucky Beaver" Beanie Baby donated to the Excelsior Library for a children's drawing at Holiday Open House by Judith and Edward Benka.
Plants - Greens for Plymouth outdoor planters were donated to the Plymouth Library by Cathy Fischer.

Motion to adjourn was made by D. Mueller; seconded by J. Cole; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary