OF FEBRUARY 26, 1997

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at the Plymouth Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Marilyn Jackson
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
Louise Wyly
Bob Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: Brown, Engberg, Bonner, Charles, Chisenhall, Cramer, Fischer, Friedrich, Harris, Kalinka, Kinney, Kritzler, Malby, Muchow, Worwa, Ahrens, Berg.


President Baskin called the meeting to order and introduced the two new Board members--Carol Walsh and Richard Mueller and other Board members introduced themselves. A couple of housekeeping items: 1) Library Board member volunteer time sheets need to be completed and submitted to Director's Office each month; 2) mentors for new members: Jack Cole for Dick Mueller and Patti Baskin for Carol Walsh.

Motion was made to approve the January 22, 1997 meeting minutes; seconded. Motion passed.


J. Cole distributed a timeline for policy review and updated the Board on team activities.


C. Brown gave background on annual retreat scheduled by the Library Board. The date had been booked for Thursday, April 24, 1997, with a focus on a comprehensive survey undertaken by the Library in 1996 as well as follow-up on a Future Search Conference held summer of 1996. At least one Library Board member has a conflict with the 4/24 date so need to inquire on availability for Wednesday, April 23, retreat replaces a regular April meeting, time to be from 4-8:00 p.m.
C. Brown will contact the consultants for the date change to 4/23 and will notify the Library Board by March 7.

P. Baskin announced that there is no March Ways & Means Committee meeting; will await the March officer election and appointment of new Ways & Means Chair.


C. Brown reviewed the background preparation of a revised mission statement, a vision statement, and value statements. Currently in process of soliciting broad range staff input to drafts and also request input from Library Board members.
Mission Statement: positive feedback. L. Wyly recommended beginning the statement with: "HCL promotes....." and end with the statement "....in order to ensure a strong community and an informed and engaged citizenry."
Vision Statement: C. Brown gave some details on what the statement actually means, e.g. new & emerging technologies, maintaining a strong collection, adequate staffing, adequate training of staff--it is a very ambitious statement. Inquiry about feelings of Commissioners due to budget needs.
Values: M. Jackson felt a "public servants" concept was missing, e.g. protecting the collection, safeguard the collection, maintain the public resource for access, regulatory function--a separate heading of "public service." There was also mention of first amendment rights.
Library Board members will forward any further comments to C. Brown; hope to bring a semi-final version at the March meeting after receiving staff input and a definition of "premier."

Gretchen Wronka, Youth Services Coordinator, introduced this new video, produced by Health Partners, which promotes reading as it helps children's intellectual development. Patti Baskin was a consultant on the project. A mass distribution of the video is planned throughout the metropolitan area; multiple copies will be added to the HCL collection; and the library was involved as a resource. The Library Board viewed the 14-minute video.

President: P. Baskin reported on 5 meetings attended this month: 75th Anniversary planning (event is April 19)--a full report will be presented at the March meeting, literary lecture series planning, art initiative (reported later), and the legislative orientation meeting.

MELSA/Metronet: Jack Cole presented a background of the two boards--MELSA and Metronet--on which he serves and their relationship to HCL (for the two new Library Board members). MELSA activities: currently in the process of employing a new Executive Director and MEANS contract activity (regarding technology collaborative). Reminder to all of Friday, April 11, is the Minnesota Book Awards at the History Center in St. Paul. J. Cole will check to make sure all Library Board members are receiving the "Metro Briefs" newsletter from Metronet.

Art Initiative: P. Baskin reported on latest activities which included outlining the planning process, discussion of different types of art to be considered--architectural integrated part (requires immediate attention), object oriented art designed for specific areas, and discreet object art allowing for flexible displays. Work has begun on identifying possible artists and potential funders.

Technology Center Team: B. Zaragoza gave a brief overview of the Technology Center Team past activities for the new Board members, and called attention to the January Library Board minutes for mission of the Team. A proposal will be available soon for review by the Team, and a budget is also being prepared. A staff group will be visiting the Charlotte/Mecklenberg Library to tour their technology center.

Revenue Generation Team: M. Jackson gave a brief background of the Team (including the current implementation of a voluntary printing fee) and reported that the Team is planning to prepare a final packet of recommendations in March.
These recommendations will cover four areas:
--coffee shop in remodelled Ridgedale facility
--full service copy shop (like Kinkos) at Ridgedale Library
--increase & make uniform the price of discarded materials sold by the library
--paying for a delivery service.
The final report will also include cost-saving and fund-raising ideas discussed by the Team during its deliberations.

Member Reports: M. Jackson requested a review of upcoming events of attention to Library Board members (a list of dates was mailed to Library Board members following this meeting).
Jack Cole reported on American Library Association trustee activities and his attendance at the ALA Midwinter Conference.

C. Brown reported on upcoming activities: Legislative Day is March 5; a County Board Briefing to present the future of the library has been requested for April 8 or April 22 (9:00 a.m.) and a Library Board "presence" would be helpful, date won't be confirmed until 3 weeks prior [update: April 8 date has been cancelled]; the State of the County presentation is scheduled for April 29, noon, at Mall of America (invitations should be sent to Library Board members). Current activities: a great deal of time has been spent on the Ridgedale renovation; ATS relocation issues; the Administrative Committee is looking at the structure of Public Services and the expanding role of principal/coordinating librarians; ALA Midwinter Executive Board activities.

Activities/Programs: L. Engberg reviewed current statistics: the revised 1996 statistical totals had been distributed to the Library Board; regarding the January 1997 stats--need to put increase in perspective with closings of Maple Grove and Eden Prairie in 1996 and closing of Rockford Road in 1997. Programming shows an increase in attendance and variety of offerings. Technology: ENS (Electronic Notification System) is currently being tested to notify patrons of reserves (Westonka, Champlin, Maple Grove, and Wayzata are the test sites). HCL received a State of MN grant for almost $30,000 to continue the "Great Transitions" program.

Plymouth Library Report: Cathy Fischer welcomed everyone to the Plymouth Community Library--the newest library in the system which opened in September of 1995. Circulation during the first full year of operation (1996) was 516,813, 55% of which were children's materials--the third highest circulation among community libraries. Over 3,000 volunteer hours were donated in 1996 at Plymouth; 80 Friends members have raised over $12,000 in book sales in 1-1/2 years, plus $4,000 through other fundraising efforts.


It was moved by M. Jackson and seconded to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$109.70 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for buttons and stickers for summer programs.
10.00 Jackie Gillespie, Brookdale staff member, to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund.
5.00 Nancy Walstrom, Brookdale staff member, to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund.
5.00 Danielle Ylinen, Brookdale staff member, to the Brookdale Library Agency Gift Fund.
300.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund.
25.00 Ellen Clark to the Oxboro Library for a book on birds in honor of Verle and Phyllis Krogness.
2008.00 Friends of the Penn Lake Library to the Penn Lake Library for a CD-Rom workstation and color printer.
97.31 Friends of the Penn Lake Library to the Penn Lake Library for bookmarks and erasers for "Bloomington Loves Its Kids Carnival."
11.00 Plymouth Woodcarvers to the Plymouth Library for a subscription to "Chip Chat" magazine.
25.00 Women of the Moose to the Rockford Road Library Agency Gift Fund in memory of a deceased member who used the Rockford Road Library frequently.
10.00 Gertrude Ryan to the Rockford Road Library Agency Gift Fund.
40.00 Posthumus and Biorn, D.D.S. to the Rogers Library to purchase books on model railroading in memory of Richard Scarp, D.D.S.
500.00 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for two Debra Frasier programs.
329.00 Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for a color printer.
Book set-- Minnesota Statutes 1994   was donated to the Champlin Library by Senator Don Betzold.
Tablecloth-- A tablecloth was donated to the Southdale Library by the Friends of the Southdale Library.
Puppet tree-- A wooden puppet tree was donated to the Champlin Library by Harlan Mead.

Pat Chisenhall and Amy Worwa gave a presentation on the new Job & Career Information Center at Brookdale Area Library (scheduled to open in March with the grand opening on Sunday, April 6).

Motion to adjourn; meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary

Last updated September 24, 1997
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Last updated September 24, 1997
© Hennepin County Library
We welcome your comments and suggestions.