OF FEBRUARY 24, 1999

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, February 24, 1999, at the Maple Grove Community Library.

PRESENT: Jack Cole, President
Patti Baskin
Marilyn Jackson
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza
LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, S.Charles, J.Morgan, C.DeGraff, J. Ranisate, & B.Berg.
GUESTS: JoAnn Harris (OBF), three residents from Hopkins.

President Jack Cole called the meeting to order and welcomed guests.

Maple Grove Community Library - M. Gillespie: Highlights and focus areas since last Library Board meeting at Maple Grove. In 1998, the Maple Grove Library circulated well over 600,000 items with about 17 reference questions per hour. Population expansion was reviewed; Met Council is interested in Maple Grove development; a new library is being proposed for the final development. Self-checkout machines are operational and in a recent month, 15% of circulation was through self-checkout.

Motion to approve the minutes of January 27, 1999, was made by D. Mueller, seconded by P. Baskin; motion passed.


Deputy Director Position Update:
C. Brown reported that four interviews were held on Friday, Feb. 19, 1999, with a four-phase process; he hopes to make a decision by March 5.

Community Relations Manager Introduction:
C. Brown introduced Nancy Perron, new Community Relations Manager, who will oversee, Public Information, Programming, Volunteers/Friends.

Grant Activity:
A spreadsheet, focusing on the Library's overall grant activity, was mailed to Library Board members for information and to assist in understanding various, ongoing collaborations.

One World Grant: Deb Kalinka had submitted a request to renew the One World grant.

Cards for Kids Initiative: Chris DeGraff reported that name of this initiative will be changing due to a change in the focus of the program; Chris and Gretchen Wronka updated the Library Board on the proposal. Chris and Gretchen also reported on their recent trip to meet with Red McCombs in San Antonio.

Discussion of the Cards for Kids proposal. Motion to authorize renewal of the One World Grant and proceeding with the Foundation Kids Initiative was made by P. Baskin; seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed

County Board Resolution/MELSA appointment:
Commissioner Opat has been appointed to the MELSA Board of Trustees; the appointment also was intended to include the Metronet Board, and Library staff will check on clarifying that appointment.


Library Board Resolution:
Jack Cole and other Library Board members read paragraphs of the following resolution to be presented to Patti Baskin:

WHEREAS, Patti Baskin has served with distinction, on the Hennepin County Library (HCL) Board from April 1993 through February 1999; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Baskin has been elected as President of the Library Board in 1995, 1996 and 1998, was Chair of the Ways & means Committee in 1997, and served as the HCL representative on the MELSA/Metronet Board of Trustees in 1993 and 1994; and

WHEREAS, during her term on the Board, Patti Baskin has participated in many library events, such as the Southdale Library re-opening, the Plymouth Library grand opening, the HCL 75th Anniversary event; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Baskin has been active on the national level by attending American Library Association conferences and the 1996 National Leadership Forum and at the local level by serving as a consultant on the "Food for Thought" video produced by Health Partners and assisting staff in planning recognition events for the retiring Library Director ; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Baskin has provided significant contributions as the Library Board's representative on the Board of the Library Foundation of Hennepin County--especially in the formation of its highly successful "Pen Pals" lecture series; and

WHEREAS, Patti Baskin has served as the President of the Library Board with astonishing "grace under fire" during many difficult and unpopular discussions and decisions, including closing of the Southdale Media Lab and a 6-month review of the Library's Internet Policy;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Hennepin County Library Board expresses its sincere appreciation and admiration to Patti Baskin for her years of service to the citizens of Hennepin County and wishes her the best in future endeavors.

Jack Cole reported that the County Board has re-appointed Marilyn Jackson, but has postponed the additional appointment until April. Resolution was presented to Patti Baskin.

Program Brainstorming: C. Brown requested suggestions from the Library Board for program topics for 1999. Have scheduled Bill Morris, Decision Resources, to make a presentation on the survey results at the March Library Board meeting. Need to set up a policy review schedule for regular meeting agenda items; also need to look at the Internet Policy at the Nov/Dec meeting (scheduled for review in one year from approval in January, 1999). Suggestion for presentation/discussion of the Library 5-year plan and 1-year plan; capital budget future plans (not just buildings), but other capital initiatives; technology plans; Urban Libraries Council developing leaders from within program--a report on the symposium; libraries for the 21st century, coordinate a program for Library Board in addition to a County Board briefing; Peter Pearson, Libraries for the Future (program at Walker).

1999 Goals for Library Board:
Jack Cole noted that Library Board had received goals from Charles Brown, and now need to think of goals for the Library Board, such as becoming supportive of the advocacy program, a speakers bureau. This will be a future discussion topic.

P. Baskin: as part of her final remarks, she is glad that Jack Cole has taken the time to record the goals for the Library Board. Specifically, items that she has stressed during her 6 years on the Board. First, the continued support that the Library Board is a policy board and will not attempt to micro-manage the Library system. Second, to continue the practice to have one person speak to the press/media regarding policies and decisions of the Board.

Hopes & Expectations for Library Board and its President:
Jack Cole reported that he had received three of the completed forms from Board members and he distributed his hopes and expectations as President of the Library Board. Once he has received all and reviewed, hopes to plan time for discussion.

Library Director Work Plan:
C. Brown had prepared his work plan for Sandy Vargas and apologized for not sharing sooner with the Library Board; for future, hope to work on this with Library Board input. Discussion of the 1999 Plan by Library Board members.

County Board Briefing:
C. Brown reported on the difficulty in scheduling the Briefing--have a confirmation from Joey Rogers from ULC to present, but unable to confirm a date; have discussed possibility of Dick Ackroyd, Gates Learning Foundation, as a technical person. Date is uncertain due to Briefing schedule changes. C. Brown will work to facilitate the Briefing based on Commissioner Johnson's schedule and will announce the date as soon as something is scheduled.

County Board Election:
Jack Cole reported that following the March 16 primary election to fill Mark Andrew's seat, that a Library Board member be assigned to each of the two finalists to discuss Library issues. Carol Walsh volunteered, as a resident of the district; Jack Cole may meet with the other candidate; Dick Mueller knows Peter Bell if he is a finalist.

April 28 Meeting:
Charles Brown and Jack Cole will not be in town for the April 28 meeting; request to change the meeting to April 21, which was approved.
Jack Cole requested review of the Library Board meeting schedule at the March 24 meeting--look at day of week and time for meetings, location of meetings.

Written report was mailed to Library Board; nothing additional to report.

President: Jack Cole reported on the Metronet Windown held in the Governor's reception room at the Capital; Library Legislative Day is on March 17; downtown Minneapolis Public Library statement by Mayor Belton; possible tour of Ridgedale Library for the Library Board when occupancy permit is received; plans to hold meetings (via phone if necessary) of the Executive Committee based on the goals and to evaluate progress; will need to appoint a mentor for the newly appointed Board member; has attended meetings on the future of Metronet; Mary Treacy, Director of Metronet, has resigned; attended the panel discussion at the Walker on public space in cyberspace (Sharon Charles was a presenter);and MELSA is gearing up for summer programs. With appointment of Commissioner Mike Opat to the MELSA and Metronet Boards, Jack Cole has requested that Library staff copy and share agendas and minutes from each Board with Library Board members, and Jack will touch base with Comm. Opat on how best to share information.
Other Board Members: Carol Walsh reported that the next MELSA Trustee event is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, in the morning, at Roseville Public Library (unfortunately the date conflicts with a Foundation retreat that Charles Brown and Jack Cole have already committed to). Carol also attended the ULC Lifelong Learning group meeting at ALA mid-winter conference; she has no action items assigned; no decisions have been made. Marilyn Jackson asked if Governer Ventura had been invited to the Ridgedale re-opening; an invitation will be extended, however it is on a Sunday and he has indicated that is his family day. Marilyn reported on the Urban Libraries Council meeting she attended on Libraries as Urban Assets; and the ULC Board with its strongest commitment to help libraries develop new leaders. Dick Mueller attended ALA mid-winter and reported on the e-rate funding status (discussion and clarification of the e-rate issue as relates to HCL). Dick also attended a meeting of the Library Automation Group. Dick will work with ALTA for a program in Chicago in year 2000 on automation, also building a database for ALTA for advocacy contacts.


Motion was made by M. Jackson; seconded by B. Zaragoza to accept the gifts as listed; motion passed.

$279.03   Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for tow bags of MELSA Summer 1999 buttons and ten packages of MELSA Summer 1999 stickers.
150.00   Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for one performance of Schiffelly Puppets on Monday February 15, 1999.
100.00   Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for the purchase of adult paperbacks.
91.00   Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library to purchase reading records and buttons for the Youth Services Summer Program.
15" monitor and printer   Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for the children's area.

Meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary