OF MARCH 26, 1997

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, March 26, 1997 at the Southdale Area Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
Louise Wyly

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, T.Bonner, S.Charles, D.Cramer, J.Kinney, S.Louis, J.Bratvold, M.Wattson, P.Fox, L.Jennings, C.Ahrens, B.Berg.


GUESTS: Sd Friends: N. Sansone, K. Keilholtz, D. Mesenbourg.

President Baskin called the meeting to order. Special recognition was made of Juli Bratvold, the Library graphic artist, for all her outstanding work--especially on the 75th Anniversary project.

Motion was made by Dick Mueller to approve the February 26, 1997 meeting minutes; seconded by Louise Wyly. Motion passed.


Jack Cole gave the report of the Nominating Committee:
President: Marilyn Jackson
Vice President: Jack Cole
Secretary: Bob Zaragoza

J. Cole moved the nominations as recommended; D. Mueller seconded; motion passed with officers elected by acclamation.

P. Baskin thanked everyone for their support during her two terms as President and turned the meeting over to J. Cole (in the absence of M. Jackson).

A letter was read from Marilyn Jackson acknowledging her acceptance of the office of President and appointing Patti Baskin as Chair of the Ways & Means Committee.

Jack Cole reported that the Nominating Committee has discussed the start time of Board meetings; for future discussion to look into changing start time to 4:30 or 5:00 p.m.; however, concern was expressed about the height of the rush hour. Charles Brown inquired into the possibility of a few evening meetings each year to encourage more public participation--it is an option that was mentioned at the Future Search Conference. Discussion of publicity about the meetings--agendas are posted in each library, agenda is on Library Home Page, announced in Events & Issues. Possible topic for discussion at a future Ways & Means Committee.

P. Baskin reminded all that the next meeting is scheduled for April 9, 4:00 p.m., at the Ridgedale Studio.

J. Cole reported that, after careful consideration of the proposed schedule for policy approval, the recommendation of the Committee was for more detailed discussion of policies at Ways & Means Committee meetings prior to progression to the full Board meetings.


C. Brown confirmed the date change to April 23 at the home of Patti Baskin. Retreat plans: Carolyn Gallagher of Search Conference and Bill Morris of Decision Resources regarding survey data. Brown requested input on any specific issues Library Board members would like to see covered as part of the Retreat. P. Baskin would like to see a melding of how the survey and Search Conference come together and what staff thinks the outcomes should be, to make sure both items are being used. L. Wyly noted it would be interesting to see how the survey results are meshing with what is being done and where there are "holes." Previous retreats have covered Board development and long range planning.

Margie Schuster presented background on the Friends meeting on March 1 that brought about the changes proposed in the Friends Policy that was just approved in January by the Library Board. The participants at the Friends meeting had no problems with any of the philosophy or basic structure of the Policy, and were very pleased with such a policy, but did have issue with the order of the items presented. Motion to approve the revised policy was made by L. Wyly, seconded by P. Baskin; motion passed.


C. Brown shared the CALM proposal (Cluster and Area Libraries Manager) with the Library Board which came about after the transfer of R. Byrne to Southdale and dissolving the PS Co-Manager role. This is the initial phasing of a transfer of duties to a larger base of staff, a model which has been used successfully elsewhere.

T. Bonner reported on this lecture series: first year runs from the fall of 1997 to the spring of 1998, with four lectures in October, November, April, and May. This will be a ticketed series--a fundraiser. Planning to hold the series at a synagogue in Minnetonka and are working on locating corporate sponsors for the series. Need to raise about $45,000 to fund the series.

President: P. Baskin attended Legislative Day on March 5 with Charles Brown; the Art Initiative has been moving forward with a recommendation for an overall budget of $200,000 [Mueller requested copies of the Art Initiative meeting minutes due to his involvement with an art project].

MELSA/Metronet: Jack Cole reported that Jim Wroblewski has been offered the position of MELSA Executive Director and has accepted; he will begin on May 5. The Metronet presentation "Everybody Wins"--libraries working with the local business community to provide a reading partner for elementary age children. J. Cole invited HCL to review the program for possible implementation. Reminder of the Minnesota Book Awards on Friday evening, April 11, at no cost.

Member Reports: L. Wyly is planning to attend a Covey workshop on "First Things First" in April. C. Walsh is planning to attend ALA in San Francisco and is also planning to attend the Job & Career Information Center opening. D. Mueller is also planning to attend ALA and the Job & Career Center opening. He also noted a need for CD Rom assistance for the public to study for GED and Education for Basic Skills (J. Kinney will check on what is available in the Job & Career Center).

Following the June meeting, Patti Baskin, Jack Cole, and Marilyn Jackson will get together with Carol Walsh and Dick Mueller to brief them on ALA activities.

Jack Cole mentioned that the trustees should receive this spring ballots for ALA positions -- with Jack's name as one of the candidates for Council.

P. Baskin had received a letter from MELSA about the MELSA-wide trustee workshop committee. For the past two years MELSA has sponsored a retreat for trustees (half day on a fall Saturday). Request was made for each MELSA trustee board to appoint one member to the Planning Task Force (probably involves 3 meetings). Need to respond to MELSA by April 14. Volunteer for this position should notify J. Cole or C. Ahrens.

C. Brown reported on the Communications Decency Act; ALA is a lead plaintiff in this case; hope to have a decision in June. D. Cramer will check if Library Board may donate from Undesignated Gift Fund to this effort. STAR TRIBUNE editorial dated 3/26 was mentioned. B. Brown attended the Collection Round-Up meeting; video conference at Abbott Northwestern Hospital on Internet; March 1 Friends meeting, Role of Area Libraries meetings; meeting with Barry Petit, Wayzata mayor, regarding the possible relocation of Wa Library; Foundation Board meeting, joint training of MPL and HCL Management Teams, and a lunch meeting with Harold Kittleson and Mary Lawson. Report of a Long Lake issue: the President of the Friends group has initiated a petition campaign to extend the hours of the LL Library initially due to closing of Ridgedale Library and needs of school children which grew into an issue that the Long Lake Library was just not open enough hours. Three community meetings have been scheduled, and the dates will be shared with the Library Board. J. Cole requested a meeting in the Plymouth area (update: the meetings have now been scheduled in five locations). Report on the MELSA Executive Director search process where Julia Morgan represented HCL; ALA search for Executive Director--public announcement of finalists should be made soon; may have a temporary site for ATS staff at Northern Telecomm facility in Opus--negotiations are proceeding.

Activities/Programs: C. Brown gave a statistics report in the absence of Linda Engberg--information contacts are down, but circulation continues to increase, with a significant increase in juvenile circulation.

75th Anniversary: T. Bonner gave an overview of the plans for the gala event on Saturday, April 19, at the Southdale Library. She also read the current donations list which was quite extensive. Linda Jennings reported on a history booklet that is being prepared--a brief overview of the rich HCL 75-year history.

Job & Career Information Center: J. Kinney gave a brief update on the Center.
Technology Center Proposal: Proposal has been shared with Library Board; any comments should be shared with Sharon Charles in Technical Services.

It was moved by P. Baskin and seconded by L. Wyly to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$330.00 City of Richfield paid for performer and face painters to be at the Augsburg Park Library on Winter Family Fun Day.
142.55 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for convertible dolly.
25.00 Lael Grathwol to the Children's Readmobile Gift Fund.
325.67 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for Gallery services to frame picture, Summer Program stickers and buttons, and MN Library Legislative Day.
1263.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund for coffee cart, pot and coffee, floor lamp, pitcher and glasses.
200.00 Friends of the Long Lake Library to the Long Lake Library for puppets.
174.66 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for MELSA Summer Program buttons and stickers.
10.00 Paul and Wendy Engelman to the Ridgedale Library Agency Gift Fund.
125.15 Friends of the Rogers Library to the Rogers Library for Star Company Puppet show and Summer Program stickers.
158.00 Friends of the Rogers Library to the Rogers Library for CD player.
80.94 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for buttons and stickers for Summer Programs.
1158.37 Friends of the Westonka Library for display dolls, cookies for program, framing for posters, and furniture for children's area.
CD-ROM Busy World of Richard Scarry Busytown donated to the Southdale Library Children's media bench by an anonymous donor.

Motion to adjourn; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary

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