OF MARCH 25, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, March 25, 1998, at the Eden Prairie Community Library.

PRESENT: Marilyn Jackson, President
Patti Baskin
Jack Cole
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING:C.Brown, T.Bonner, D.Cramer, L.Engberg, J.Kinney, J. Gegner, P. Holt, D. Kalinka, L. Langer, S. Louis, C. Muchow, M. Swatosh, A.Turner, C.Ahrens, B. Berg.

GUESTS: Mary White (Office of Budget and Finance/Henn. County)

President Jackson called the meeting to order and welcomed new Library Board member Peggy Kelly.

Motion was made by P. Baskin to approve the February 25, 1998 meeting minutes; seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.

Lois Langer, Eden Prairie Librarian, reviewed information about the community and its perception. In 1996 the population was about 50,000, expecting final build out to be about 63,000 in the year 2010. 45% of the population is between 25-44 years old, with a median household income of $53,000. The library processes approximately 6,000 hold every month. Most common complaints from public: 1) materials not on shelves; 2) not enough hours; and 3) parking lot too small.


P. Baskin reported on the March 18 meeting: staff presentations, discussion of officer roles on Library Board, fines & fees are on a three-year cycle that will currently not recommend any major revisions to the fine and fee structure for the 1999 fiscal year, which pleased the Library Management Team.

J. Cole reviewed policy development activities. Since all library buildings are either owned or rented by the County, that gives ADA compliance, there was no need for an access policy. Also, the relationship with the Library Foundation of Hennepin County, there was no policy needed based on the County Commissioner resolution in 1996. Revenue policy was reviewed and referred to staff for examination/discussion and return to Committee prior to next meeting.

P. Baskin, chair, reviewed past practice of committee members being nominated for offices. Since the proposed slate of officers includes her name, she resigned from the Nominating Committee and asked Carol Walsh to give the report. Nominating Committee meeting minutes of March 19 were distributed to Library Board and were reviewed by C. Walsh. The recommended slate of officers is Patti Baskin for President, Marilyn Jackson for Vice President, and Bob Zaragoza for Secretary. Jack Cole moved to accept the Nominating Committee report; seconded by Marilyn Jackson. Vote passed with one dissenting vote.

Marilyn Jackson thanked the Library Board for the opportunity to serve and turned the meeting over to Patti Baskin. P. Baskin recognized accomplishments of Marilyn Jackson and the Library activities accomplished during her term as President.



C. Brown reported:

Staff Issues

Organizational Initiatives Capital Projects Community Activities Professional Activities Other

L. Engberg reported that summer hours have been set--in addition to GV, Sd and Bd, both the Plymouth and Hopkins Libraries will be open on Saturday this summer to take up the slack from the closed Ridgedale Library. The Library recevied a $12,000 grant from the Cargill Corporation for the Family Read-to-Me program in Bloomington. The One World Series of programs continued to be very successful. On April 21 the MELSA Education Committee is sponsoring Will Manley at Southdale, 1:30 p.m. Statistics: increase in volunteer hours, number of reserves placed through February is almost 100,000.

Public Library Association Conference [Bob Zaragoza entered the meeting.]
Gretchen Wronka was unable to attend the Library Board meeting to report, but print materials were distributed.
Ali Turner gave a quick review of the PLA program on the HCL Great Transitions program (materials were also distributed).
Pamela Holt discussed the program she presented with Michael McConnell on the Information Services Team report (materials distributed).

Computers in Libraries '98
Janet Kinney gave a brief overview of the presentation she did with Marilyn Turner and Glenn Peterson in Washington, D.C, a very well-received program.


Jeff Gegner gave an overview of the lease collection with a goal to provide improved customer service. Hope to be a self-sustaining, cost-containment program rather than a revenue generator. Motion to approve the Bestseller Express Program was made by M. Jackson, seconded by C. Walsh; motion passed.

C. Brown noted that this was a follow-up to a previous Library Board conversation. Provided Library Board with a status report on the 1997 strategic initiatives that were identified; second part of the packet was information regarding the 1998 strategic initiatives. Discussion took place in two parts, the first being the 1997 initiatives.
Questions from Library Board:
AWAIR program --essentially health and safety in the work place.

1998 strategic initiatives -- format developed by Linda Engberg was very well received by County government and served as a model for several other departments. Technology initiatives and Ridgedale will be major undertakings for 1998.
Questions from Library Board:
Focus group: request for a report on the 2/17/98 group; C. Brown responded verbally. Request for expansion of focus groups to other communities, e.g. immigrant populations.

M. Jackson: Participated on Policy Development Committee, next meeting is scheduled for April 29 with some additional staff input.

MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported on the MLA trustee interactive video program on May 7, 5-7:00 p.m., local site is the School District 287 offices, near the Administrative building. Topics will be legal ramifications of being a trustee and Internet access issues. Information will be sent to trustees.

Metronet: Minnesota Book Awards, 10th year, held at Minnesota History Center/auditorium, 7:00 p.m. (arrive by 6:30 for a seat), overflow crowds, 7 of the authors nominated live in suburban Hennepin County. About 650 libraries are members of Metronet. Working on Library Technology Site Grant: received 14 applications from the metro area plus one from Metronet, $3.5 million is available, requests were received for $7 million.

MELSA: Will be changing the calendar year to January-December. Strategic planning retreat is scheduled with Advisory Board on April 2-3.

Other Board Members:
P. Baskin reported that plans for next season of Pen Pals are proceeding.

Teresa Bonner reported on the new Foundation Board member orientation.

Next meeting of Library Board is scheduled for April 22. P. Baskin made a motion to change the April 22 meeting to April 29; and requested that the April & May meetings (in addition to the Ways & Means Committee meetings) Library Board meetings begin at 4:30 p.m. P. Kelly seconded; motion passed.

President Baskin requested board approval of recent gifts to the library as submitted. It was moved by P. Kelly and seconded by J. Cole to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$290.00 Brookdale Friends for periodicals.
624.28 Brookdale Friends for puppets.
545.02 Brookdale Friends for puppets.
60.70 Brookdale Friends for Home Collection software for staff use.
300.00 Catherine S. Fischer for Children's Readmobile (honorarium).
300.00 Eden Prairie Optimist Club for monetary awards for Short Story Writing Contest for Children in May 1998.
150.00 Excelsior Friends for Schiffelly Puppet performance.
67.24 Minnetonka Friends for children's books for Sojourner Women's Shelter.
80.94 Osseo Friends for MELSA summer program materials.
61.69 Plymouth Friends for books as door prizes at the Wayzata Parents Fair.
300.00 Plymouth Friends for one-shots.
380.00 Rogers Friends for oak end table and summer program materials.
219.98 Southdale Friends for coffee urn.
122.00 Southdale Friends for magician for Children's Area dedication.
375.00 Southdale Friends for Sankofa public performance, video and promotional posters.
902.94 Westonka Friends for paperback tower and storytime rug.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary