OF MARCH 24, 1999

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, March 24, 1999, at the Edina Community Library.

PRESENT: Jack Cole, President
Patti Baskin
Marilyn Jackson
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Morgan, C.DeGraff, D.Kalinka, E.Feinberg, N.Perron, P.Chisenhall, P.Holt, R.Byrne, C.Muenchow, L.Taylor, S.Louis, M.Wattson, C.Ahrens & B.Berg.

GUESTS: Bill Morris & staff member from Decision Resources Limited, JoAnn Harris (OBF), Mr. Roy Yeater (resident of New Hope).

President Jack Cole called the meeting to order and welcomed guests.

Public Comment: Mr. Roy Yeater, resident of New Hope, and is an engineer, writer, historian, genealogist, etc. He uses Rockford Road Library basically. As a computer user, he receives his notices over e-mail and he has noted an option to receive reserve notices and overdue notices over the Internet. He feels there is a shortcoming regarding the overdues in the library system. He has been in contact with Charles Brown electronically. A current e-mail explaining his concern was distributed to Library Board members at this meeting. Mr. Yeater explained his concern over late notification of overdue materials, his request that the library look into notifying patrons before items are due as a reminder, and the unfortunate use of fines to generate revenue.
** President Jack Cole referred this discussion to the Ways & Means Committee in May to look at policy implications at the Board level.
** Request that Marilyn Turner attend the May 12 Ways & Means Committee meeting for this notification discussion as relates to technology.

Edina Community Library - P. Holt: Ms. Holt presented background and history of the Edina Library (currently building dedicated in 1968), including the hopes and plans for a new building. She expressed thanks to C. Brown and D. Cramer for their efforts on behalf of the Edina Library.

Motion to approve the minutes of February 24, 1999, meeting was made by M. Jackson, seconded by D. Mueller and C. Walsh; motion passed.

Presentation by Bill Morris of Decision Resources Ltd. on the Fall 1998 Survey Results/Trends, the second survey undertaken for HCL, administered between Nov. 9 and Dec. 16 in 1998. Spoke with 405 randomly selected residents of suburban Hennepin County; average interview length was 23 minutes; approximately 10% of respondents did stay on the phone for over 75 minutes; refusal rate was approximately a little under 5%; a good completion rate. Review of overheads. Promotions trying to induce non-users into the Library is not working. Average user: 35-54 years old, households with children, more often used=high school student in household, college graduates, house with modems. Usage is not dropping, but not increasing. Services without large constituencies have strong supporters.
Results of the survey will be shared with staff.
There was an error in the Executive Summary; DRL will correct and copies will be redistributed to the Library Board.

Ways & Means Committee Chairman was not present and Minutes from March 10 were not available; the Minutes will be included in Library Board packet for April 21 meeting.



Library Employee Recognition Event: C. Brown reminded Library Board of the event on April 22 and the need to RSVP.

1999 Library Board Retreat: J. Cole reminded Board of the retreat last December and asked if there were specific topics the Library Board would like to cover.
Suggested topics: Library technology and automation (e.g.,balance of electronic vs. print); security and materials handling systems; training kiosks (e.g. Office 2000--can I come to the Library to train on that); speaking about the library communications policies, public speaking. J. Cole will follow up with the two absent Board members for any input. Previous retreats were planned by the Library Board President with the Director, identified speakers/facilitators, locations, menu. Renewal opportunity was also mentioned. J. Cole will report to Library Board at the April meeting. Time preference is for any time necessary for the retreat--preference was suggested for weekend.

Written report was mailed to Library Board; two additional items to report on. 1) Library Board appointment: no additional applicants were received for Library Board position; appointment planned to be made by County Board on April 6. 2) Follow up on the March 10 Ways & Means Committee questions regarding Library Y2K compliance--S. Charles prepared a response and it was distributed at this meeting. County Board Public Hearing regarding Library fees has been scheduled for 2:00 p.m. April 27 at Committee; C. Brown has met with four Commissioners and two staff about the request; currently doesn't anticipate any problems with the fee changes.

D. Mueller: Attended Library Legislative Day and reported on his meetings with legislators. He plans to attend training and become a reader for children at the Plymouth Library.

C. Walsh: Participated in Library Legislative Day meetings with Rep. Rhodes and Sen. Steve Kelley. MELSA trustee workshop brochures should be mailed out soon

Jack Cole: Attended Library Legislative Day and met with legislators. A list of legislators on the Education Finance committee was distributed for Library Board member use. The MLTA second newsletter was distributed. Mary Treacy, Director of Metronet, has resigned to take a position out of the country. Commissioner Opat now represents HCL on MELSA and Metronet Boards. Request was made for copies of the 1998 MELSA crossover study for Library Board members. Diane Hofstede, President of MPL Board, has requested a meeting with Commissioner Johnson to discuss the new MPL facility; J. Cole asked C. Brown to prepare some information for the Commissioner and that memo was shared with Library Board. Attended a meeting called by Sue Mahmoodi regarding development of a readers advisory specialist in LDS. J. Cole reported that Peggy Kelly will represent the Library Board on the Ridgedale Re-opening Planning Committee; major event is planned for October 10. C. Brown will add to all future agendas under Unfinished Business: Building Updates -- to report regularly on status. Request was made for Chris DeGraff to report on Ridgedale Art fundraising project. Brookdale building plans: C. Brown reported on the architect's conceptual development for the building plans.

Hopes & Expectations: J. Cole distributed items that he had received from Library Board members. He would like to see this as a possible topic for retreat -- finalizing these types of hopes/expectations, and working together, opens communication.


Motion was made by P. Baskin; seconded by D. Mueller to accept the gifts as listed; motion passed.

$ 50.00  Abraham Franck to the Augsburg Park Library for interchangeable magnetic sign holders.
1600.00  Minnesota Valley Federated Women's Club of Richfield to the Augsburg Park Library for non-fiction books.
1500.00  Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library for the purchase of furniture, equipment, and miscellaneous.
225.00  Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for two performance of Schiffelly Puppets.
498.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for MELSA summer program materials.
106.50  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Childrens Readmobile for MELSA summer program stickers.
245.63  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for short story writing contest prizes and reception.
250.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for browsing materials.
100.00  Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for the purchase of travel books form Bookmen.
73.23  Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for Holiday Storytime supplies and Bill the Juggler program.
50.00  Moms Club of Maple Grove to the Maple Grove Library for children's services.
77.88  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for door prizes and books for Wayzata Parents Fair.
72.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a laminated world map for diversity projects.
63.89  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a puppet box.
50.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for honorarium for Ramadan storyteller.
25.00  William and Susan Hart to the Southdale Library in memory of Bea Lambert for adult audio cassette book.

Meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary