OF APRIL 26, 2000

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 26, 2000, at the Golden Valley Community Library.
PRESENT: Carol Walsh, President
Jack Cole
John Gibbs
Patricia Izek
David Pratt
LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Leick, N.Perron, C.DeGraff, S.Charles, M.Gillespie, C. Muchow, J.Morgan, A.Eccles, R.Byrne, M.Turner, E.Feinberg, A.Wiley, V.Oeljen, L.Larsen, S.Louis, M.Bell, C.Ahrens & B.Berg
GUESTS: S.Berman, D.Mueller

President Walsh called the meeting to order following a tour of the renovated Golden Valley Library.

Golden Valley Library: Ardis Wiley distributed "Welcome Back" brochure with floorplan of library; she reviewed some of the community outreach done during the Ridgedale partnership and during the renovation.

The minutes of the March 22, 2000, meeting had been mailed to Library Board members. Motion to approve the minutes was made by J. Cole; seconded by P. Izek; motion passed.

Roles & Services: draft had been mailed to Library Board members. C. Brown presented background on the need for roles and services offered by the 26 libraries. Several presentations on roles & services have been scheduled, the Library Board is one of them. Roles & Services Team presentation, chaired by R. Byrne. Team was established based on a directive from Sandra Vargas to define a framework for strategic location of library resources; and document was to be completed in time for inclusion in the 2001 budget process. Many of the team members participated in the King County site visit--King County had prepared roles and services several years ago. Charge of the team was to create a framework; with the framework, an implementation team would work with individual agencies and communities to devise service plans. Mention of a central telephone and e-mail reference operation and hope that HCL can explore such a program. The Team feels very strongly about working toward a strong system identification, a strong system philosophy, a strong system outlook. The County has established strategic directions: productivity, keeping taxes down, and collaboration.

Ways & Means Committee: Nothing to report at this time; next Committee meeting is scheduled for May 10, 8:00 a.m., at Ridgedale.
Policy Committee: C. Walsh has asked P. Izek to be a member of the Policy Committee, and is awaiting confirmation from one other Board member; both will work with Julia Morgan on Policies.

Resolution: Library Board Resolution of Recognition was presented to Richard (Dick) Mueller to thank him for his 3-year service on the Library Board.

Building Updates: C. Brown updated on variety of active library projects: Rd coffee shop; Sd coffee shop is beginning to "gel;" signage (thanks to Julia Morgan) is now being installed; building updates on Wayzata, Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park and Hopkins, Augsburg Park, and Brookdale.

Missing Bibliographic Records/Books: C. Brown presented background on the current situation -- In January some trade media reported that works authored by Sanford Berman had been removed from HCL and bibliographic records were purged. At the same time HCL received a request for information from MLA Intellectual Freedom chair. This was the first notification to HCL of the missing materials and records; in checking, some of the materials were not found on the shelf. HCL undertook an internal investigation to try to discover what might have happened; however there are so many access points and individuals who know how to weed items from the data base, it may be impossible to identify an individual. Steps that have now been taken: changes to some of the protocols to limit individual access, when horizon is replaced next year there will be more controls to bibliographic records. The new assistant manager in CAB may have some background to assist with limiting access. Records have been restored and HCL is working to replace the missing materials.

Sanford Berman was present and requested to address the Library Board with specific questions.
1) Has HCL responded to inquiries from Minnesota Library Association and Minnesota Coalition Against Censorship relating to the complaints filed with each organization?
2) Has HCL informed the HCL staff of what has happened?
3) S. Berman submitted four requests to C.Brown and N.Perron:
 --an accounting with numbers of what titles were found, how many copies, and where.
 --a formal condemnation of what he termed a detestable and deliberate act of censorship or bibliocide
 --a vigorous attempt to identify and then discipline whoever may have been responsible for this
 --initiatives to prevent the recurrence of what he termed an intellectual freedom travesty in future.

S.Berman requested that the Library Board direct the Library Administration to act on the four matters that he has requested they act upon.

President Walsh requested that the details of the four Berman requests be included in minutes for Library Board review.

ULC Leadership Symposium: C. Brown reported on the Urban Libraries Council Leadership Symposium, to be co-hosted by the office of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Mary Dempsey, Commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, December 8 & 9, 2000. Invitations will be sent to the seven County Commissioners, Library Director, and Trustees. Following trustees expressed interest in attending: M. Jackson (as a member of the ULC Board), P. Izek, C. Walsh.

C. Brown reported on a few additional items: he participated in a day-long retreat with County Commissioners, and County Board has identified four major strategic directions--working with others/collaboration, keeping taxes down, productivity, and infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.); library has been identified as one of county's five lines of business and Charles made a presentation before the County Board at the retreat; WCCO Dimension team interviewed library users of pornographic sites at the downtown Minneapolis library, confronted Library Director Mary Lawson about this use, and will be running the story during "sweeps" period in May; Stanford University Institute on 21st Century librarianship--HCL's two applicants have been accepted, Foundation has agreed to pay the tuition.

C. Walsh: She will be participating in the Library Foundation retreat and will report at May Board meeting; attended the State of the County address; attended MELSA trustee workshop on marketing--with three other HCL trustees. Report from B. Zaragoza who attended the Latino outreach program at Oxboro with very positive results and he would like to see the program continued.

J. Cole: Received a letter from Sally Starner regarding restricting Internet access similar to Milwaukee Public Library, staff was unaware of her letter, but will prepare a draft for approval by Library Board President. He reported on the Library Foundation Board meeting on 4/26 and action taken.

Reminder of the "events" list mailed to Library Board members, and to watch for future participation opportunities, especially the Volunteer Recognition event on May 13.

Grants: N.Perron reported on the One World grant that has been approved.

Gift Acceptance: Motion to accept the gifts was made by J. Cole; seconded by D. Pratt; motion passed.

$357.93  Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for the Writer’s Workshop for Children; John Coy presenter and display units for handouts.
 254.00  Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for MELSA summer program materials.
 400.00  Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for board books for children’s collection.
 350.00  Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library to purchase rocking chair for children’s picture book room.
 550.00  Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for grand reopening supplies and programs.
 350.00  Keith Donaldson to the Plymouth Library for original painting.
1359.84  Friends of the Rogers Library to the Rogers Library for the following items: programs, magazine subscription, browsing materials, display materials, lamp and av brackets. Television, display units, end caps, magazine.
  38.23  Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for board books gifts for First Birthday Storytimes.
Gifts received in 1999:
5137.00  Friends of the Hopkins Library to the Hopkins Library for the following items: reupholstery of furniture, work processing PC with printer, plants for outdoors, supplies and programs for summer reading program, reading program, memorial plaque for library wall, FOLUSA membership, MLA membership, Hopkins Bus. & Civic Assoc. Membership, holiday refreshments, annual mtg. expenses and mtg. mailings, book sale expenses, fund for staff retirement parties.
1283.03  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for the purchase of the following items: puppets, magnets, holiday storytime program, holiday greens and poinsettias.

ADJOURNMENT  Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.

John Gibbs, Secretary