OF APRIL 25, 2001

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 25, 2001, at the Augsburg Park Community Library.

Present: President Carol Walsh, John Gibbs, Dawn Harris, Patricia Izek, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Leick, C.DeGraff, J.Morgan, N.Perron, G.Wronka, M.Bell, A.Eccles, V.Oeljen, T.Pineda, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Hattie Jackson (OBF), Alanna Tyler (County Administration).

Welcome & Public Comment
President Walsh called the meeting to order.

Augsburg Park Library: Vicki Oeljen, Senior Librarian, welcomed everyone to the Augsburg Park Library (AP) in Richfield and presented information on the building renovation and invited anyone interested to stay for a quick tour after the meeting. Special programs offered at AP: 1) Latino literacy program due to increased Latino population in the community; 2) Read Team event (partnership); 3) Family Read-To-Me (partnership) targets at-risk children and their parents; 4) children's Readmobile visits Richfield sites; 5) Spanish 4H Club (partnership) which just started in April; 6) conversational class for people learning English -- just started last week; and 7) Title I Mail-A-Book program. Projects under development: 1) Teen intern program with a $10,000 grant funded for the school year; 2) St. Catherine's Intern in Library Science will be volunteering over the summer; 3) services to seniors; 4) continued work within the community of Richfield.

PLA Literacy Project: Library Board had received a copy of a letter announcing HCL as a pilot site for a PLA literacy project. Gretchen Wronka gave a little more background and information on the proposed project. There was a request for a future report to the Library Board about mid-point in the project.

A motion to approve the minutes of the March 28, 2001, meeting was made by D. Pratt, seconded by C. Steinke, and motion passed.

Ways & Means Committee: David Pratt reviewed the previous discussion regarding dissolution of the Committee. David Pratt moved cancellation of the May 9 Ways & Means Committee meeting; seconded by John Gibbs; motion passed. Motion made by D. Pratt to send notice of intent to revise the Bylaws discontinuing the Ways & Means Committee; seconded by J. Gibbs; motion passed.

Policy Committee: Julia Morgan reviewed the schedule for policy review with Internet Public Use Policy at this meeting, Programming Policy in May, and other policies in June.
Internet Public Use Policy: John Gibbs moved approval of changes/amendments to the Policy; Cynthia Steinke seconded. Maureen Bell responded to Library Board discussion questions and noted that most changes were made to reflect changes in the state law. Discussion: 1) clarification on access to e-mail at library; 2) consequences for misuse of computer; 3) filtering question; 4) request for report on filtering options and costs for next review of the Policy in 2002. John Gibbs amended his motion to include deletion of item #4 under GUIDELINES. Amended motion to approve revised Policy passed.

2002 Budget: Library Department has received the budget guidelines; Library has received authority to submit budget at 105.5% of the 2001 budget. D. Cramer distributed and reviewed the Operating Budget Schedule. C. Brown noted some major budget drivers: 1) 2-year union contracts are being negotiated now for 2002; 2) health care increases.

Construction Projects Update - C. Brown
Presented updates on Wayzata, Edina, St. Louis Park (will close May 16 for remodeling) Brookdale, Maple Grove, Hopkins, and St. Anthony (Community meeting scheduled for Monday, April 30, 7:00 p.m. -- notice to be sent to Library Board).


In addition to the written report: Charles Brown has been asked to serve on the University of Minnesota librarian search committee; C. Brown will be attending Executive Leadership program at the Kennedy School the week of May 7.

Carol Walsh: Noted calendar of events for May; recommended all Board members look at the website Online Book Clubs; she attended the Minnesota Book Awards. The May 23 Library Board meeting will be followed by a 6:00 p.m. reception for the 10th anniversary of the Readmobile, agenda will include Programming Policy, 2002 Budget and presentation by Richard Johnson; decision was made to begin the May 23 meeting at 4:15 p.m. to ensure adjournment by 6:00 p.m. for the reception.

Motion to approve the gifts was made by Cynthia Steinke, seconded by Patricia Izek; motion passed.

$10,805.99 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth library for the following: four Hennepin Park Programs, Wendy Freshman Program, Pencils, John Coy Program Refreshments, Gardening programs, Silk Flower Arrangement, Bronze Girl Sculpture by Gary Price, Books for Wayzata Parenting Fair, and Staff Aprons.
704.92 Friends of the Maple Grove Library to the Maple Grove Library for the following items: Bookpage Subscription, Aquatics Plus (aquarium cleaning), Program treats, and MG Arts Council (library display).
  Following gifts were received in 2000:
1,412.26 Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for the following items: Two Christmas Books, Summer reading supplies, Summer reading books, Periodical Subscriptions - Starlog and Ladybug, Hennepin Parks (summer program), Writing Contest gift certificates, Posters, Books for "Friends Indeed" drawing, Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate for "Friends Indeed" drawing, Supplies - "Friends Indeed" celebration, Highsmith - three soft sculpture animals, Books for Mystery Book Club.

Motion to adjourn was made by C. Steinke, seconded by P. Izek; motion passed.

Patricia Izek, Secretary