OF APRIL 29, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 29, 1998, at the St. Louis Park Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: L.Engberg, T.Bonner, D.Cramer, J.Kinney, S.Charles, C.Muchow, J.Clem, E.Hansen, C.Ahrens, B. Berg.

GUESTS: Daphne DePorres (consultant); Mary White (Office of Budget and Finance/Henn. County)

President Baskin called the meeting to order and introduced Daphne DePorres who will be a consultant with the Library Board.

Motion was made by P. Kelly to approve the March 25, 1998 meeting minutes; seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.

E. Hansen and J. Clem, St. Louis Park staff, presented a vision for the future of St. Louis Park Library -- a technology center "outside the building walls" with several kiosks throughout the community.


B. Zaragoza reported on the April 8 meeting. There was one action item brought forward to today's meeting: donation to Gary Sudduth Memorial. Discussion of other Ways & Means meeting topics: the Bestseller Express program; budget concerns and the 1999 timeline; and a Ridgedale construction project update.

J. Cole reported that the scheduled committee meeting had been canceled. Group is working on Services to Library Users with Limited Access policy.


Video copies of the County Board meeting discussion of the Bestseller Express program, along with a copy of the Board approved resolution to hold a public hearing, were distributed to Library Board members. L. Engberg reported that the County Board public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23, 7:00 p.m., at the Brookdale Area Library. When C. Brown returns, need to strategize on the next steps to take.

As Charles Brown was absent for this meeting, he had prepared a written report which was mailed to Library Board members. P. Baskin commented that she enjoyed receiving the written report and will discuss continuing for future Director reports.

L. Engberg reported on many Library activities, including:
Take Our Daughters to Work--HCL sponsored a special program at the Southdale Library, quite a success.
Summer program update--posters, buttons, etc. are being marketed and sold nationally by MELSA.
Web page suggestion box--library uses the information submitted via homepage suggestion box and does initiate some changes based on input.
In February the library purged the patron file (purged all data of cards not used within 3 years). As of February 3, 1998, there are 497,238 active users; almost 6,000 new cards were issued in March; and in March HCL circulated almost 1 million items in the single month.

Questions from Library Board members about exterior signage project and the Ridgedale strike and its effect on the project.

L. Engberg also reported that the library sales tax (part of the legislative platform) was repealed effective July 1, 1998.

Pen Pals: T. Bonner reported that response has been excellent to the three of four current series presentations; update on current activities; and an update on the 1998/1999 series plans.


This item was progressed from the April 8 Ways & Means Committee. Motion by B. Zaragoza that the Library Board donate $100 from the undesignated gift fund to the MPL Gary Sudduth Memorial; P. Kelly & M. Jackson seconded; motion passed.

Motion by B. Zaragoza to proceed with June 24 meeting plans at the County Home School and to authorize no more than $100 from the undesignated gift fund to pay for the meeting expenses; seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.

Discussion of an October date. Oct. 10-20 is good for Jack Cole. Decision was made that P. Baskin and C. Ahrens will discuss possible dates.


MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported that HCL received two technology grants--for Augsburg Park and for Brooklyn Park. Melsa joint powers agreement needs to be updated; Melsa now has a technology coordinator on staff; looking at sharing of patron records; and reminder of the May 7 interactive video presentation.

Other Board Members:
M. Jackson: reported on her attendance at the Staff Recognition Breakfast, State of the County Address (in the video shown, three of the Commissioners specifically mentioned the library), and that she is preparing for the Urban Libraries Council Executive Board meeting and Leadership Symposium in May.
C. Walsh: Reported on Melsa trustee workshop; and she is also attending the ULC Leadership Symposium.

P. Baskin thanked Teresa Bonner for all she's done for the Foundation. T. Bonner reported on interim arrangements that have been made; Foundation Executive Committee meeting minutes will be distributed to Library Board members.

Motion by D. Mueller to accept the gifts as listed; seconded by M. Jackson; motion passed.

$71.05  Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for a kite for the teen area.
314.00  Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library for the MELSA Summer Program materials.
533.74  Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for: Children's Book Week ($66.63); Browsing ($82.61); Search Institute Program ($404.50).
457.28  Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for: Browsing ($132.45); Summer Program Items ($324.83).
392.00  Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for gift certificates to be given to winners in the "Read to Win" summer program.
204.80  Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for 80 copies of the book "The Broken Blade" by Bill Durban to be given to participants in the Eden Prairie Summer Book Discussion program.
745.37  Friends of the Excelsior Community Library for 13 browsing bin dividers and new browsing titles.
109.69  Friends of the Excelsior Community Library to the Excelsior library for 250 book bags (to be distributed at the End of Summer Party) and 400 bookmarks for distribution to various groups.
111.29  Friends of the Excelsior Community Library to the Excelsior Community for 1000 bookmarks and 200 book bags.
300.00  Friends of the Hopkins Community Library to the Hopkins Community Library to help support summer programs at Hopkins Library.
1500.00  Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for adult ESL and GED materials.
75.90  Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for four (4) books on bread machine baking.
24.00  Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for two (2) copies of the local church cookbook.
299.29  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Children's Readmobile for adult and children's books.
89.95  Friends of the St. Anthony Library to the St. Anthony Library for a globe with wooden dolphin stand.
75.01  Friends of the Saint Bonifacius Library to the Saint Bonifacius Library for two (2) poster frames, two (2) sign holders and gift certificates to the local bookstore for National Library week.
47.00  Staff of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library Gift Fund for general purposes.
100.00  Wayzata Community Church to the Wayzata Community Library for a check for honorarium for Barb McMillan (person who gave book talk to parents).
210.93  Friends of the Wayzata Library to the Wayzata Library for prizes for Summer 1998 Readers' Raffle.
153.00  Friends of the Wayzata Library to the Wayzata Library for MELSA buttons and stickers for Summer Reading Program.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary