OF APRIL 21, 1999

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, April 21, 1999, at the Brooklyn Park Community Library.

PRESENT: Jack Cole, President
John Gibbs
Marilyn Jackson
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J. L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, C.DeGraff, C.Muchow, M. Gillespie, M. Turner, C. Dosse, C. Thorson, J. Frankena, S. Louis, C.Ahrens & B.Berg.

GUESTS: John Wicks (Property Services).

Vice President Carol Walsh called the meeting to order in President Cole's absence, and welcomed guests.

Public Comment: None.

Brooklyn Park Community Library - J. Frankena: Ms.Frankena reviewed the proposed BP building renovation: building was built in 1976; project budget is $242,000+; construction begins week of May 3; plans include a new quiet study area, completion of Kidlinks Center; colors will move to plums and greens; new circulation desk, reference desk and workroom including some additional offices; and library plans to be closed for 8 weeks. The community is the 5th largest city in Minnesota; majority of population is school-age children; circulation is about 6th highest for community libraries.

The Ways & Means Committee meeting minutes of March 10, 1999 were accepted. The March 24, 1999, Library Board meeting minutes (revised): M. Jackson, Secretary, pointed out that the correction to previously distributed minutes was to add a note that DRL had made an error on the chart included in the Executive Summary (which was revised and re-distributed to Library Board members today). M. Jackson moved to accept the revised minutes; D. Mueller seconded; motion passed.

Meeting was turned over to President Jack Cole.

Library Board members adjourned to the Brooklyn Park Kidlinks Center for a demonstration of the program and for time to review the system with Carol Dosse, Coleen Thorson, and Marilyn Turner.

Following the demonstration, J. Cole asked for comments from Library Board members.
Marilyn Jackson:
  1. "Acceptable Use Guidelines" brochure and screen frame--is not the correct policy, staff will check on this and make necessary revisions.
  2. Cautionary note was recommended for leaving the Library Channel -- in the safety tips.
  3. Reminded staff again of the need for equipment for the disabled patron.
Carol Walsh:
Very much enjoyed using the Kidlinks, and searched the catalog via Ameritech.
Dick Mueller:
Reported on handicapped equipment options. He will check into supplier he is familiar with and pass along any information to staff.

Ways & Means Committee: Jack reported that in addition to Ways & Means Chair, Bob Zaragoza volunteered to mentor John Gibbs. B. Zaragoza reported there were no action items; minutes of March 10 meeting had been distributed and accepted. M. Jackson asked about the presentation from Mr. Yeater that the President referred to the Ways & Means Committee, assumption that the topics will be on agenda for May 12 meeting was affirmed; she inquired how that will be handled at the meeting. B. Zaragoza is working on a plan for discussion. M. Jackson and D. Mueller had specific questions they wish to have addressed prior to the meeting [algrhythms/D. Mueller; rationale for 16 days/M. Jackson]. C. Brown reported on information he has received from the Systems staff (unfortunately Marilyn Turner had left the meeting). J. Cole reminded Board members of the need to fully discuss at the May 12 Ways & Means Committee meeting in relation to Library Board Policy on fee (Revenue Policy) -- not as a management policy.

Automated Materials Handling: Jack Cole added this item to the agenda because concern had been expressed about the Automated Materials Handling (AMH) systems for Southdale and Ridgedale. John Wicks, Property Services, was introduced to report on the Southdale system.
John Wicks gave background on the Southdale project and updated the Library Board on current activities. Questions from the Library Board were addressed. Charles Brown wrapped up by reporting on the Ridgedale AMH project.

Welcome: Jack Cole introduced new Library Board member John Gibbs; Mr. Gibbs gave a little of his background and interest in Library Board service.

1999 Library Board Retreat: J. Cole reported that Carol Walsh & Peggy Kelly have agreed to serve on the planning committee. C. Walsh has received background information on previous retreats; looking at asking V. DeFord to facilitate. Request for input on date/time preferences from Library Board members. Looking at June 23 as the date, perhaps 4-7:00 p.m. as has been done in the past in conjunction with a short Board meeting, allowing a couple hours for the retreat. C. Brown was hoping that June 23 would be scheduled for budget review, but may be able to discuss budget at Ways & Means.

M. Jackson suggested some retreat/agenda topics: Foundation priorities (need to review); library long rang (strategic) plan; J. Cole proposed the Foundation for agenda at the August 4 Library Board meeting.

M. Jackson requested a written status report/update on the 5 initiatives the Library Board assigned to the Foundation in May 1996 -- ASAP. J. Cole will mention to the Foundation Board President when he attends the Foundation Retreat on April 24 and will report prior to the August 4 meeting.

C. Walsh asked for retreat resources for renewal--at least 1 hour. In conjunction with the June 23 meeting at Champlin.

1999 Meeting Schedule: J. Cole asked if the schedule approved 2/25/99 was acceptable. Agreement was reached. C. Walsh asked if there was any interest in changing meetings to evenings. Decision was made to change the October 27 meeting to an evening meeting at 7:00 p.m.--staff will work to publicize.

Building Updates:
Ridgedale: S. Louis will be on the monthly Library Board agendas to give regular update on the project.
Edina/Eden Prairie/Maple Grove/Rogers: EP--C. Brown and D. Cramer met with Commissioner Johnson about purchase of former Lunds store, quite positive response. MG--a twin project with EP; total of EP & MG new buildings could cost an additional $1 million per year. Rg--M. Gillespie had been approached by the City for inclusion of new library in a new city hall. Ed--City Council approved a letter of intent to proceed with the project.

Brooklyn Park Library Closing: Information had been sent to Library Board for the closing of the Brooklyn Park Library. D. Mueller moved approval of the closing for renovation; M. Jackson seconded; motion passed.

Library Board Role regarding Grants: C. Brown reported that in the past, the informal policy was that grant applications need to be approved by the Library Board, but that presents problems due to timing. Brown requests authority for library staff to apply for grants; if grant falls within cycle of Library Board meetings, approval will be requested; or, if not within cycle of Board meetings, Director will inform Library Board after application has been made. [When possible, Library Board will be notified in advance of grant application; if not possible, Library Board will be notified after application has been made.] Marilyn Jackson noted that this should be covered/incorporated into the Gifts Policy that she thought was under development--when committee last met, draft of Gifts Policy was to be presented to Library Board in April.
M. Jackson also inquired about the County Board resolution concerning the Foundation -- 96-11-695, and the role of the Foundation and how the Library Board was to interact with the Foundation.

Proposed Consent Calendar: J. Cole proposed a consent calendar to approve the meeting minutes and gifts on consent agenda, and suggested for discussion at the Retreat. M. Jackson opposed to suggestion due to delegation by the County Commissioners for accepting gifts and corrections to the minutes. B. Zaragoza clarified the consent agenda and that items may be withdrawn from the consent agenda for discussion; he is in favor of the proposal. D. Mueller is opposed to the consent agenda. No other comments; no action taken.

Written report was mailed to Library Board. One additional item: Deb Kalinka, Programming, has resigned effective May 14; C. Brown wanted to recognize her lasting contributions with Pen Pals, One World series, and she has left a mark on programming.

D. Mueller inquired about any outcomes or goals from the three days of Leadership Training; C. Brown reported that final meeting has not yet been re-scheduled. There is nothing published at this point, but do plan to publish outcomes. Need to recognize any particular implications for the Library Board and share with Board.

J.Cole, President: Has received a verbal invitation (written invitation forthcoming) from MPL for one HCL trustee to participate in MPL Board planning meetings: May 8, 9-noon, and May 26, 5:30-9:00 p.m. (conflicts with HCL Board meeting at Westonka on May 26). D. Mueller volunteered to be the HCL representative. [Update: invitation was withdrawn by Director Lawson due to change in planning meeting perspective.]

J. Cole reported that he attended the Library Foundation Board meeting this morning (as President, he serves on the Board); he updated Library Board on Foundation activities.

Jack Cole reported on a variety of activities: Minnesota Book Awards is scheduled for Friday, April 23 at the Minnesota Book Center, 7:00 p.m. June 24--J. Cole will make a presentation at the ALTA pre-conference in New Orleans; Cole is participating in National Library Legislative Day, May 3-4, in Washington, D.C.; and Cole is doing two trustee workshops in Washington state next week.

M. Jackson: Asked about dates for the Future of Libraries--County Board Briefing (now scheduled for Tuesday, August 10, 9:00 a.m.) and suggested possibility of presentations for staff and Library Board to best utilize Joey Rogers' time/visit to HCL. C. Brown is still trying to identify a second presenter. Joey Rogers schedule is uncertain, but believe that she needs to fly back the same day.
C. Brown will check on Joey Rogers' schedule and availability.

M. Jackson will be in Washington D.C. April 30 for the ULC Executive Board meeting and May 1 & 2 for ULC Leadership Symposium. M. Jackson also drew attention to the MN Family Council article about the HCL Internet Policy and also looked at the NCLIS brochure distributed to Library Board -- one suggestion was how will the Library handle false accusations about illegal or improper use of the Internet; M. Jackson suggests that Library Board look at that as relates to articles and obtain legal advice. She hopes that Library Board or staff will be responding when the policy is characterized in an inaccurate or misleading kind of way. [Article shared with Library Board appeared in the Family Council publication, not a public publication.]

C. Walsh: 1) MELSA Trustee Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, 4/24, and will be videotaped; 2) planning to attend the MN Book Awards event Friday night.

Motion was made by M. Jackson to accept the gifts; seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.
$ 150.00  Friends of the Brooklyn Park Library to the Brooklyn Park Library for browsing materials.
400.00  Optimist Club of Eden Prairie to the Eden Prairie Library for short story writing contest.
500.00  Starbucks Coffee Company to the Eden Prairie Library for materials for adult new readers or books in Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
2500.00  Friends of the Hopkins Library to the Hopkins Library for the purchase of a computer for public access work processing.
17.95  Lorraine Higgins and Andrea and Bill Nye to the Champlin Library for the book Midwest Gardener's Book of Lists by Susan McClure.
24.00  Friends of the Maple Grove Library to the Maple Grove Library for MELSA t-shirts and give-a-ways for youth summer volunteers.
43.67  Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for give-a-ways at the Bloomington Loves Its Kids in February 1999.
120.00  Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for 4 Travel programs during the Winter 1999.
20.00  Joanna Backman to the Oxboro Library in memory of Joyce Ballard Bostwick for the purchase of a genealogy book.
15.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for coffee pot repairs.
200.00  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for board books for the Happy Birthday storytimes beginning fall 1999.
111.50  Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for bookmarks and posters.
1000.00  Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for the final payment to Chris Tully for "Tree" in the childrens area.
23.13  Friends of the Southdale Library to the Southdale Library for the paperback books for the Reader's Raffle.
300.00  Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for the purchase of VCR for public television.

Motion to adjourn was made by John Gibbs; seconded; motion passed.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary