OF MAY 23, 2001

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, May 23, 2001, at the Plymouth Community Library.

Present: President Carol Walsh, John Gibbs, Dawn Harris, Patricia Izek, Marilyn Jackson, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Leick, C.DeGraff, N.Perron, M.Gillespie, J.Morgan, E.Feinberg, C.Fischer, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Hattie Jackson (OBF), Peggy Rasmussen & Jeff Scherer (Foundation Board), Alanna Tyler (County Administration).

Welcome & Public Comment
President Walsh called the meeting to order and welcomed the guests.

Plymouth Library: Cathy Fischer reported on Plymouth activities, framed in Strategic Directions format. Customer Driven Service: Plymouth staff participated in an exercise to develop definition of customer service; also had a small focus group for input, and some suggestions have been implemented. Role in Lifelong Learning: begins with storytimes; program collaborative with French Park bringing in local school and home schoolers with park ranger; author programs for older learners. Diversity: held first ESL conversation circle in collaboration with the city; working to expand diversity of staff and currently have diverse volunteers. System Thinking: restructure this fall will pair Plymouth with Ridgedale as a resource center. Relationships and Resources: very active Friends group, successful fundraising projects.
Readmobile is housed & supervised by Plymouth; currently serves 57 child home care providers and visits 9 institutional sites.

A motion to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2001, meeting was made by M. Jackson, seconded by D. Harris; motion passed.

Bylaws Committee: D. Pratt reported that revised Bylaws had been mailed to Library Board members, and the Committee reviewed the various recommended changes for discussion. Motion to accept the Bylaws as amended was made by J. Gibbs, seconded by M. Jackson; motion passed. Library staff will distribute newly revised Bylaws as soon as possible.

Policy Committee: P. Izek and C. Steinke reported on the current policies for review.
1) Data Privacy: D. Pratt moved approval, motion was seconded and passed.
2) Disorderly Conduct: J. Gibbs moved approval, D. Pratt seconded, motion passed.
3) Gift Policy: C. Steinke moved approval, P. Izek seconded, motion passed.
4) Volunteer Services: Approval moved by C. Walsh, seconded by P. Izek, motion passed.

Measuring Hennepin County Library Results presented by Alanna Tyler, County Administration. Review of Strategic Framework Development and Business Lines. Handouts were reviewed.

2002 Budget: Capital budget--revised overview chart was distributed and reviewed. Operating budget--chart with three possible options was discussed, along with a "working document." Drivers for 2002 are: personnel costs, Eden Prairie Library operating costs, technology funding (transition from capital to operating), and collection budget.

Construction Projects Update - C. Brown
Presented updates on Maple Grove, Wayzata, Edina (groundbreaking scheduled for July 9, 10:00 a.m.), St. Louis Park, and Long Lake (new city hall and building options are being reviewed).


Charles may change the format of his report to the Library Board, and reported on his experience at Harvard.

Carol Walsh: reminder of travel funds available to each Library Board member.
Marilyn Jackson: attended the Volunteer Recognition at Golden Valley Country Club; updated all on Edina art advisory committee activities.

Motion to approve the gifts was made by Patricia Izek, seconded by Marilyn Jackson; motion passed.
$22.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth library for a subscription to Air and Space Magazine.
80.50 Gerald Kohmon donated 161 books to the St. Bonifacious Library for their book sale.
27.00 Phyllis Logelin donated 54 books to the St. Bonifacious Library for their book sale.

Meeting was adjourned.

Patricia Izek, Secretary