OF MAY 27, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, May 27, 1998, at the Wayzata Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, L.Engberg, D.Cramer, J.Kinney, S.Charles, P.Chisenhall, A.Eccles, C.Muchow, P.Huttner, S.Hughes, G.Kirby, E.Feinberg, J.Gegner, S.Louis, C.Ahrens, & R.Stein.


Vice President Cole called the meeting to order. The agenda was modified moving the Program to follow the approval of minutes.

Motion was made by P. Kelly to approve the April 29, 1998 meeting minutes; seconded by B.Zaragoza; motion passed.

J. Cole introduced Bill Brady, Executive Director of the Minnesota Library Association, a former legislator from Kansas. The mission of MLA is "To strive to improve library services and resources statewide." He reviewed the outstanding library service provided in the state of Minnesota. MLA has about 1,000 members in three divisions--Academic, Public and Trustees. A goal of the MLA Board for 1998 is to re-invigorate the Trustees Division. Brady reviewed upcoming activities--teleconferencing, workshops, Legislative Forum, and fall conference. Legislative activities and the important role trustees play in the process was discussed.

J. Cole welcomed guests and asked for any public comment; no public comment.

Wayzata Library Activities - C. Muchow: Review of city name origins; diverse populations served by the library; involved with many community groups including the Adult Literacy Committee and the Wayzata Schools Community in Collaboration Council; a Foundation grant sponsors Readmobile visits to Interfaith Outreach; work closely with the local schools; and utilize community volunteers. Statistical and community data was reviewed. There are future building plans--an initiative being lead by the City's Mayor.


B. Zaragoza reviewed the May 13 meeting activities.

  1. Bestseller Express: progressed for public hearing strategy at 5/27 meeting.
  2. Revenue Generation Team: D.Mueller will present report at the June 10 Ways & Means Committee meeting.
  3. Ridgedale Library project timeline: need to formulate a strategy at a future Ways & Means Committee meeting.
  4. 1999 Budget: mobile service expansion will not be a priority for 1999.

J. Cole reported that the Committee is almost complete with review of Library Board policies.

  1. Library Board Gift Policy: draft #3 was distributed and updates version #2 which was sent in Board mailing packets. Motion for approval of gift policy by J. Cole; seconded by P.Kelly; motion passed.
  2. Library Mission/Vision/Values Statement: [updates previous policy on mission] J. Cole moved acceptance of the Mission/Vision/Values Statement; P.Kelly seconded; motion passed.
  3. Conference & Travel Expense Policy [revision]: P.Baskin raised concern about the reallocation of funds, concern about the June 1 date being so early in the year. B. Zaragoza expressed concern about the added statement "Requests for travel reimbursement within approximately 3 months...." Policy was referred back to Committee to revise based on discussion today.
  4. Services to Library Users with Limited Access: Revised draft #2 was distributed, change was in the last paragraph. Discussion of various items by Library Board. Motion to approve the revision was made by P.Kelly; seconded by D.Mueller; motion passed.
  5. Sample format for the policies was shared with the Library Board.


Update: C.Brown reviewed the Eden Prairie newspaper editorial and the P. Baskin response that has been submitted; MPR 1 hour interview with Janet Kinney and Commissioner Randy Johnson, topic of Bestseller Express, at 10:00 a.m. on 5/28/98; C.Brown is sending a personal note to Friends and volunteers to invite participation in the public hearing on June 23; D. Mueller has queried all Commissioners on this issue and reports 2 in favor, 5 against the program.

Library Board Public Hearing Strategy: C.Brown suggested the Library Board be prepared to address the County Board if called upon at the hearing. M.Jackson recommended that the Library Board offers the best support by supplying input on the Fact Sheet. Fact Sheet input: D.Mueller feels there is a need to stress that there is no change in service being offered; B.Zaragoza suggested an ad hoc committee to address the Library Board support.

Motion to reaffirm the Library Board's unanimous support for the Bestseller Express program was made by D.Mueller; seconded by B.Zaragoza; unanimously approved by Board.

Fact Sheet: Request to include a "bullet" item that addresses Mueller and Zaragoza concerns expressed above. Library will not be changing its policy on purchases, popular title orders. Need to address:
--Real cost savings
--Program addresses "entertainment" material, not "equalizer" material
--Comparison of current and new programs -- format across from each other, point by point
--Total current budget of bestsellers vs. future, need more $ projections/figures, considered alternative of reducing purchases of bestsellers to funnel funds to other collection.

Additional Fact Sheet comments are to be submitted to Charles Brown by Friday, 5/28.

D. Cramer reported that 1999 budget worksheets are due next week from Library staff.

Charles Brown had prepared a written report that was mailed to Library Board members. A couple of additional items: 1) the Edina City Manager has contacted C. Brown and scheduled a meeting for Friday, June 5; 2) beginning this week the first self-checkout units are in operation at the Rockford Road Library.

L. Engberg reported on many Library activities:
--"Harry" - automated process was initiated in mid-April, chart of usage was distributed.
--ENS (Electronic Notification System) postage cost changes were reviewed:
 March 1997 - $17,000 postage  April 1997 - $20,000 postage
 March 1998 - $ 3,500 postage  April 1998 - $ 3,900 postage
--Percent of almost 500,000 active borrowers in suburban Hennepin County: 84.4% are suburban residents
--April 1998 circ figures are down 1%, information contacts were also down; based on "el nino" -- higher average temps in April 1998 than in 1997.
--L. Engberg attended a meeting of staff and volunteers of Read-to-me program at the Adult Correction Facility.
--Brookdale Library has been working with the Brooklyn Center police -- an "I Spy" program for 9-14 year olds.


C. Brown reported that he has learned the recent Internet complaint letter was from Pastor Brock. The Library Board President's response letter has been shared with Commissioner Opat's office, along with a copy of the Internet Public Use Policy. C. Brown will keep Library Board members updated on any new Internet issues.

Library Board members wished to formally recognize the many accomplishments of Linda Engberg prior to her retirement. Motion to approve a resolution of appreciation was made by P. Kelly; seconded by D.Mueller; motion passed unanimously.

A request was made for Library Board support of the Engberg retirement party through a donation from the Undesignated Gift Fund. J. Cole moved allocation of up to $300 from the Fund; seconded by C. Walsh; motion passed.

President: P. Baskin reported on final Pen Pals presentation for 1997-98 season; ticket requests for next season are coming in.

MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported Metronet received $40,000 from legislature this year to make available some of the interviews of Minnesota authors video series; Metronet annual meeting is June 3, 4-7:00 p.m., in conjunction with 5th annual Capitalizing on Collaboration awards; MEMO/MLA lobbyist reported on legislative activities at a MELSA Trustee Board meeting--J.Cole reviewed outcome; technology grants update; MELSA has joined the voluntary certification training program for paraprofessionals; and MELSA trustee workshop evaluations were positive with some suggestions for future programs.

Urban Libraries Council: M. Jackson reported on her attendance at the ULC Executive Council meeting prior to the Leadership Symposium. ULC has developed four areas of focus: capacity building, urban assets, lifelong learning, and urban youth; they have established working groups to study each of the four areas. ULC also sponsors a survey service--customer satisfaction--which is currently offered to members for a fee.
ULC Leadership Symposium: Both M. Jackson and C. Walsh attended and felt this was an excellent symposium and highlighted the keynote speaker. Both attendees reported on the sessions they attended (C. Walsh distributed materials from two of the sessions she attended).

Other Board Members: D.Mueller reported that Revenue Generation Team report will be presented at the Ways & Means Committee meeting.

Executive Director Position: C. Brown shared a staff memo with Library Board members regarding Foundation staffing plans; process has begun for filling a full time Foundation Executive Director position. For the next 90 days Janet Kinney has agreed serve as interim supervisor of the Marketing area.

Future Initiatives: C. Brown will be meeting with the Foundation Board and will propose the following initiatives: 1) Start Smart program to replace some current Readmobile stops with library trained volunteer storytellers; 2) expansion of mobile services--even though not an operating budget priority for 1999, need to look at establishing a working group; 3) financial support for the library staff development day in September.

Motion by J.Cole to accept the gifts as listed; seconded by P.Kelly; motion passed.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary