OF JUNE 25, 1997

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at the Champlin Community Library.

PRESENT: Marilyn Jackson, President
Patti Baskin
Jack Cole
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
Louise Wyly
Bob Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, T.Bonner, S. Charles, D.Cramer, L.Engberg, J.Kinney, C. Muchow, J. Friedrich, S. Smith, C. Ahrens, B. Berg.

GUESTS: Josephine Nunn (Secretary to Friends of Champlin Library) Mary White (Office of Budget and Finance/Henn. County)

Vice President Cole called the meeting to order and welcomed all guests.

Motion was made by Dick Mueller to approve the May 28, 1997 meeting minutes; seconded by Louise Wyly. Motion passed.

Vice President Cole welcomed Ms. Josephine Nunn who greeted everyone on behalf of the Champlin Friends.


Jack Cole reported that some policies will be presented at the July 9 Ways & Means Committee; they will then be progressed to the August 6 Library Board meeting for approval.

P. Baskin reported on the June meeting: 1) 1998 budget--no library closings, no collection cuts, looked at ways to stay within budget to eliminate cuts, need for staff training, would like to see collection budget at 20%; 2) capital budget update from Mary White; 3) Information Services Policy was approved for vote at the 6/25 full meeting.


Charles Brown reported on recent Administrative Committee meeting budget discussion options. Library Board members will receive three documents for the July 9 Ways & Means Committee meeting: 1) Option A--revised copy of scenarios previously presented to Library Board, need to identify $1.7 million, 46 fewer positions, reduction in collection budget, $107,000 in miscellaneous reductions; 2) Option B--fewer visible reductions and still meets the 95% guidelines ($1.7 million), not as obvious to the public; 3) $30 million "desired" budget--significant collection and staffing increase.
Dick Mueller requested that all three documents be transmitted to him electronically so that he could work with the figures.

[Meeting was turned over to President Marilyn Jackson.]

M. Jackson noted how important it is for Board members to respond to staff requests for budget action as budget is finalized. Also, as budget is prepared, need to develop a message that goes with it, something that is well-founded, that represents how Board feels about the budget choices, that demonstrates a need; need to use data more effectively.

L. Wyly requested that when Library Board members miss meetings, action taken at the missed meeting needs to be relayed to absent members prior to production of the minutes. Following discussion, it was recommended by B. Zaragoza that Board members will take the responsibility for contacting absent members to update them.

C. Brown reported that one of the budget proposals will again include furlough days--description of furlough days means that facilities are closed and staff takes leave without pay. A description of "commodities" is supplies and forms.


C. Brown presented background of the resolution requesting libraries not open until 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 25, 1997, to allow a Staff Development [half] Day.
D. Mueller moved approval of delayed opening of 2:00 p.m. on 9/25/97 to allow staff to attend the Staff Development Day; P. Baskin seconded. Following discussion, there was unanimous approval of the resolution.

Previously presented and discussed at the June Ways & Means Committee meeting. J. Cole moved adoption of the policy, seconded by L. Wyly. Comment on how mission included in the Policy will compare with new mission being discussed--C. Brown noted that changes will be made to the Policy when mission is revised. Policy was approved.

President: M. Jackson reported on budget advocacy--she met with T. Bonner & C. Brown to discuss strategy, budget message and preparing an outline of the message. To carry this message forward a group of advocates, members of Friends groups, will be organized with assistance from the Library Board. Carol Walsh has volunteered to organize advocacy meetings with Friends groups; Dick Mueller will help to develop the data and graphics that will illustrate the message; then through Marketing & Development material will be pulled together into a PowerPoint presentation (in varying time lengths).

Events: B. Zaragoza reviewed the listing of upcoming events for Library Board members: 7/9 Ways & Means, 8/6 Library Board, 8/12 or 8/26 requested dates for County Board Briefing, 8/13 Retreat, 9/25 Staff Development Day.

C. Brown mentioned the plan to hold a combined Library Board/Foundation Board breakfast with Commissioners to discuss budget issues; Library Board members are supportive of a joint meeting.

MELSA/Metronet: Jack Cole reported that the new MELSA Director, Jim Wroblewski, will be attending a future Library Board meeting as part of his orientation. Reciprocal borrowing fees were approved for member libraries; payment to be made by June 30, 1997. Trustees allocated the final portion of a federal grant of $80,700. MELSA website will be improved and expanded (in conjunction with Metronet). Talk has begun on moving MELSA offices to the same building as Metronet and MLA offices to improve communications. J. Cole attended Metronet's "Capitalizing on Collaboratives"--recognizing 14 programs; HCL took part in about 4 of the collaboratives: Great Transitions, Kids Connection, Read Every Chance You Get, Read to Me While You're in Prison. M. Jackson congratulated the library Staff for their work on the recognized projects.

Art Initiative: P. Baskin reported on the Pen Pals author lecture series sponsored by the Library Foundation. No Art Committee meeting has been held since last Board report.

Member Reports:
Carol Walsh noted that September 27 is the date selected for the trustee training workshop at the Roseville Library; theme is "working together."
Dick Mueller asked about MPL Board minutes and reports of incidents and asked if HCL has similar experiences. C. Brown reported that HCL is very fortunate to not have the same level of problems. Notation of the Bill Gates donation to libraries.
Louise Wyly attended the Rockford Road open house.

C. Brown reported on various library activities: Carolyn Gallagher, consultant/Search Conference, made her final report at the end of May; library plans to take the four identified areas as focus for future planning: Funding, Technology, Telling the Story, and Diversity. Strategic alignment effort will be the structure that will make the four initiatives in the planning process possible; a facilitator/consultant has been hired (Susan DeVogel), with a 2-prong approach.

Ridgedale: Held a total of 9 meetings relating to the Ridgedale project, 6 public and 3 for staff. Public meetings were not well attended. Bid opening is July 1. Relocation move is scheduled shortly after Labor Day in September. Marilyn Jackson reported that she had just received a call from Commissioner Tambornino who had received a call complaining about the Ridgedale project. Patron name will be given to Patti Baskin to contact, then will ask library staff to follow up with Commissioner.

C. Brown is continuing staff unit meetings; the entire Management Team has undergone QP training; Judith Krug visit to MPL to speak; ALA is expecting Communications Decency Act decision soon.

Mission/Values/Vision: Hope to print in the Staff Newsletter and wanted to share the document prepared by a special staff team with the Library Board prior to publishing; request for comments from Library Board. J. Cole had a question about the Values--for public or staff? Values are identified as way staff deals with each other, primary focus is for staff. D. Mueller recommended revision to Mission statement: "The Hennepin County Library System is composed of 26 public libraries which promote full and equal access to information and ideas by encouraging the love of reading, the joy of learning and engagement with the arts, sciences and humanities." [Mission statement should define what it is and what it is doing.] Vision: "Library collections that are broad in scope...."--too many "ands." Values: Creativity--"We strive to be creative;" Customer Service--"We provide outstanding service to the Hennepin County community and colleagues from other libraries;" Diversity--"We strive to .....;" Respect--"Regardless of our classification, we are accountable to the taxpayers of Hennepin County and to our co-workers;" Trustworthiness--"We listen openly to people's ideas, regardless of their position[.]" delete "in the organization" . C. Brown reported that a note will go out with the Values as a reminder to staff that these are not necessarily the way things are today, but they are goals we hope to achieve, what we want to be.

Activities/Programs: L. Engberg displayed the third of three Twins posters produced by the Minnesota Library Association--featuring Kirby Puckett. The HCL Friends groups have donated almost $6,000 to library flood relief; including non-monetary examples such as the Champlin Friends who donated three boxes of children's books. ENS (electronic notification system) update on the test which is working well--plans to roll out for the system soon. Overview of statistics; increased use of volunteers which is up 28% over 1996.

Champlin Community Library: Sharyll Smith, Champlin librarian, welcomed everyone to the library. She noted that Champlin has a small town flavor with a definite growth pattern; the fourth panel of the stained glass windows was dedicated this spring; marketing of the Champlin Library has been done through Father Hennepin Days and use of the "bookworm."

Charlotte Site Visit: Sharon Charles noted that the report was mailed out prior to the meeting so the program would be an overview. Key concept of the visit: for more information on technology with focus on the technology center, which was changed from one center to a "software map." The software map for the Independence Regional Library was distributed and reviewed. Video of visit was presented.

[Meeting was turned over to Vice President Jack Cole.]

Jack Cole thanked Sharon Charles and all the staff who visited for their excellent report. It was suggested that library trustees may want to consider using conference & travel funds to participate in future site visits if there is a strong trustee contact.

It was moved by L. Wyly and seconded by B. Zaragoza to accept recent gifts to the Library; motion passed.
$73.28 The St. Louis Park Library to the Children's Readmobile.
500.00 Optimist Club of Eden Prairie to the Eden Prairie Library Agency Gift Fund for children's program materials.
260.00 Edina Rotary Noon Club to the Edina Library Agency Gift Fund for adult materials.
198.38 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for adult browsing materials.
150.00 Friends of the Hopkins Library to the Hopkins Library for books for Summer Reader's Raffle.
156.56 Friends of the Hopkins Library to the Hopkins Library for stickers and buttons.
200.00 Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for one Kroy label maker.
38.00 Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for browsing materials.
323.51 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for 24 personalized shopping baskets and 2 stands.
2000.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for collection materials.
1500.00 Crystal Fire and Rescue to the Rockford Road Library for a fire engine seat and materials for children on fire safety.
25.00 American Legion Auxiliary, Westphal Unit # 251 to the Rockford Road Library in honor of Unit's Gold Star members.
1500.00 Audrey Crane Shamp to the St. Anthony Library Agency Gift Fund.
73.27 The Readmobile booksale, at the Children First Ice Cream Social, to the St. Louis Park Library Agency Gift Fund.
100.00 The Woman's Club of St. Louis Park to the St. Louis Park Agency Gift Fund to be used for general purposes for children.
400.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for puppets.
200.00 Target and the Friends of the St. Louis Park Library each donated $100 to be the St. Louis Park Library to be used for general purposes for children.
222.28 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for paperbacks for the Summer Children's "Catch 22, Read 22" reading program.
100.00 Robert Rohlf to the Southdale Library Agency Gift Fund for adult books in memory of Keith M. Stidd.
1 video - Minnesota's White Pines: Our Vanishing Heritage donated to the Champlin Library by the Izaak Walton League of America.
2 titles - Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Pretend You Don't See Her by Mary Higgins Clark donated to the Champlin Library by Diane Johnson.
1 title - Bringing It Home by Sally Anderson donated to the Champlin Library by Jim and Carrie Anderson in memory of Sally Anderson.
2 titles - The Mark of the Maker and A Cup of Christmas Tea by Tom Hegg donated to the Champlin Library by an anonymous donor.
1 title - The Faces Behind the Names by Don Ward donated to the Hopkins Library by American Legion Post 320.
1 title - The Faces Behind the Names by Don Ward donated to the Oxboro Library by American Legion Post 550.

Meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary

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