OF JUNE 24, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, June 24, 1998, at the Hennepin County Home School in Glen Lake.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Kinney, S.Charles, A.Eccles, S.Louis, L.Anderson, A.Turner, C.Ahrens, & R.Stein.

GUESTS: T. Wise (CHS), N.Gilbert (CHS), M.Brunswick (Star Tribune)

President Baskin called the meeting to order and welcomed guests. There was no public comment. Liz Anderson, Library Outreach, welcomed all to the County Home School, thanked Terry Wise, CHS Superintendent, and the two residents for their tour of the facility preceeding the meeting. L. Anderson reviewed a background of Outreach services to correctional facilities.

Terry Wise, Superintendent of the County Home School, welcomed the Library Board to the facility. As a former Library staff member, she appreciates the library and its mission. Ms. Wise provided an overview of various programs offered and literature packets were distributed.

APPROVAL Motion was made by P. Kelly to approve the May 27, 1998 meeting minutes; seconded by J. Cole; motion passed. Motion made by P. Kelly to approve the June 10 special meeting minutes; D. Mueller seconded; motion passed.


Review of the two parts of the resolution: 1) Library Board to review current Internet policy, 2) work toward mitigating inappropriate sites. P. Baskin appointed a special Library Board committee to establish a process for the Library Board; committee members to include Dick Mueller, Marilyn Jackson or Peggy Kelly, and Patti Baskin. Daphne DePorres, Library Board consultant, has volunteered to assist in planning the Library Board internet discussion. Decision was made to schedule a special Library Board meeting on July 8, preceeding the Ways & Means Committee meeting (location to be changed from Hopkins). D. Mueller reported that September 14-20 is American Kids Online week and requested information on what HCL was planning. G. Wronka will be attending meetings at ALA to bring back information on American Kids Online.

Questions from Library Board:
1) Library staff considering proxy servers?
2) Look at what schools are doing.

Committee will bring to the Library Board a recommendation for a process. J. Cole recommended keeping the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom informed.

C. Brown reported on the County Board public hearing and that this program needs to progress as a Request for Board Action to the County Board for approval.

Current Library requested budget is $29.9 million and needs to be reduced to $28.3 million.


J. Cole reported on action items from the June committee meeting -- review of first draft of the 1999 operating budget request, Revenue Generation Team II report will be deferred to the July Ways & Means Committee, Edina proposal, continuation of the Internet discussion from 6/10/98 special meeting, and reminder of farewell event for Janet Kinney.

J. Cole reported that one policy has been referred back to staff and hope to have for review at next Board meeting. Library Board raised the question of a staff contact that will work on the policies now that L. Engberg has retired. C. Brown will check and have an answer at the next Board meeting.


C. Brown reported that this was an effort undertaken by the Library Management Team to compile information accumulated over past couple years (survey, Future Search Conference, and other activities) and identify nine key areas to begin working on (document was mailed to Library Board). P. Baskin recommended full discussion with County Board prior to any proposed changes, especially fees (based on recent experiences).

C. Brown reminded Library Board that meetings with candidates was very successful in the past and asked if Library Board had considered plans for this year. Library staff will check on election filings and report to Board.
[Update: Filing dates are July 7-21 allowing 3 days to withdraw to July 24. Elections Office will send C. Ahrens a copy of all candidates after 7/24.]

Charles Brown had prepared a written report and since then has been involved with multiple media contacts on the Internet issue.

C. Brown turned to J. Kinney for a report: summer programs are in full swing in all of the libraries; J. Kinney has visited with 5 Kiwanis Clubs with a prototype for "Telling Our Story" group.

President: P. Baskin reported that four of the Board members attended both County Board meetings 6/23 -- the Committee meeting and Public Hearing; and Pen Pals ticket sales are great.

MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported on various MELSA/Metronet information and activities including the Metronet Capitalizing on Collaboration recognition and Raising Readers publications for libraries.

Other Board Members: P. Kelly reported on a program she attended at Southdale Library that morning.

Executive Director Status: C. Brown briefly reported on recruitment status.

Motion by D. Mueller & P. Kelly to accept the gifts as listed; seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.

$ 1040.00 Friends of the St. Anthony Library.
23.00 Friends of the Brookdale Library for reimbursement to Molly Schaaf.
703.75 Friends of the Brooklyn Park Community Library for MELSA summer program materials, browsing materials, bags, bookmarks, and labeler.
150.00 Mary P. Hanson to the Eden Prairie Library Agency Gift Fund for mystery books on tape.
254.94 Friends of the Edina Library for Janey Westin program and acrylic sculpture top.
3000.00 Friends of the Edina Library for audio books, videos, and paperbacks.
90.00 Friends of the Minnetonka Library for Bookmen books for summer "Read-to-Win" program.
264.65 Friends of the Osseo Library for one-shots and treats for first summer program.
10.00 Helen M. Wolf to the Outreach Library Agency Gift Fund for general purpose.
500.00 Fraternal Order of Eagles to the Oxboro Library Agency Gift Fund for Fiction and Biographies books in large print.
44.91 Friends of the Plymouth Library for a 3 year subscription for People en Espanol.
127.48 Friends of the Plymouth Library for paperbacks for summer children's book discussion groups.
42.58 Friends of the Plymouth Library for two lawn chairs.
90.50 Friends of the Plymouth Library for framing of two signed children's author posters.
62.82 Friends of the Plymouth Library for flowers for two planters.
92.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library for MELSA summer bookmarks and buttons.
2500.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library for adult audio books and Russian Language materials for adults.
275.77 Friends of St. Louis Park Library to purchase books from Scholastic for the 1998 "Catch 22, Read 22" Children's summer reading program.
40.25 Friends of The St. Louis Park Library for the revenue from Children's First Ice Cream Social.
25.00 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to St. Louis Park library for an adult book in memory of Natalie Kraehling.
25.00 Gerda Haas to the St. Louis Park Library gift fund for general purposes.
100.00 Margaret W. Marvin to the St. Louis Park Library in memory of Natalie Kraehling to be used for creative programs.
10.00 Allen and Marcia Oleisky to the St. Louis Park Library in memory of Natalie Kraehling to purchase an adult book.
100.00 Women's Club of St. Louis Park to St. Louis Park Library for childrens fiction titles.
40.25 St. Louis Park to St. Louis Park gift fund from the Readmobile book sale. To be used for general purpose.
1000.00 Friends of the Southdale Library to Southdale Library for Black History Month programs at Southdale.

Meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary