OF JULY 25, 2001

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, July 25, 2001, at the Edina Community Library.

Present: Vice President John Gibbs, Dawn Harris, Marilyn Jackson, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke.
Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, D.Cramer, J.Leick, N.Perron, J.Morgan, M.Ranum, R.Scarlett, K.Levinson, H.Malby, M.Anderson, S.Myles, R.Bergstrom, D.Martineau, A.Eccles, D.Ingram, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.
Guests: Richard Johnson (County Administration).

Welcome & Public Comment
Vice President Gibbs called the meeting to order and welcomed the guests.

Southdale Library: Mark Ranum reviewed Southdale services--some of which will be covered during the YA presentation by Patrick Jones. Sd has undergone restructuring of management and staffing to implement the HCL Strategic Directions.

A motion to approve the revised minutes of the June 27, 2001, meeting was made by D. Pratt, seconded by M. Jackson; motion passed.

Presentation of the YA Services Plan by Patrick Jones (PowerPoint presentation, with paper copies mailed later to the Library Board members). Questions from Library Board were addressed by Patrick Jones. M.Jackson mentioned the ULC urban initiative and the ULC efforts; Patrick reported that he was on the ULC Teen Advisory Council which developed the urban youth proposal. The Library Board expressed an interest in hearing final data from Patrick, including statistics, possibly for the September or October meeting.

Policy Committee: Deferred to the September meeting due to absence of Patricia Izek.

2001 Operating Budget Status: David Cramer distributed a status report of the 2001 budget expenditures through June 30, 2001. Bestseller Express revenue report will be on Sept/Oct. Library Board agenda.

Construction Projects Update - C. Brown
Bid openings for Brookdale and Eden Prairie will have occurred by the Sept. Library Board meeting date.
Concerns over Wayzata project due to the one year delay and legislative changes to calculation of TIF funds.


At the June Library Board meeting there was discussion of a Library Board/Commissioner breakfast; due to Foundation Board breakfast in October, Carol Walsh feels that perhaps a Library Board breakfast could be planned for winter or spring 2002. The possibility to co-host was discussed, and M. Jackson reviewed past experiences. C. Brown requested comments on his new report format -- comments were very positive.

Marilyn Jackson: Edina Community Library Art Advisory Committee Report -- distributed a print copy of her report and reviewed requested action items. Inquiry on the contract process and discussion. Recommendation was made that selected artist contract be negotiated prior to approval by Library Board due to logistics. Representative slides of three artist finalists were shown. after August 24, the Edina Committee will recommend final selection; materials will be distributed to Library Board for review and initial approval. M. Jackson will ask Committee to ask artists to leave the model at Edina Library for Library Board members to stop in and view.

Motion to approve the gifts was made and seconded by M. Jackson & C. Steinke; motion passed.
$737.94 Friends of the Brooklyn Park Library to the Brooklyn Park Library for children's summer concert, snacks for Kidstop program, birdseed, self checkout promotion, and 25th Anniversary expenses.
250.50 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Children's Readmobile for MELSA summer program merchandise.
790.90 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for Juvenile paperbacks from Bookmen for Read to Win prizes and additions to circulating collection.
321.00 Minnesota Twins to the Golden Valley Library for prizes to be given away during the Twins Trivia Contest.
250.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for books to be given during the Read to Win program.
4339.67 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for bookmarks, magnets, coffee pot, MELSA summer program merchandise, Read to Win prize books, summer program performers, and an InStyle magazine subscription.
59.00 Gerald Kahman to the St. Bonifacius Library donation of 118 used books for annual book sale.
75.00 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for The Art of Mehndi: Henna Hand Painting summer program.

Motion to adjourn made by Cynthia Steinke, seconded by Dawn Harris; meeting was adjourned.

Patricia Izek, Secretary